all about meEdit

I guess you could say i am a sysadmin, i have been working with computers since the Amstrad CPC6128 was around. Since then i initially moved into desktop support in DOS based applications. Then came along windows 3.11, by which time i was moved on up the tree to Netware based servers. Which i still support to this day. I have had an unhealthy interest in Linux for many years, this became more serious when Novell decided that the Netware Kernel was to be superseded by the Linux kernel. Two things happened SUSE was purchased and CNE's started panicking, If i am honest some still are. Its a heck of a step to move from a mere hobby in Linux to supporting enterprise level servers especially when you are nearing 40. Sadly my customers don't appreciate me rebuilding there server kernels on a whim and these days those skills are less needed in the enterprise environment. Still new skills are required as businesses demand more complex solutions to overcome the modern data centre problems. Virtual Servers, Identity Management, Application integration are but a few.

I currently work for a professional resource company where i lead a team of sysadmins we specialise in Netware / Linux support. As a team We implement projects and are often found rummaging around COMMs rooms admiring the air conditioning systems. I am being serious here, we also support some of our own companies internal systems because no matter how hard they try they still cannot get rid of our trusty old Newtare box running netmail. Nor do they trust a windows solution to do the job that our 3 sendmail servers perform which with the aid of mailscanner these servers process and route millions of emails per day (like you would trust that too a windows box). Contrary to the teams popular belief i am not totally anti windows. In fact i think they make a rather cool sql box. If you give me some time i am sure i will think of another good product they make but i will need time.

Currently working on the LPI Project located here