Turkish/Big Vocabulary/House

House - EvEdit

In this vocabulary chapter, you will see some common words which describes parts of a house. I will also give examples with adjectives and sentences. Some South Slavic languages have similarities with them.

Common - GenelEdit

In this part of the lesson there are common terms about house, rooms etc.

antechamber ante
attic tavan arası (in Serb-Croatian, attic is "tavan")
balcony balkon
basement bodrum (in Serb-Croatian, basement is "podrum")
door kapı (in SC slang you can say door "kapija" (it sound like kapia))
door handle kapı kolu
family house aile evi (as you know, aile means family)
flat düz
floor kat (it is same in SC)
garden bahçe
ground floor zemin kat
key anahtar
lock kilit (in some loanwords in some parts of Croatia, lock is translated as "ćilit" - pronounced like "chilit")
roof çatı
yard avlu (Yugoslavian Nobel laureate Ivo Andrić wrote the book "Prokleta avlija" - "The Damned yard")

Living room - SalonEdit

Here are some terms related to living room

armchair koltuk
carpet halı "or" kilim
chandelier avize
curtain perde
sofa kanape
television televizyon

Bedroom - Yatak odasıEdit

There are lot of subject in bedrooms like

bed yatak
blanket battaniye
double bed çift kişilik yatak
dresser şifoniyer
lamp lampa
pillow yastık (in SC you say pillow "jastuk")
sheet levha
wardrobe dolap

Dining room and kitchen - Yemek odası ve mutfakEdit

It is very nice place in the house

bib-cock çeşme
chair sandalye
cutlery çatal bıçak takımı
fridge buzdolabı
kitchen table sofra
oven fırın
washing-machine çamaşır makinesi

Bathroom and Toilette - Banyo ve tuvaletEdit

And the last one...

basin lavabo
bath banyo
towel havlu
washing machine çamaşir makinesi
WC alafranga tuvalet