Trainz/Uploading Assets

Using the reskin of kuid2:86627:1654:6 covered above as an example. The first step to uploading is to update the config.txt file. Edit the config.txt file in a text editor like Notepad, rather than a word processor such as Microsoft Word, and change the following lines. Be careful to stay within the quotes and do note add any quotation marks or { } brackets. Make a back up before editing as CMP has been known to delete everything after an entry it doesn't understand.

The following are the essentials, use the TC Content Creator's Guide for more details on the values for other fields.

name               "Basic plank wagon"
username           "Basic plank wagon"

These should be changed for your new name. One is used by TRS2006 / TC and one by TRS2004.

description        "A basic five plank wagon.  designed to be simple to reskin.  It uses a modified Paul Hobbs texture file.  It has working Eldavo's Couplestar couplers
                   and Chameleon is used to allow 15 different wagon numbers to be selected in surveyor.  wagonzip.txt  contains the GMAX source Lod 560 / 560 / 560 /
                   shadow 72 polys"

author             "JohnWhelan"

contact-email      ""

contact-website    ""

license            "You may reskin this item for upload to the DLS or other web site as long as it does not become payware.  You must include this licence with the reskin.
                   Please email John Whelan as a courtesy if you do reskin it.
                   The package may be redistributed freely provided the content of the package is unchanged, i.e. no files have been added, removed or modified. The
                   package may not be sold, neither solely nor as a part of a compilation, without written permission of the author."

The above lines should be changed to reflect your information and it is customary to add its reskin of xyz's work in the description as well as leaving their name in the licence area.

This particular item uses a reference to a 240 by 180 .jpg for the download station in the config.txt file.


The simplest way to change this to yours is to replace the file reskin240.jpg with a .jpg that measures 240 by 180 pixels. Note this works but if you change the name you must spell it exactly the same and it is case sensitive.

Now having got you reskin or other item ready to upload drag it to the uploads in CMP. You need to do the following three steps.

Click here to enlarge.

Once uploaded it goes through an automated checking process and twenty four hours later you may release it from the preview area which is reached through your profile. If you don't release it it goes no further and this is sometimes a source of frustration.

Planet Auran.jpg

There after it has to be manually released by Auran.