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What is Edmodo?

Edmodo is a free social learning platform for teachers, parents, and students where there

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are already over 29 million users. Edmodo can be used in a classroom through a variety of applications that allows students to connect to each other and their teachers as well as measures student performance. Teachers can set up classes for each in school class or set up a large class and have all of their students in one group. Edmodo makes it simple to track student progress. Grades can be stored and easily accessible through Edmodo. It also allows teachers to gather feedback from students on class discussions, assessments, and offer suggestions to students who are confused. It is your all in one line of communication, grade book, and assessment tracker. Edmodo is an educational website that takes the ideas of a social network and refines them and makes it appropriate for a classroom. Using Edmodo, students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems, and helpful tips. A teacher can assign and grade work on Edmodo; students can get help from the entire class on Edmodo. It is a safe environment. There is no bullying or inappropriate content, because the teacher can see everything that is posted on Edmodo. Also parents can join the class to bring a level of transparency that is difficult to achieve without technology. All in all Edmodo is a great companion to just about any class.


_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Benefits of using Edmodo in the Classroom

The use of Edmodo in the classroom offers many possible advantages to both students and teachers. Edmodo’s platform is based around groups with a common interest or purpose, such as a classroom learning community. Edmodo provides a secure and private environment. The administrator, or teacher, invites the members of the group. This controls who can interact with the members of the group.

Edmodo can be incorporated into classrooms for a variety of uses. Current uses include posting assignments, taking quizzes, creating polls for student responses, and providing links for useful information. Edmodo allows students to upload assignments for their teachers to view and grade. Students also have the ability to post questions or comments to the entire group, or to post directly and privately to the instruction or page administrator.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Benefits of using Edmodo include:

• Safe, closed network • Student profiles do not need to contain personal information • Free for all users • Students can participate in online discussions • Teachers can expand their PLN (Personal Learning Network) • Environmentally friendly, no paper needed • The calendar keeps all homework organized for teachers and students • Allows students to collaborate with peers in other classes, schools, or countries • Teachers can differentiate instruction by creating subgroups of students • After posting their work, students can receive feedback and suggestions • There are text alerts to remind students of big assignments • Teachers can give students positive reinforcement privately • Ability to share digital media such as blogs, links, videos, documents, notes, presentations etc. • Parents can stay connected by viewing their child's work and grades • Parents and teachers can message one another • Students can upload homework assignments • Teachers can give feedback and post grades Easy Technology for Education: Edmodo 2.0


Edmodo in the Classroom

  • Take assessments (teacher created)
  • Teacher uploaded documents
  • Class discussions
  • Calendar
  • Instant evaluation
  • Storage of class materials via The Backpack
  • Groups – small groups and large, class sized groups
  • Peer collaboration
  • Upload media files
  • Absences
  • Free
  • Students must sign up
  • Parent log-ins available to monitor student work
  • Reward system (Badges) for doing good work

Edmodo in the Classroom: Materials Teacher’s can use Edmodo to facilitate class discussions of materials (reading, problem solving, etc.), which also helps to build peer-peer relationships. All course materials can be stored in a students “Backpack”, so they can access materials throughout the semester (especially beneficial for classes that have a cumulative final examination).

Edmodo in the Classroom: Collaboration Within Edmodo, groups can be created – a large, full-class group to facilitate discussions involving all class members, and smaller groups to complete collaborative assignments and projects. Discussions deepen student learning and builder stronger relationships between peers and peer-teacher. The collaboration afforded by Edmodo can take these relationships beyond the classroom, and have students working together in different

Edmodo in the Classroom: Assessments Teachers are able to easily create assessments within the Edmodo platform, and assign these assessments to their students. Immediate evaluation feedback is given, and students are able to see their grade, as well as the correct responses that they may have given incorrectly. This tool can be used as both a formative and summative assessment strategy

Edmodo in the Classroom: Linking the stakeholders – Parents and Edmodo Edmodo allows for parents to create their on log-in so they are able to view and monitor their students work on Edmodo. They are not able to edit or contribute within assignments, but they are actively engaged in their students education. This helps create consistent parent involvement within the classroom.

Edmodo in the Classroom: Uses Recommended by Edmodo Visit 20 Ways to use Edmodo to find a list of Edmodo’s suggested uses for their platform in the classroom.

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Alternatives to using Edmodo in the Classroom'

Edmodo certainly offers so much for students and teachers to utilize as a foundation for a class. However, there other useful tools that can be explored and implemented as well for success in the classroom.

My Big Campus:

  • Safe and closed network
  • Calendar for assignments and events
  • Documents can be stored on site/app
  • Use of social media and discussions on a safe site/app
  • Work can be uploaded
  • Resources connected
  • On line storage space for students
  • Communicate with peers and teacher
  • Free to use

Google Drive/Groups:

  • Upload/Download work
  • Safe and closed sharing
  • Collaborative tool
  • Teacher reflection/grading easy to add
  • Store documents
  • Drop box
  • Search engine built in
  • Drag and Drop files


  • Free management system
  • Upload resources and assignments
  • Create Quizzes
  • Upload links
  • Add Additional resources
  • On line course created
  • Class discussions


  • Create an on line course
  • Discussions with class
  • Upload assignments
  • Grading confidential
  • Share resources with peers
  • Class calendar
  • Links and videos can be shared

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