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These are prerequisites to build the latest development version:[1]

  • GNU tools
    • autoconf 2.60b or later (2.61 is recommended)
    • automake 1.10 or later
    • libtool
  • GNU make
  • perl (automake requires perl)
  • intltool
  • ed
  • rsvg(1) distributed with librsvg (for icon files)
  • ruby (SigScheme requires ruby)
  • AsciiDoc (SigScheme requires AsciiDoc)
  • Subversion (to fetch the latest development version)

Some of the prerequisites above aren't required to build a release version (i.e. uim-x.x.x.tar.bz2 or uim-x.x.x.tar.gz). For example, you don't need to install rsvg before building a release version because the tar ball includes all needed PNG files. In other words, even if you can build a release version, you may need to install additional packages before building the latest development version.

If you want to run tests, you also need to install the following software:[1]

  • Gauche 0.8.5 or later
  • GaUnit 0.1.1 or later

Build and InstallEdit

This section explains how to build and install the latest development version.[1]

$ svn checkout uim-read-only
$ cd uim-read-only

You need to run ./ before running make.

./ checkes out SigScheme and libgcroots, and invokes a ./configure script.

$ make
$ sudo make install

You can give options to the ./configure script by running ./ with the options:

$ LC_MESSAGES=C ./ --enable-debug --enable-backtrace


Uim uses GNU gettext and .po files are in these directories:

Sending patchesEdit

You can send a patch to (English) or (Japanese), or attach it to bugzilla.

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