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No Busy Work HereEdit

Basic English CompositionEdit

Writing College-level Essays
Rhetoric and Composition/The Stages of the Writing Process
Rhetoric and Composition/Writing Applications
Rhetoric and Composition/Advanced Topics
Grammar and Mechanics
Rhetoric and Composition/Grammar
Rhetoric and Composition/Parts of Speech
Rhetoric and Composition/Parts of the Sentence
Rhetoric and Composition/Active and Passive Voice
Rhetoric and Composition/Mechanics
Rhetoric and Composition/Punctuation
Rhetoric and Composition/Capitalization
Rhetoric and Composition/Know your patterns
Rhetoric and Composition/Homonyms
Rhetoric and Composition/Lack of agreement between subject and verb
Rhetoric and Composition/Lack of agreement between noun and pronoun
Rhetoric and Composition/Missing comma after introductory element
Rhetoric and Composition/Sentence fragment
Rhetoric and Composition/Missing or misplaced apostrophe
Rhetoric and Composition/Unnecessary tense shift
Rhetoric and Composition/Run-on sentence
Rhetoric and Composition/Comma Splice
Rhetoric and Composition/Disruptive comma
Rhetoric and Composition/Enumeration consistency
Rhetoric and Composition/Unclear demonstrative pronoun reference
Rhetoric and Composition/Plagiarism
Rhetoric and Composition/Grammar and Mechanics
Rhetoric and Composition/Quotation Marks
Rhetoric and Composition/Commas
Rhetoric and Composition/Semicolons
Rhetoric and Composition/Apostrophes
Teacher's Guide
Rhetoric and Composition/Teacher's Handbook/Teaching with Wikitexts
Rhetoric and Composition/Teacher's Handbook/Creating Effective Assignment Sequences
Rhetoric and Composition/Teacher's Handbook/Teaching Writing as a Process
Rhetoric and Composition/Teacher's Handbook/Teaching Sentence Structure
Rhetoric and Composition/Teacher's Handbook/Teaching Grammar