Hi to all you WIKI-savvy readers out there. This is a charming little introduction into my life, where you have the privilege of learning a little something about me. My name is Angela Beck; and I am a early-twenties, spunky, red(ish)-haired beach bum. If you are intrigued then, by all means, continue reading. I live in an apartment in Norfolk, VA, and this is the city where I attend Old Dominion University. Go Monarchs!! My major is Music Education, with an emphasis in vocal performance. I plan on continuing my education while teaching at a secondary level and performing. When my life is not consumed by constant rehearsing, studying, and working, then I enjoy reading sappy romance novels, going to country music concerts, and hanging out with my very best friends. I was just initiated into Sigma Alpha Iota, which is a fraternity for women of music, as an officer.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. It all began with the influence of my mother, who was a former musical-theater actress in New York City. I have always had a passion for the arts, and as I have grown older I found that I have an artistic soul. Music is everywhere now, and we tend to take it for granted. It is on the radio in your car, in the elevator as you change floors, at every sporting event, and graces the screen for television shows and movies. As a society we do not even notice when music is playing in the background, and have a deep feeling of absence when it is missing. Music is the only thing which has lasted through the ages, and has a vital role in every society around the world. As long as there has been recorded time, there has been music. I feel that something so vital in this world, should be taught and respected. I want to teach music, because music is so much more to me than a background track. I want to share this with young people, so they can learn to pass on and appreciate this intricate history.

My Philosophy of EducationEdit

When it comes to education, there are very different things you do in a formal classroom setting and a music classroom. For the sake of this article, I will be discussing instances in a formal classroom. With the huge growths in technology, it is very important for students to become familiar with technological programs and systems, in order for them to be able to function to the best of their ability in the work place. The purpose of education is not only to help grow children into well-rounded people, but also to train them to function in the real, adult world. This world is becoming more and more technology based. In terms of instructional strategies, it is important to be able to teach one subject in many different ways. Every student has different learning abilities and ways of learning, therefore, an effective teacher should make sure to use varieties of teaching tactics in the classroom. It is also important that most students are held to a certain standard. It is the teacher's job to help each student to reach this standard.