Trainz/Trainz Highest


This is a resource page, and certainly not part of the book meant for direct viewing by readers.


Use this page as if a template, but put the call into main space mode by inserting a leading colon just like this:

 {{:Trainz/Trainz Highest Ver}}

Otherwise, without the lead colon, the call will be processed to template namespace.

Just use in-line in a sentence following the V- or V like this:

  • The version number (or Trainz-build value), range from V-1.0 to V-3.7, and corresponds to requirements Trainz places on 3D asset data definitions—and when found in an asset configuration file, tells the software suite the way they are to be processed. The older the version, the more translation steps to display the 3D models in the current latest versions. It's a clever system that has allowed Trainz route builders access to literally hundreds of thousands of assets from the Download Station.

  • where the sentence part is formed literally as shown here:
range from V-1.0 to V-{{:Trainz Highest Ver}}, and corresponds to