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You can find a more complete description of me in user page on Wikipedia. As of late, I've been more active on Wikipedia than Wikibooks.

I've made major contributions to the following Wikibooks/chapters:

There seems to be a wikibook for everything, it's just unfinished. :)

Some of my favorite activities are converting lists to wikitables (Chinese (Mandarin)/Radicals); fixing spelling, grammar, and sentence structure; making things shorter and easier to read (my favorite); laying out the table of contents of a wikibook (Transportation Economics, Movie Making Manual); and putting {{clear}} in the right place (Department of Fun). My most epic series of edits occurred on Chinese (Mandarin)/Slang.

My editing habits: I'm a frequent reader, and am constantly making small edits. I'll occasionally go through phases where I contribute more, depending on my free time and if I happen to find an interesting topic. I also enjoy reading user pages (which I find mainly through article histories and talk page discussions, though I'll occasionally browse from a category).