About MeEdit


I'm a professional code monkey, presently working as a C# consultant in Omaha, NE. I think, breathe, and dream code because I have absolutely no friends or social life to speak of.

I enjoy reading, cooking, writing, and confounding strangers with my self-depreciating wit and droll humor.

Animal Rights BackgroundEdit


It turns out that human beings aren't the center of the moral universe.

In general, my animal rights philosophy is inspired by Peter Singer. I have been a strict vegan since 2004.

Favorite [fill in the blank]Edit

Works In ProgressEdit

F# Programming - I like this language, and I take pride in writing the F# Programming book.

Programming BackgroundEdit

In order of languages learned:

  • 1997: VB5
  • 1998: VB6
  • 1999: HTML
  • 1999: JavaScript
  • 1999: VBScript/Classic ASP
  • 2000: PHP
  • 2001: C++*
  • 2001: Java
  • 2002: Perl*
  • 2003: VB.Net
  • 2004: C#
  • 2006: Python
  • 2007: Delphi
  • 2007: OCaml
  • 2007: F#
* These are languages I've only dabbled in.

I consider myself primarily a C# developer, with lots and lots of F# on the side.

Languages on my "to-be-learned" wishlist include: Ruby, Haskell, Lisp, and Erlang.


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