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Why am I here?

I've over the years edited a lot of pages of the Ada Programming book without having a wiki user id (sometimes I signed my contributions with CKWG). Eventually I got blocked. I found no way to complain at some wiki representatives (if there is something like this) because everywhere I tried I go blocked.

Finally I found help via private email by a registered user. The reason why I had got blocked turned out to be a mistaken identity with some chess vandal.

So I finally registered as a user, albeit a bit grudgingly (I had liked my anonymity).

I met Ada in 1983 in an introductory language course. Ada was brand new and the lecturers themselves were not very firm in this early stage. But the course made me love the language because Ada provided all I had missed in Pascal (e.g. range attributes). At that time I had to use Fortran IV professionally, a language with severe and evil deficits in security. The company used Fortran in a certain dialect; eventually they decided to switch to the language standard - oh what fun we had to change all identifiers from 7 to 6 characters - you can easily imagine.

I took the Ada language standard (ANSI/MIL-STD-1815 A), I own it still, and read it from first to last page. I was overwhelmed by the completeness it defined every construct, a feature I had missed with all languages I had used before (Algol 60, PL1, Pascal, Fortran). I have to confess that I had no access to the standards of those languages - if there were any at all. I always used the best sources available.

Eventually I found a company that looked for Ada programmers, and I spent the rest of my professional life with Ada for safety critical applications in all language generations that were born.

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