About A R King


My name is Alan R. King. I am a linguist, language teacher and translator. At present I work as a freelance translator. I studied linguistics formally in the United States and England.

Most of my linguistic work focuses in a variety of ways on languages and particularly on the study, development and support of minority or endangered languages in many parts of the world.

I am a Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of the Basque Language and a Founding Member of Iniciativa para la Recuperación del Idioma Náhuat - Te Miki Tay Tupal.

I have written several books, articles, etc., principally on the Basque and Nawat (Pipil) languages.

I live in the Basque Country, a stateless nation in Europe. Other countries where I have lived for a year or longer are Catalonia, El Salvador, England (where I was born), the USA and Wales.