United Nations/Foreword

A Brief Introduction edit

The goal of this Wikibook is to provide a full and easy to understand of all entities and organizations relating to the United Nations. The United Nations is the largest international organization where the voices of everyone can be heard. Celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2005 we look back and review what we have accomplished. The United Nations has worked to secure peace for sixty years and is still doing so even today. Hopefully this book will enlighten you on the main duties, accomplishments, and jobs the United Nations does.

The Structure edit

This book is divided into chapters focusing on a single subject. These are further divided into sections focusing on a single aspect of the topic.

Each chapter is laid out in an easy to follow form. First an introduction will describe what the reader will learn in the section. Next the reader will be taught the lesson. Following this he or she will answer a series of questions to review the material. After completing all of the sections there will be a final Q & A section. Finally there is a final chapter review of the material covered.

Glossary & Index edit

In each chapter there will be several unfamiliar terms. So as to provide the reader with a full and explicit knowledge several of these terms will be linked to a glossary. In this Wikibook there are 2 types of information listings: Full-text Glossary and the Index.

Full text Glossary edit

The full text glossary is the list of all words in the chapter. This is a master list and is separate from the Index.

Index edit

The index is a full spectrum of topics and persons found within this Wikibook. Each listing found within the index includes the page it was found on.

Contributions edit

Anyone wishing to edit or add information to this Wikibook may do so. We ask that you do not copy information not in the public domain. All discussion about this Wikibook will be held at: Talk:United Nations:Contents. For a list of need topics please go to the Contributors Corner.