This directory contains information about the Seed Factory Project, an element of a wider program to upgrade civilization and solve it's large-scale problems. The project is open-source, therefore we are using a public wiki format to make it easier for people to contribute. To keep page size reasonable, the information is divided into multiple documents and sections, whose organization and links follow. Because the project is a work in progress and not a finished product, the documents have gaps, repetitions, and currently lack many needed illustrations.

Project Workbook


This is a combination of paper-era notebook and report for the project. As a wiki-format document, the various sections will evolve from initial ideas and notes to final results, but retain the working data so that people can trace how the results were arrived at.

A general introduction to the project and why we are working on it.

2.1 - Initial Project Definition
2.2 - Requirements Definition
2.3 - Design Synthesis
2.3.2 - Project Design Studies - Archived Studies

Includes the following sections, which do not have pages yet:

4.0 - Software Design
5.0 - System Test
6.0 - Specialty Engineering
7.0 - Logistics & System Support
8.0 - Engineering Operations
9.0 - Planning & Control
10.0 - Manufacturing Engineering
11.0 - Facilities Engineering
12.0+ - [Reserved]

A.1 - NAICS Industry Categories

This is intended as an engineering textbook about seed factories in general, and how they are designed. The workbook, in contrast, is specific to the project.

Introductory articles, intended to be copied and used elsewhere for information and promotion of the concept.



Dani Eder

The Seed Factory Project

6485 Rivertown Rd, Fairburn, GA 30213

To be done:

- Definitions

- Context

- Methodology

  • Sections