Turkish/Big Vocabulary/Family

Family is very important thing for every people. Turkish people, like every other people in the world, are very closed to each other in the family, especially in minor town. Here are the words which contains family members. Here it goes!

brother kardeş or abi
children çocuklar
cousin kuzen
daughter kız (it also means girl)
father baba
father-in-law (both for father's dad and mother's dad) kayınbaba
granddaughter kız torun
grandfather dede or büyükbaba (it means literally big dad)
grandmother büyükanne - it is good to now that if you are referring father's mother you will say babaanne and when you are referring mother's mother then you will say anneanne
grandson torun
husband koca
mother anne or ana
mother-in-law kaynana
nephew or niece yeğen
parents ebeveyn
relatives akraba
sister kız kardeş or abla
son oğul - but when you referring my son you will say oğlum or his/her son oğlu or their son onların oğlusu
wife karı or