User:Andreas Ipp/Why move books?

Give Wikibooks back to the reader, not empty category titles.

Too many categories, too few books Edit

Wikibooks has a big goal, but is evolving slowly (see the Talk page). Many empty categories and open books are added, without any content. This is frustrating for a user clicking through the bookshelves.

  • Bookshelves should contain books, not categories.
  • Categories can be added when necessary, not before.
  • Let us concentrate on finishing existing books, rather than creating books that nobody writes.

Active and suggested books Edit

  • Let us focus our work on maintaining good active books.
  • Books that look like stubs and haven't been worked on for the last three months (check its history!) should be moved to suggested books.

Let us clean up Edit

Help cleaning up Wikibooks:

  • Move books to the new bookshelves that should contain books, not empty categories.
  • Move active books to sections labelled Active Wikibooks.
  • Move inactive books (books with modest content, no major change for three months) to Suggested Wikibooks (We don't delete anything, somebody might take up the book idea and fill it marvellously - then it can be moved back to "active books").
  • Update development stages:
Wikibook Development Stages
Sparse text   Developing text   Maturing text   Developed text   Comprehensive text