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Translation Chinese Term Transliteration
Abdomen Fu
Abdominal Mass 症瘕 Zheng Jia
Abdominal Urgency, Interior Tension 里急 Li Ji
Abnormal Transmission 逆传 Ni Chuan
Abscess, Sore, Ulcer Yong
Absorbs Dampness 收湿 Shou Shi
Abundance; Overwhelming Sheng
Abundant Cold 寒盛 Han Sheng
Accepts Kidneys; Takes In Stomach Or Liver Na
Accosts, Trespasses Fan
Accumulating Point Or Cleft Point 郗穴 Xi Xue
Accumulations Ji
Accumulations And Clusters 积聚 Ji Ju
Ache 酸楚 Suan Chu
Achy And Uncomfortable 烦疼 Fan Teng
Achy, Aches Teng
Acid Regurgitation 吞酸 Tun Suan
Acrid Taste Xin
Acupuncture Point Xue
Acupuncture Point, Associated Point 腧穴 Shu Xue
Adding Firewood Under The Cauldron 釜抵加薪 Fu Di Jia Xin
Adds, Replenishes Tian
Adjust The Nutritive And Protective Qi 调营卫 Tiao Ying Wei
Adjusts Tiao
Adjusts Stagnant Qi 调气滞 Tiao Qi Zhi
Adjusts The Qi 调气 Tiao Qi
Afternoon Fevers 日晡潮热 Ri Bu Chao Re
Alarm Chu
Alarm Points 募穴 Mu Xue
Alleviates Pain, Stops Pain 止痛 Zhi Tong
Alternating Fever And Chills 寒热往来 Han Re Wang Lai
Amenorrhea 闭经 Bi Jing
An Unpleasant Fullness In The Chest And Hypochondriac 胸胁苦满 Xiong Xie Ku Man
Anchors The Errant Yang 潜阳 Qian Yang
Anchors, Subdues Qian
Anger Nu
Anguish And Vexation 懊憹 Ao Nao
Annihilating And Foul Qi 秽恶之气 Hui E Zhi Qi
Antagonizes Wei
Apathetic Expression 神情淡漠 Shen Qing Dan Mo
Apathy 精神不振 Jing Shen Bu Zhen
Arched Back Rigidity 角弓反张 Jiao Gong Fen Zhang
Arm Or Hand Shou
Aromatically Probing 香窜 Xiang Cuan
Ascendant Liver Yang 肝阳上亢 Gan Yang Shang Kang
Ascending Of Stomach Fire 胃火上升 Wei Huo Shang Sheng
Ascends, Upwardly Shang
Asking Or Questioning The Patient During Diagnosis 问诊 Wen Zhen
Assaults Xi
Adjuvant Herb In A Formula Zuo
Adjuvant Herb 佐药 Zuo Yao
Assists The Yang 助阳 Zhu Yang
Assists, Reinforces Zhu
Asthma Xiao
Atrophy Disorder 痿症 Wei Zheng
Attack And Drive Out Cold Accumulation 攻逐寒积 Gong Zhu Han Ji
Attacks Accumulation 攻积 Gong Ji
Attacks Toxin 攻毒 Gong Du
Attacks Upwards 攻上 Gong Shang
Augments The Qi 益气 Yi Qi
Augments, Benefits Yi
Autumnal Obtuseness 秋呆子 Qiu Dai Zi
Autumn-Dryness 秋燥 Qiu Zao
Aversion To Food 恶食 Wu Shi
Aversion To Wind 恶风 Wu Feng
Awakens The Spirit; Restores Consciousness 醒神 Xing Shen
Awakens The Spleen 醒脾 Xing Pi
Back Associated Points 背俞穴 Bei Shu Xue
Balanced And Dense 平秘 Ping Mi
Bandit Wind 贼风 Zei Feng
Banish 驱逐 Qu Zhu
Be Detained, Hang Around, Retained 稽留 Ji Liu
Bears On Cou
Benefits The Gallbladder 利胆 Li Dan
Bi Syndrome 痹证 Bi Zheng
Binding Confinement 兜涩 Dou Se
Binds Essence 涩精 Se Jing
Binds Up Or Constrains Yue
Binds Up The Intestines 涩肠 Se Chang
Binds; Rough Urination Se
Bitter Ku
Bladder 膀胱 Pang Guang
Bladder Meridian (Urinary Bladder Meridian) 膀胱经 Pang Guang Jing
Blanches Lian
Bland Dan
Bland Sensation In The Mouth And An Inability To Taste Food 口淡 Kou Dan
Blandly Leaches Out And Resolves Dampness 淡渗利湿 Dan Shen Li Shi
Blazing Fire In Both The Qi And Nutritive Levels 气营两燔 Qi Ying Liang Fan
Blazing Heat 炽热 Chi Re
Bloating Chen
Blocked Bi
Blood Xue
Blood Deficiency 血虚 Xue Xu
Blood Level Or Blood Sector 血分 Xue Fen
Blood Lodged In The Lower Burner 血下入注 Xue Xia Ru Zhu
Blood Stasis, Or Stasis Of Blood 血瘀 Xue Yu
Body Constituition Of A Person 体质 Ti Zhi
Body Fever 身热 Shen Re
Boil Jie
Bone Atrophy Illness 骨缩病 Gu Suo Bing
Bone Flaccidity Illness 骨痿 Gu Wei
Bones Gu
Bones And Joints Are Achy And Bothersome 骨节疼烦 Gu Jie Teng Fan
Breached Huo
Breakdown, Loss Of Management, Loss Of Oversight 失司 Shi Si
Breaks Up Po
Breaks Up Accumulations Of Yin 破阴 Po Yin
Breaks Up Blood Stasis 破血 Po Xue
Breast Abscess 乳痈 Ru Yong
Breast Lumps 乳癖 Ru Pi
Brightens, Clears, Or Enlightens Ming
Builds Up Or Constructs The Middle 建中 Jian Zhong
Buildup Of Blood 蓄血 Xu Xue
Buildup Of Water 蓄水 Xu Shui
Bulging Disorder Shan
Bulging Qi Disorder 疝气 Shan Qi
Bursts Clogged Phlegm 截痰 Jie Tan
'Butterflies' Above The Navel 脐上恐 Qi Shang Kong
Calcined Duan
Calms The Liver And Extinguishes Wind 平肝熄风 Ping Gan Xi Feng
Calms The Stomach 平胃 Ping Wei
Calms Wheezing 平喘 Píng Chuan
Calms, Pacifies ; Balanced Ping
Carousing Of The Spirit 神摇 Shen Yao
Causes Dampness To Flow Away 流湿 Liu Shi
Cavernous Diarrhea 洞泄 Dong Xie
Channel Sinews 经筋 Jing Jin
Channels With Abundance 盛经 Sheng Jing
Channels, Stages, Warps Jing
Channel-Stroke 中经 Zhong Jing
Chaotic Movement 妄行 Wang Xing
Chaotic Movement Of Hot Blood 血热妄行 Xue Re Wang Xing
Checks Malarial Disorders 截疟 Jie Nue
Chest And Hypochondriac Pain 胸胁痛 Xiong Xie Tong
Chest Painful Obstruction 胸痺 Xiong Bi
Chief, Sovereign Jun
Childhood Convulsions, Fright Seizures 惊风 Jing Feng
Childhood Nutritional Impairment 疳积 Gan Ji
Chills Or Aversion To Cold 恶寒 Wu Han
Chong Meridian (Penetrating Vessel) 冲脉 Chong Mai
Chronic Sores Lou
Cinnabar Field 丹田 Dan Tian
Clarifying And Descending 肃降 Su Jiang
Clearing And Clarifying 清肃 Qing Su
Clears Qing
Clears Away Pi
Clears Away Filth 辟秽 Pi Hui
Clears Away Foulness 辟秽 Bi Hui
Clears Consciousness, Clears The Sensory Orifices 清窍 Qing Qiao
Clears Dryness 清燥 Qing Zao
Clears Heat 清热 Qing Re
Clears The Brain 清脑 Qïng Nao
Clears The Eyes, Improves Vision 明目 Ming Mu
Clings, Attaches To Lian
Clogs Yong
Closed-Type Stroke 闭症 Bi Zheng
Closes Wounds 收口 Shou Kou
Clumped Heat 热结 Re Jie
Clumping In The Chest Disorder 结胸症 Jie Xiong Zheng
Clumping Of Water And Heat, Or Water-Heat Complexes 水热互结 Shui Re Hu Jie
Clumping, Knotting Jie
Cold Han
Cold Accosts The Lungs 寒邪犯肺 Han Xie Fan Fei
Cold Evil 寒邪 Han Xie
Cold Extremities 四肢冷 Si Zhi Leng
Cold-Damage 伤寒 Shang Han
Cold-Phlegm 寒痰 Han Tan
Collapse Jue
Collapse From Roundworm 蛔厥 Hui Jue
Collaterals; Connects, Reticulates Luo
Collected Clumped Heat Toxin 热毒蕴结 Re Du Yun Jie
Collection Of Damp-Heat Smoldering In The Body 湿热蕴伏 Shi Re Yun Fu
Collects Yun
Commingled Heat 协热 Xie Re
Commingled Heat With Diarrhea 协热利下 Xie Re Li Xia
Complexion 面色 Mian Se
Conception Vessel 任脉 Ren Mai
Concurrent Symptom 兼症 Jian Zheng
Condenses The Fluids 炼液 Lian Ye
Condition, Disorder Zheng
Confined Pulse 牢脉 Lao Mai
Confluent Points Of 8 Extraordinary Meridians 交会穴 Jiao Hui Xue
Congeals Ning
Congenital Essence 先天之精 Xian Tian Zhi Jing
Conglomerations And Gatherings 瘕聚 Jia Ju
Connecting Points, Collateral Points 络穴 Luo Xue
Consciousness, Essence-Spirit 精神 Jing Shen
Consistently Irregular Pulse 代脉 Dai Mai
Constrained And Clumped Interior Heat 里热郁结 Li Re Yu Jie
Constrained And Clumped Liver Qi 肝气郁结 Gan Qi Yu Jie
Constrains, Constraint Yu
Constraint Or Depression 郁症 Yu Zheng
Constructs, Builds Up Jian
Consumptive Painful Urinary Dribbling Lao Lin
Contains She
Contains Blood 摄血 She Xue
Contend Bo
Continuous Palpitations, Panicky Throbbing 怔忡 Zheng Chong
Continuous Trickle 淋漓不止 Lin Li Bu Zhi
Contracted And Frigid Extremities 手足瘛厥 Shou Zu Chi Jue
Contraction And Tension Of The Joints 关节拘挛 Guan Jie Ju Luan
Control, Restrain Zhi
Controls Urine, Contain Urination 缩尿 Suo Niao
Contusion And Sprain 挫闪 Cuo Shan
Cools Liang
Cools & Transforms Phlegm-Heat 清热热痰 Qing Hua Re Tan
Cools The Blood 凉血 Liang Xue
Corporeal Soul Po
Corrective Adjuvant In A Herbal Formula 佐制 (制佐) Zuo Zhi (Zhi Zuo)
Corrupted Blood 败血 Bai Xue
Coughing Up Of Blood 咳血 Ka Xue
Cracks 裂文 Lie Wen
Crane’S Knee Wind 鹤膝风 He Xi Feng
Cross Hands To Cover The Heart 叉手冒心 Cha Shou Mao Xin
Crystal Tongue Coating 水晶苔 Shui Jing Tai
Cun (Distal), Guan (Mid) , Chi (Proximal) Pulse Points On The Wrists 寸,关,尺 Cun, Guan, Chi
Cupping 拔罐 Ba Guan
Curbs Yi
Curbs The Liver 抑肝 Yi Gan
Curbs The Yin 抑阴 Yi Yin
Curtail The Liver 伐肝 Fa Gan
Curtail, Cut Down Fa
Cut Off, Severed Jue
Cuts Through Pi
Damages Shang
Damp Erosions 湿烂 Shi Lan
Damp Heat 湿热 Shi Re
Damp Tinea-Like Rash 湿癣 Shï Xuan
Damp, Dampness 湿 Shi
Damp-Cold Encumbers The Spleen 寒湿困脾 Han Shi Kun Pi
Damp-Coldness 寒湿 Han Shi
Damp-Heat 湿热 Shi Re
Damp-Heat Collects In The Spleen 脾蕴湿热 Pi Yun Shi Re
Damp-Heat Lodged In The Lower Burner 湿热下注 Shi Re Xia Zhu
Damp-Phlegm 湿痰 Shi Tan
Damp-Phlegm 痰湿 Tan Shi
Damp-Summerheat 暑湿 Shu Shi
Dan Tian 丹田 Dan Tian
Dash Zhuang
Daybreak Diarrhea 五更泻 Wu Geng Xie
Deafness 耳聋 Er Long
Debilitated, Sapped Shuai
Decreased Food Intake 纳 差 Na Cha
Deep Invasion Of Pathogenic Cold 寒邪深侵 Han Xie Shen Qin
Deep-Source Nasal Congestion 鼻渊 Bi Yuan
Defeats, Overcomes, Corrupts Bai
Defends, Conserves Shou
Deficiency Xu
Deficiency Fire Blazing Upward 虚火上炎 Xu Huo Shang Yan
Deficiency Or Asthenia Syndrome 虚证 Xu Zheng
Deficiency Overwork 虚劳 Xu Lao
Deficiency, Hollow Xu
Deficient Pulse 虚脉 Xu Mai
Delayed Discharge 晚发 Wan Fa
Deliberation Lu
Delights The Spleen 悦脾 Yue Pi
Delirious Speech, Raving 谵语 Zhan Yu
Dementia 神志痴呆 Shen Zhi Chi Dai
Depart, Retreat Que
Depletes Or Consumes Fluids 耗津 Hao Jin
Deputy Ingredient In A Formula Chen
Derangement 神志错乱 Shen Zhi Cuo Luan
Despondency 抑郁 Yi Yu
Dessicated Intestines 肠枯 Chang Ku
Dessicated, Parched Ku
Devastated Yang 亡阳 Wang Yang
Deviated 偏歪 Pian Wai
Deviation Of The Mouth And Eyes 口眼歪斜 Kou Yan Wai Xie
Diagnostic Methods 诊法 Zhen Fa
Diaphragm Ge
Diarrhea 腹泄 Fu Xie
Difficulty In Expressing Oneself Or In Forming Words 言语难出 Yan Yu Nan Chu
Diminishes, Deleted Jian
Diptherial Disorder 白喉 Bai Hou
Directs Downward, Descends Jiang
Directs Fire Downward 降火 Jiang Huo
Directs Turbidity Downward 降浊 Jiang Zhuo
Disability From Wind 风废 Feng Fei
Disbands Painful Obstruction 宣痺 Xuan Bi
Discharges And Disperses 发散 Fa San
Discharges Exterior Conditions 发表 Fa Biao
Dislodges Phlegm 豁痰 Huo Tan
Dislodges, Forcefully Removes Huo
Disorientation 神迷 Shen Mi
Disorientation, Vagueness 恍惚精神 Huang Hu Jing Shen
Dispels Qu
Dispels Blood Stasis 祛瘀 Qu Yu
Dispels Cold 祛寒 Qu Han
Dispels Wind-Damp 祛风湿 Qu Feng Shi
Disperses And Unblocks The Qi Of The Nasal Orifice 宣通鼻窍 Xuan Tong Bi Qiao
Disperses Constraint 疏郁 Shu Yu
Disperses Fire From Constraint 散郁火 San Yu Huo
Disperses Fullness 散满 San Man
Disperses Stasis 散瘀 San Yu
Disperses Swelling 散肿 San Zhong
Disperses Wind 疏风 Shu Feng
Disperses, Dredges Shu
Disruptive Disease 动病 Dong Bing
Disseminates And Adjusts The Lung Qi 宣肺调气 Xuan Fei Tiao Qi
Disseminates And Facillitates Qi 宣畅气机 Xuan Chang Qi Ji
Disseminates, Dissipates, Diffuses, Disbands Xuan
Dissipates Huan
Dissipates, Disperses Clumps, Knots Or Nodules 散结 San Jie
Distal Pulse 寸脉 Cun Mai
Distended 肿胀 Zhong Zhang
Distended Eyes 目胀 Mu Zhang
Distress 烦冤 Fan Yuan
Disturb, Move, Disrupt, Stir, Agitate ; Disruption, Perturbation, Stirring, Agitation Dong
Dizziness 眩晕 Xuan Yun
Dormant Or Deep, Harboured Phlegm 宿痰 Su Tan
Dormant, Harboured, Or Deep-Seated Pathogenic Influences 宿邪 Su Xie
Drains Downward 泻下 Xie Xia
Drains Fire 泻火 Xie Huo
Drains Heat Accumulation 泻热积 Xie Re Ji
Drains Out, Discharges Xie
Drains, Drains Out, Draws Off Xie
Drastic, Intense Jun
Drastically Purges 峻下 Jun Xia
Drastically Purges And Drives Out Water 峻下逐水 Jun Xia Zhu Shui
Draws Out Toxicity 托毒 Tuo Du
Draws Out, Uproot Ba
Dread Ju
Dread, Jerks Ti
Dredges Liver Qi 疏肝 Shu Gan
Dredges The Protective 疏卫 Shu Wei
Dregs 糟粕 Zao Po
Dribbling Urination 淋漓 Lin Li
Dries , Dry, Parched , Dryness Zao
Dries Dampness 燥湿 Zao Shi
Drives Out Zhu
Drives Out Dampness 逐湿 Zhu Shi
Drives Out Phlegm 逐痰 Zhu Tan
Drives Out Water 逐水 Zhu Shui
Drives Qi Downward 下气 Xia Qi
Drum-Like Abdominal Distention 鼓胀 Gu Zhang
Du Meridian (Governing Vessel) 督脉 Du Mai
Dull 惨惨 Can Can
Dull Pale 淡白 Dan Bai
Dusky Pale 苍白 Cang Bai
Dwelling Fu
Dwells Ju
Dysenteric Disorder 痢疾 Li Ji
Dysphagia Ye
Dysphagia-Occlusion 噎嗝 Ye Ge
Earth Tu
Ease The Spirit 畅神 Chang Shen
Eases The Diaphragm 快膈 Kuai Ge
Eases The Intestines 宽肠 Kuan Chang
Eases The Middle 宽中 Kuan Zhong
Easily Startled 警惕 Jing Ti
Eight Acupuncture Meeting Points 八会穴 Ba Hui Xue
Eight Extraordinary Meridians (consisting of Ren Mai, Du Mai, Chong Mai, Dai Mai, Yin Wei Mai, Yang Wei Mai, Yin Qiao Mai, Yang Qiao Mai) 奇经八脉 (任脉,督脉,冲脉,带脉,阴维脉,阳维脉,阴蹻脉,阳蹻脉) Qi Jing Ba Mai (Ren Mai, Du Mai, Chong Mai, Dai Mai, Yin Wei Mai, Yang Wei Mai, Yin Qiao Mai, Yang Qiao Mai)
Eight Parameters Of Diagnosis 八纲 Ba Gang
Elation, Joy Xi
Eliminates Dampness 除湿 Chu Shi
Eliminates Irritability 除烦 Chu Fan
Eliminates Summerheat 消暑 Xiao Shu
Eliminates Toxin 消毒 Xiao Du
Eliminates, Gets Rid Of Chu
Emotion Qing
Enables The Diaphragm 利膈 Li Ge
Encumbers Kun
Endogenous Cold 内寒 Nei Han
Endogenous Dampness 内湿 Nei Shi
Endogenous Dryness 内燥 Nei Zao
Endogenous Heat 内热 Nei Re
Endogenous Wind 内风 Nei Feng
Endowment 禀赋 Bing Fu
Enmeshment Of Deficiency And Excess Together 虚实挟杂 Xu Shi Xie Za
Enriches Zi
Enriches The Kidneys 滋肾 Zi Shen
Enriches The Yin 滋阴 Zi Yin
Ensconced Lumps Pi
Entangling Throat Wind Disorder 缠喉风 Chan Hou Feng
Enuresis 遗尿 Yi Niao
Envoy Shi
Epidemic Disorders 瘟疫 Wen Yi
Epidemic Pestilence 疫疠 Yi Li
Epidemic Seasonal Disorder 瘟疾 Wen Ji
Epidemic Toxin 疫毒 Yi Du
Epigastric Pain And Distention 胃胀痛 Wei Zhang Tong
Epigastrium 心下 Xin Xia
Eructate Yue
Eructation And Rebellion 哕逆 Yue Ni
Erysipelas 丹毒 Dan Du
Essence Jing
Ethereal Soul Hun
Excess Or Sthenia Syndrome 实证 Shi Zheng
Excessive Drinking 多饮 Duo Yin
Excessive Pulse 实脉 Shi Mai
Excessive Sleeping 多寐症 Duo Mei Zheng
Exhausted Kui
Exhausted Large Intestine Fluids 大肠液亏 Da Chang Ye Kui
Exogenous Evil 外邪 Wai Xie
Expands The Chest 宽胸 Kuan Xiong
Expands, Eases Kuan
Expedites, Promotes Cui
Expels Parasites 驱虫 Qu Chong
Expels Pus 排脓 Pai Nong
Expels, Drives, Reins In Qu
Exploits Or Encroaches On The Spleen 乘脾 Cheng Pi
Exterior Syndrome 表证 Biao Zheng
External Damp Obstructs The Spleen 外湿阻脾 Wai Shi Zu Pi
External, Outside Wai
Externally Oversteps, Goes Beyond Normal Boundaries, Thrust Out Externally, Evict, Extrude 外越 Wai Yue
Externally-Contracted 外感 Wai Gan
Extinguishes Xi
Extinguishes Wind 熄风 Xi Feng
Extraordinary Channels 奇经 Qi Jing
Extremities, Limbs 四肢 Si Zhi
Exuberant Liver Fire 肝火旺 Gan Huo Wang
Exuberant Wood Takes Advantage Of Earth 木旺乘土 Mu Wang Cheng Tu
Facial Tic 面肌痉挛 Mian Ji Jing Luan
Faciliates And Promotes Resolution Of Dampness; Resolves Dampness 利湿 Li Shi
Facilitate Passage Through The Orifices 利窍 Li Qiao
Facilitated, Patent, Open, Unimpeded Chang
Facilitates Enlightenment Of The Spirit; Improving Mental Abilities 通神明 Tong Shen Ming
Facilitates The Qi Dynamic 畅气机 Chang Qi Ji
Facilitates The Water Pathways 利水道 Li Shui Dao
Failure Of The Lung To Disseminate Qi 肺气不宣 Fei Qi Bu Xuan
Faint Pulse 微脉 Wei Mai
Fatigue And Lethargy Dai
Fatigued Limbs 四肢困倦 Si Zhi Kun Juan
Fear Kong
Fear Of Cold 畏寒 Wei Han
Febrile Diseases 热寎 Re Bing
Feeble, Faint, Slight; Diminish Wei
Felicitates The Qi 快气 Kuai Qi
Fetters The Exterior 束表 Shu Biao
Fetters, Ties Up Shu
Feverish Sensation In The Head 脑热 Nao Re
Feverishness From Internal Damage 内伤发热 Nei Shang Fa Re
Fierce And Violent 猛烈 Meng Lie
Fills In, Replenishes 填补 Tian Bu
Fire Huo
Fire From Constraint 郁火 Yu Huo
Fire Toxin 火毒 Huo Du
Fishy Odor Xing
Five Elements Theory 五行学说 Wu Xing Xue Shuo
Five Excretions 五液 Wu Ye
Five Phases, Five-Phase 五行 Wu Xing
Five Retardations 五迟 Wu Chi
Five Transport Points 五腧穴 Wu Shu Xue
Five Weaknesses 五软 Wu Ruan
Five Zang (Solid) Organs 五脏 Wu Zang
Fixed Kidney Disorder 肾著 Shen Zhuo
Fixed Painful Obstruction 著痺 Zhuo Bi
Flaccid 微软 Wai Ruan
Flanks 胁下 Xie Xia
Flares Upward 上炎 Shang Yan
Flaring Fan
Flaring, Flourishing Wang
Flavor (Taste) Wei
Flesh Rou
Flesh Interstices 分肉 Fen Rou
Flimsy 涣散 Huan Sen
Floating Edema 浮肿 Fu Zhong
Floating Pulse 浮脉 Fu Mai
Flooding Pulse 洪脉 Hong Mai
Flowing Fire 流火 Liu Huo
Fluctuating Fever 身热不扬 Shen Re Bu Yang
Fluid 津液 Jin Ye
Flush Away Pathogenic Heat 荡涤热邪 Dang Di Re Xie
Flush Away Pathogenic Heat Dang
Flushed 潮红 Chao Hong
Flushed Complexion 面赤 Mian Chi
Flushes Downward 冲下 Chong Xia
Flustered, Alarmed 心慌 Xin Huang
Focal Distention Pi
Food Qi 谷气 Gu Qi
Food Therapy 食疗 Shi Liao
Food-Damage 伤食 Shang Shi
Forceful Pulse, Pulse With Strength 有力脉 You Li Mai
Forceless Pulse 无力脉 Wu Li Mai
Forces, Compels, Presses Bi
Forgetfull, Absent-Minded 健忘 Jian Wang
Fortifies The Sinews And Bones 壮筋骨 Zhuang Jin Gu
Fortifies The Yin 坚阴 Jian Yin
Fortifies, Firms, Hard Jian
Fortifies; Vigorous Zhuang
Foster, Increase Zhang
Fosters Yin 育阴 Yu Yin
Foul Turbidity 秽浊 Hui Zhuo
Foul, Filth Gou
Four Command Acupuncture Points 四总穴 Si Zong Xue
Four Dominant Acupuncture Points 四要血 Si Yao Xue
Four Levels, Sectors Or Phases Of Disease (Defensive, Qi, Nutritive, Blood) 四分 Si Fen
Four Limbs (The Hands And Legs Of A Person) 四肢 Si Zhi
Frail Pulse 弱脉 Ruo Mai
Frail Spleen 脾弱 Pi Ruo
Fresh-Looking Red 鲜红 Xian Hong
Fried (Dry-fried) Chao
Fright Mania 惊妄 Jing Wang
Frigid Extremities 四逆发冷 Si Ni Fa Leng
Frost (a herb prepared in powder form) Shuang
Frozen Affect 神凝 Shen Ning
Full, Ample, Brimming; Fills Up Chong
Fullness Man
Fumes Xun
Fumes Upwards; Evaporates 熏蒸 Xun Zheng
Fuzzy Thinking 神识如蒙 Shen Shi Ru Meng
Gall Bladder Dan
Gallbladder Dan
Gastric Cavity Wen
Gathering Qi 宗气 Zong Qi
Gathers In Dampness 收湿 Shou Shi
Gathers Up, Pools Fluids, Cluster, Collects Ju
Generalized Coldness And Pain 身寒痛 Shen Han Tong
Generates Sheng
Generates Flesh 生肌 Sheng Ji
Generates The Pulse 生脉 Sheng Mai
Genital Itching 阴痒 Yin Yang
Gently Disperses Dryness 轻宣燥邪 Qing Xuan Zao Xie
Genuine Qi 真气 Zhen Qi
Gets Rid Of Qu
Girdle Vessel Or Belt Meridian 带脉 Dai Mai
Glaucomatous Disorder 青光眼 Qing Guang Yan
Goiter Ying
Goiter; Neck Tumors 瘿瘤 Ying Liu
Gone, Expended, Finished, Exhausted Jin
Governing Vessel 督脉 Du Mai
Governs Tong
Governs; Focuses Zhu
Grand Yang (Synonym For Greater Yang) 巨阳 Ju Yang
Gravelly Painful Urinary Dribbling 砂淋 Sha Lin
Greasy Coating, Cloying Substances Ni
Great Loss, Devastation, Destroyed Wang
Great Qi 大气 Da Qi
Greater Yang 太阳 Tai Yang
Greater Yin 太阴 Tai Yin
Grey Hui
Grief Chou
Grinds Away, Wears Mo
Grinds Down 消磨 Xiao Mo
Gripping Pain And Tenderness In The Upper Epigastrium 心下急 Xin Xia Ji
Gu Toxin 蛊毒 Gu Du
Guards , Protects, Takes Care Of Bao
Guide Out Accumulation 导积 Dao Ji
Guides Out Dao
Guides Out Stagnation 导滞 Dao Zhi
Guiding Herbs 使药 Shi Yao
Gurgling Sound In The Throat 痰鸣 Tan Ming
Gushes Upward, Upflushing 上冲 Shang Chong
Gushes, Flushes Chong
Gushing Point Or Spring Point 荥穴 Ying Xue
Gynaecology 妇科 Fu Ke
Haggard 憔悴 Qiao Cui
Hair Mao
Hallucinations Characterized By Grasping At Air 撮空 Cuo Kong
Harass And Disturb The Heart Spirit 扰动心神 Rao Dong Xin Shen
Harass, Derange, Make A Disturbance, Make Trouble Rao
Harbors Blood Stasis 挟瘀 Xie Yu
Harm; Impairment Sun
Harmonizes The Middle Burner 和中 He Zhong
Harmonizes The Stomach 和胃 He Wei
Hauling The Boat Upstream 逆流挽舟 Ni Liu Wan Zhou
Headed Flat Abscesses Of The Back 发背 Fa Bei
Healthy Energy 正气 Zheng Qi
Heart Xin
Heart Blood Stasis 心血瘀 Xin Xue Yu
Heart Disharmony 心病 Xin Bing
Heart Fire Transferred To The Small Intestine 心移热于小肠 Xin Yi Re Yu Xiao Chang
Heart Heat Punishes The Lung 心热刑肺 Xin Re Xing Fei
Heart Meridian 手少阴心经 Shou Shao Yin Xin Jing
Heat Re
Heat Accumulation 热积 Re Ji
Heat Clumping With Circumfluence 热结旁流 Re Jie Pang Liu
Heat Deranging Or Harassing The Heart 热扰心 Re Rao Xin
Heat Enters The Blood Chamber 热入血室 Re Ru Xue Shi
Heat In The Five Centers 五心热 Wu Xin Re
Heat Pathogen Clogs The Lungs 热邪壅肺 Re Xie Yong Fei
Heat Scorching The Chest And Diaphragm 热灼胸膈 Re Zhuo Xiong Ge
Heat Scorching The Yin Of The Nutritive Level 热灼营阴 Re Zhuo Ying Yin
Heat Toxin 热毒 Re Du
Heaven-Borne Blisters 天疱疮 Tian Pao Chuang
Heavenly Dew 天癸 Tian Gui
Heavy Lethargy 身困 Shen Kun
Hectic Fever 潮热 Chao Re
Hefty Yang 重阳 Zhong Yang
Helpful Adjuvant Herb 助佐 (佐助) Zhu Zuo (Zuo Zhu)
Helps Close Sores 敛疮 Lian Chuang
Hemilateral Withering Or Hemiplegia 偏枯 Pian Ku
Herbal Decoction 煎药 Jian Yao
Hiccough 呃逆 E Ni
Hidden Beam 伏梁 Fu Liang
Hidden Pulse 伏脉 Fu Mai
Holds Something In, Hinders, Retains, Traps E
Hollow Pulse 芤脉 Kou Mai
Honey-fried 蜜炙 Mi Zhi
Hot Lung Atrophy 热肺痿 Re Fei Wei
Hot Painful Obstruction 热痺 Re Bi
Hot Phlegm 热痰 Re Tan
Hot, Heat, Feverish, Fever Re
Hyperactivity Kang
Hypochondrium Xie
Hyptertonic Pain 㽲痛 Jiao Tong
Immobile Abdominal Mass Zheng
Impaired Consciousness, Muddled Consciousness 神昏 Shen Hun
Impairment 失职 Shi Zhi
Impeded 不畅 Bu Chang
Impedes Fang
Improves Hearing 聪耳 Cong Er
Improves The Condition Of The Throat 利喉 Li Hou
Improves The Spleen’S Transporting Function 运脾 Yun Pi
Improves, Promotes, Benefits, Facilitates, Enables Li
Inability To Fully Recover After Loss Of Consciousness 醒后不复原 Xing Hou Bu Fu Yuan
Incomplete And Irregular Bowel Movements 大便不爽 Da Bian Bu Shuang
Increases Fluids 增液 Zeng Ye
Indefinable Epigastric Discomfort 嘈杂 Cao Za
Indistinct Pulse 脉象模糊 Mai Xiang Mo Hu
Indolence Duo
Induces Sweating 发汗 Fa Han
Induces Ulceration 溃坚 Kui Jian
Infestatious Disease 疰病 Zhu Bing
Inhales, Draws In Xi
Inhibits Sweating 敛汗 Lian Han
Injury From Overstrain 劳伤 Lao Shang
Insensitivity; Lack Of Sensation 不仁 Bu Ren
Insidious Loss Of Vision Without Visible Physical Changes To The Eye 青盲 Qing Mang
Insomnia 不寐 Bu Mei
Insomnia With Dream-Disturbed Sleep 失眠多梦 Shi Mian Duo Meng
Inspection (Visual Diagnosis) 望诊 Wang Zhen
Instability Of The Exterior 表不固 Biao Bu Gu
Insufficiency (cf. Deficiency - 虚 or Xu) 不足 Bu Zu
Insufficient Middle Qi 中气不足 Zhong Qi Bu Zu
Intelligence, Wisdom Zhi
Intemperate Dispersing And Draining Of Qi 疏泄无度 Shu Xie Wu Du
Intense Tonic 峻补 Jun Bu
Intense Toxic Swellings 肿毒 Zhong Du
Intention, Signification Yi
Interior Li
Interior Syndrome 里证 Li Zheng
Interlocked 错综 Cuo Zong
Internal Blazing Of Liver Wind 肝风内炽 Gan Feng Nei Chi
Internal Blazing Of Ministerial Fire 相火内炽 Xiang Huo Nei Chi
Internal Heat Due To Constraint 内有郁热 Nei You Yu Re
Internal Stirring Of Liver Wind 肝风内动 Gan Feng Nei Dong
Internal Stoppage Of Water And Dampness 水湿内停 Shui Shi Nei Ting
Internal, Inside Nei
Interstices And Pores 腠理 Cou Li
Intestinal Abscess 肠痈 Chang Yong
Intestinal Wind 肠风 Chang Feng
Intimidates Ling
Invade, Infiltrates Qin
Inverted Menses 倒经 Dao Jing
Invigorates Huo
Invigorates The Blood 活血 Huo Xue
Invigorates The Channels 活经 Huo Jing
Invigorates The Collaterals 活络 Huo Luo
Irregular Menstruation 月经失调 Yue Jing Shi Tiao
Irregular Uterine Bleeding 崩漏 Beng Lou
Irritability Fan
Irritability And Restlessness 烦躁 Fan Zao
Jammed; Stopped Up Zhi
Jitteriness, Anxiety, Convulsions, Fright, Shock Jing
Joins Bones 接骨 Jie Gu
Jue Yin 厥阴 Jue Yin
Just Desires Sleep, Somnolence 嗜卧 Shi Wo
Kidney Shen
Kidneys Shen
Kidneys Cannot Accept Qi 肾不纳气 Shen Bu Na Qi
Kidneys Store Essence 肾藏精 Shen Cang Jing
Kill Parasites 杀虫 Sha Chong
Lack Of Passage Through The Intestines 肠腑不通 Chang Fu Bu Tong
Laconic Speech 懒言 Lan Yan
Large Intestine 大肠 Da Chang
Large Intestine Meridian 手阳明大肠经 Shou Yang Ming Da Chang Jing
Large Pulse 大脉 Da Mai
Leaches Out Dampness 渗湿 Shen Shi
Leaches Out, Filters Out, Percolates; Permeates Shen
Leakage And Loss 滑脱 Hua Tuo
Leather Pulse 革脉 Ge Mai
Leg Zu
Leg Qi 脚气 Jiao Qi
Leg Qi 足气 Zu Qi
Leprous Disorders Lai
Lesser Yang 少阳 Shao Yang
Lesser Yin 少阴 Shao Yin
Lethargic Level Of Consciousness 神衰 Shen Shuai
Leukorrhagia 带下 Dai Xia
Level Or Sector Fen
Lichenous Rash Xuan
Lifeless Blood 死血 Si Xue
Lifting, Lowering, Floating And Sinking 升降浮沉 Sheng Jiang Fu Chen
Lifts Ju
Light Uterine Bleeding, Leaking, Spotting Lou
Lightheadedness Yun
Lightheadedness; Muddled Or Impaired Consciousness Hun
Lingers; Lodges; Remains Liu
Lingering Heat 留热 Liu Re
Lingering Thin Mucus 留饮 Liu Yin
Liquids And Grains 水谷 Shui Gu
Listening And Smelling (Diagnosis) 闻诊 Wen Zhen
Listless Kidney Yang 肾阳不振 Shen Yang Bu Zhen
Listless, Sluggish, Not Aroused 不振 Bu Zhen
Listlessness 精神萎靡 Jing Shen Wei Mi
Lively, Expressive Eyes 目睛精采 Mu Jing Jing Cai
Liver Gan
Liver Comes To Overwhelm The Spleen 肝来乘脾 Gan Lai Cheng Pi
Liver Governs Dredging And Draining 肝主疏泄 Gan Zhu Shu Xie
Liver Meridian 足厥阴肝经 Zu Jue Yin Gan Jing
Location 部位 Bu Wei
Lodges, Resides Ke
Long Pulse 长脉 Chang Mai
Long-Term Pain Enters The Collaterals 久痛入络 Jiu Tong Ru Luo
Loose Stool 便溏 Bian Tang
Loss Of Bladder Control 膀胱失约 Pang Guang Shi Yue
Loss Of Kidney Closure And Storage Functions 肾失封藏 Shen Shi Feng Cang
Loss Of Voice 失音 Shi Yin
Loss, Abandonment; Draw Off Tuo
Lower Abdominal Tightness And Contractions 少腹拘急 Shao Fu Ju Ji
Lower Back Pain 腰痛 Yao Tong
Lower Base 下元 Xia Yuan
Lower Burner 下焦 Xia Jiao
Lower Uniting Acupuncture Point 下合穴 Xia He Xue
Low-Grade Fever 低热 Di Re
Lubricates The Intestines 滑肠 Hua Chang
Lung Fei
Lung Abscess 肺痈 Fei Yong
Lung Meridian 手太阴肺经 Shou Tai Yin Fei Jing
Lungs Fei
Lurking Fu
Lurking Fire 伏火 Fu Huo
Lurking Heat 伏热 Fu Re
Lurking Qi 伏气 Fu Qi
Lusterless 不华 Bu Hua
Macerated Lan
Make The Sinews Supple 柔筋 Rou Jin
Makes The Spirit Tranquil 宁神 Ning Shen
Makes Tranquil Ning
Malaise, Uneasy, Disquiet 不宁 Bu Ning
Malaria 瘅疟 Dan Nue
Malarial Disorder 疟疾 Nue Ji
Manage Si
Mania, Insanity, Psychosis 癫狂 Dian Kuang
Mania, Yang Madness Kuang
Manic Agitation And Rash Behavior 狂躁妄动 Kuang Zao Wang Dong
Manic And Disorderly 狂乱 Kuang Luan
Manifestation Rong
Manifestation Branch And Root Is Fine 标本 Biao Ben
Massive Head Febrile Disorder 大头温 Da Tou Wen
Medulla, Marrow Sui
Meeting Points 会穴 Hui Xue
Melancholy 郁郁 Yu Yu
Membrane Source 膜原 Mo Yuan
Membrane Source 募原 Mu Yuan
Meridians And Collaterals; Vessels 经络 Jing Luo
Miasmic Malarial Disorders 瘴疟 Zhang Nue
Middle Burner 中焦 Zhong Jiao
Middle Pulse Position 关脉 Guan Mai
Middle Qi 中气 Zhong Qi
Middle Regions 中州 Zhong Zhou
Miliaria Alba 白㾦 Bai Pei
Minister Herb 臣药 Chen Yao
Ministerial Fire 相火 Xiang Huo
Minute Collaterals 孙络 Sun Luo
Miscellaneous Or Heterogeneous Diseases 杂病 Za Bing
Miscellaneous Organs 奇恒之腑 Qi Heng Zhi Fu
Miserable Wan
Mobile Abdominal Mass, Conglomeration Jia
Mobile And Does Not Conserve 走而不守 Zou Er Bu Shou
Mobile And Piercing 走窜 Zou Cuan
Mobilizes, Travels, Extends To, Acts On Zou
Moderate Or Lax Pulse 缓脉 Huan Mai
Moderates Spasmodic Abdominal Pain Or Relaxes Tension 缓急 Huan Ji
Moderates, Relaxes Huan
Moisten , Soggy Ru
Moistening Laxative 润下 Run Xia
Moistens The Intestines 润肠 Run Chang
Moistens, Lubricates Run
Moldy; Putrefies, Decompose, Decomposition Fu
Momentum Shi
Monarch Herb (The chief/monarch herb, where herbs are classified as Monarch, Minister, Adjuvant, and Guide herb in a formula) 君药 (君药,臣药,佐药,使药) Jun Yao (Jun Yao, Chen Yao, Zuo Yao, Shi Yao)
Mountain Mist Miasmic Malarial Disorder 山岚瘴疟 Shan Lan Zhang Nue
Moving Or Disturbed Pulse 动脉 Dong Mai
Moving Tongue 弄舌 Nong She
Moxibustion 灸法 Jiu Fa
Muscle Twitches, Tics 抽搐 Chou Chu
Muscles, Muscle Layer Ji
Muscular Striations 溪谷 Xi Gu
Mute Paraplegia 瘖废 Yin Fei
Mutual Accentuation 相须 Xiang Xu
Mutual Aid 相济 Xiang Ji
Mutual Control 相克 Xiang Ke
Mutual Generation 相生 Xiang Sheng
Mutually Contend, Struggle, Interact 相搏 Xiang Bo
Muzziness 头昏 Tou Hun
Nail-like Toxic Sores 疔毒 Ding Du
Nasal Mucus Ti
Nasal Passages Or Nasal Orifice 鼻窍 Bi Qiao
Nasal Piles 鼻痔 Bi Zhi
Night Sweats 盗汗 Dao Han
Nimble And Forceful 剽悍 Piao Han
Normal Malaria 正疟 Zheng Nue
Normal Pulse Reading 常脉 Chang Mai
Normal Qi Or Antipathogenic Factor Qi 正气 Zheng Qi
Normal Transmission 顺传 Shun Chuan
Nourishes Yang
Noxious E
Noxious Attack 恶中 E Zhong
Noxious Blood 恶血 E Xue
Noxious Sores 恶疮 E Chuang
Numbness 麻木 Ma Mu
Numbness (With Tingling) Ma
Nurtures Pei
Nurtures The Kidneys 培肾 Pei Shen
Nutritive Level Or Sector 营分 Ying Fen
Nutritive Qi 营气 Ying Qi
Obstructs, Impedes Zu
Obtaining Qi In Acupuncture 得气 De Qi
Opens The Orifices 开窍 Kai Qiao
Opens Up And Spreads The Qi And Penetrates To The Membrane Source 开达膜原 Kai Da Mo Yuan
Opens Up Areas Of Constraint 开郁 Kai Yu
Opens Up Closure, Opens Up Blockage 启闭 Qi Bi
Opens Up Clumps Or Knots 开结 Kai Jie
Opens, Unbinds Kai
Oral Mucus Xian
Organs Or Yin And Yang Organs 脏腑 Zang Fu
Organ-Stroke 中脏 Zhong Zang
Orphaned Yang 孤阳 Gu Yang
Outside Hedge Has Holes 藩篱空疏 Fan Li Kong Shu
Over Abundance, Surplus 有余 You Yu
Overcomes Toxin 败毒 Bai Du
Over-Control 过克 Guo Ke
Overflowing Or Flooding Thin Mucus 溢饮 Yi Yin
Overly Abundant Heat 热盛 Re Sheng
Overly Bright And Feverish Eyes 烔烔 Jiong Jiong
Overly Strong Pulse 强脉 Qiang Mai
Overly Strong Stomach 胃强 Wei Qiang
Overwhelms, Encroaches On, Rides, Travels Cheng
Overwork, Consumptive Disorder, Consumption Lao
Pain 疼痛 Teng Tong
Pain That Penetrates Through To The Back 串痛 Chuan Tong
Painful And Swollen Throat 咽喉肿痛 Yan Hou Zhong Tong
Painful Bloody Urinary Difficulty 血淋 Xue Lin
Painful Menstruation, Dysmenorrhea 痛经 Tong Jing
Painful Obstruction Illness 痺症 Bi Zheng
Painful Obstruction Of The Blood 血痺 Xue Bi
Painful Obstruction Of The Bone 骨痺 Gu Bi
Painful Obstruction Of The Sinews 筋痺 Jin Bi
Painful Obstruction Of The Throat 喉痺 Hou Bi
Painful Urinary Dribbling Disorder 淋症 Lin Zheng
Painful Wind 痛风 Tong Feng
Painless Lumps 癖块 Pi Kuai
Pallid 萎白 Wei Bai
Palpation 切诊 Qie Zhen
Palpitation 心悸 Xin Ji
Panarthralgia 历节病 Li Jie Bing
Pangs Of Pain 痛楚 Tong Chu
Papule, Rash Zhen
Paradoxical Adjuvant 佐反 Zuo Fan
Paralysis 麻痺 Ma Bi
Parched Throat 咽燥 Yan Zao
Pathodynamic 病机 Bing Ji
Pathogenic Evil 病邪 Bing Xie
Pathogenic Heat With Form 有形之邪热 You Xing Zhi Xie Re
Pathogenic Qi 邪气 Xie Qi
Pathogenic Water 水邪 Shui Xie
Pattern Zheng
Pattern Differentiation 辨证 Bian Zheng
Penetrates 通入 Tong Ru
Penetrating Vessel 冲脉 Chong Mai
Pericardium 心包 Xin Bao
Pericardium Meridian 手厥阴心包经 Shou Jue Yin Xin Bao Jing
Periumbilical And Hypochondriac Firmness And Pain 痃癖 Xuan Pi
Pernicious Dampness 淫湿 Yin Shi
Pernicious Or Out Of Control Qi 淫气 Yin Qi
Pestilential Qi 疠气 Li Qi
Phlegm Tan
Phlegm And Blood Stasis Jell Together 痰瘀胶结 Tan Yu Jiao Jie
Phlegm Lumps 痰痞 Tan Pi
Phlegm Nodules 热核 Tan He
Phlegm Obstruction 痰闭 Tan Bi
Phlegm Obstructs The Collaterals 痰阻络 Tan Zu Luo
Phlegm Or Sputum Tan
Phlegm Veils The Heart Orifices 痰蒙心窍 Tan Meng Xin Qiao
Phlegm-Dryness 痰燥 Tan Zao
Phlegm-Fire 痰火 Tan Huo
Phlegm-Fire Deranges The Heart 痰火扰心 Tan Huo Rao Xin
Phlegm-Heat 热痰 Tan Re
Physical Body Qu
Pilfers Qi 盗气 Dao Qi
Pink 淡红 Dan Hong
Plugged And Rejecting Or Repelling Disorder 关格 Guan Ge
Plugs Sai
Plunders Duo
Plunders The Yin 劫阴 Jie Yin
Polyp Xi
Pondering, Pensiveness, Excessive Thinking Si
Postnatal Essence 后天之精 Hou Tian Zhi Jing
Post-Urinary Drip 小便余沥不尽 Xiao Bian Yu Li Bu Jin
Powerful Jin
Powerfully Tonifies 大补 Da Bu
Pox Dou
Prepared (Preparata, Preparatum) Herb 炙 (制) Zhi
Preserves The Lungs 敛肺 Lian Fei
Preserves The Yin 敛阴 Lian Yin
Preserves, Inhibits, Restrains Lian
Prevails Over , Preponderance Sheng
Prevails Over Dampness 胜湿 Sheng Shi
Prevents Putrefication 防腐 Fang Fu
Prickles 芒刺 Mang Ci
Primal Qi 元气 Yuan Qi
Prime Minister Fire 相火 Xiang Huo
Prime, Primal, Base Yuan
Primordial Energy 元气 Yuan Qi
Primordial Yin 真阴 Zhen Yin
Processed by calcination (of a herb) Duan
Processed by charring (heat until herb is carbonized) Tan
Processed by quick-frying (herbs) Pao
Processed by steaming (herbs) Zheng
Processed by stewing (herbs) Wei
Processed (herbs) With Ginger 姜制 Jiang Zhi
Processed With Honey 蜜炙 Mi Zhi
Processed With Milk 奶炙 Nai Zhi
Processed With Salt 盐制 Yan Zhi
Processed With Vinegar 醋制 Cu Zhi
Processed With Wine 酒制 Jiu Zhi
Prodding Thin Mucus 支饮 Zhi Yin
Profuse Sputum 痰多 Tan Duo
Profuse Uterine Bleeding, Gushing Beng
Progressive Ulceration Of The Gums 牙疳 Ya Gan
Promotes Earth 崇土 Chong Tu
Promotes Lactation 催乳 Cui Ru
Promotes Movement In Areas Of Painful Obstruction; Migrating Painful Obstruction 行痺 Xing Bi
Promotes Movement Of Qi 行气 Xing Qi
Promotes Movement Through Areas Of Stagnation 行滞 Xing Zhi
Promotes Movement, Proceeds, Travels Xing
Promotes Or Unblocks Lactation 通乳汁 Tong Ru Zhi
Promotes The Activities Of Qi Transformation 化气 Hua Qi
Promotes The Dissipation Of Pathogenic Water 行水 Xing Shui
Promotes Urination 利尿 Li Niao
Promotes Urination, Moves Water 利水 Li Shui
Promotes Water Metabolism And Leaches Out Dampness 利水渗湿 Li Shui Shen Shi
Protective Level Or Defensive Sector 卫分 Wei Fen
Protective Qi 卫气 Wei Qi
Protective Qi Fails Its External Assignment, 卫外失职 Wei Wai Shi Zhi
Protective Qi, Defensive Qi, Defense Qi, Guardian Qi 卫气 Wei Qi
Protuberant Bulging Disorder 㿗疝 Tui Shan
Provides For Zi
Prowess, Bold, Nimble Han
Proximal Pulse 尺脉 Chi Mai
Pulse Diagnosis 脉诊 Mai Zhen
Pulse Pattern 脉象 Mai Xiang
Purge, Unblock Downwards 通下 Tong Xia
Purges 攻下 Gong Xia
Purple Spots Or Maculae 紫斑 Zi Ban
Pursues Zhui
Pushes Out Or Expels Pai
Pushes Out Stones 排石 Pai Shi
Putrefying Throat Granular Disorder 烂喉痧 Lan Hou Sha
Qi Qi
Qi Cannot Transform 气不化 Qi Bu Hua
Qi Deficiency 气虚 Qi Xu
Qi Dynamic 气机 Qi Ji
Qi Fen Syndrome 气分证 Qi Fen Zhen
Qi From Air 空气 Kong Qi
Qi Level Or Qi Sector 气分 Qi Fen
Qi Openings 气口 Qi Kou
Quiets The Fetus 安胎 An Tai
Quiets The Spirit 安神 An Shen
Quivering 颤抖 Chan Dou
Racing Pulse 疾脉 Ji Mai
Raise And Discharge 升发 Sheng Fa
Raises And Lifts 升举 Sheng Ju
Raises The Clear 升清 Sheng Qing
Raises The Yang 升阳 Sheng Yang
Raises, Ascends Sheng
Rapid Pulse 数脉 Shuo Mai
Rapid-Irregular Pulse 促脉 Cu Mai
Rapidly Progressing Ulceration Of The Gums 走马牙疳 Zou Ma Ya Gan
Rashes 斑疹 Ban Zhen
Reaction 反应 Fan Ying
Rebellious Pulse 逆脉 Ni Mai
Rebellious Qi 气逆 Qi Ni
Rebellious, Counterflow Ni
Receives, Picks Up Shou
Reconnects Sinews 续筋 Xu Jin
Rectal Prolapse 脱肛 Tuo Gang
Red And White Vaginal Discharge 赤白带 Chi Bai Dai
Redirects Rebellious Qi Downward 降逆 Jiang Ni
Reduces 退 Tui
Reduces Abscesses 消痈 Xiao Yong
Reduces Accumulation 消积 Xiao Ji
Reduces And Guides Out 消导 Xiao Dao
Reduces Edema Or Swelling 退肿 Tui Zhong
Reduces Fever Or Heat 退热 Tui Re
Reduces Jaundice 退黄 Tui Huang
Reduces Or Dissolves Stones 消石 Xiao Shi
Reduces Swelling Or Edema 消肿 Xiao Zhong
Reduces, Eliminates, Digests, Diminishes, Dissipates Toxic Swellings Xiao
Reducing Method 泻法 Xie Fa
Regulates Li
Regulates Qi 理气 Li Qi
Regulates The Blood 理血 Li Xue
Rejecting;Repelling Ge
Relaxes And Reduces Fixed Abdominal Masses 缓消症块 Huan Xiao Zheng Kuai
Relaxes And Relieves 缓解 Huan Jie
Relaxes The Liver 缓肝 Huan Gan
Releases Spasms 解痉 Jie Jing
Releases The Exterior 解表 Jie Biao
Releases The Muscle Layer 解肌 Jie Ji
Releases, Relieves, Resolves Jie
Relieves Constraint 解郁 Jie Yu
Relieves Pain 解痛 Jie Tong
Remedies Liao
Remove Che
Removed By Force Jie
Removes Painful Obstructions 蠲痺 Juan Bi
Removing Firewood From Under The Cauldron 釜抵抽薪 Fu Di Chou Xin
Ren Meridian (Conception Vessel) 任脉 Ren Mai
Repels, Clears Away Bi
Replenishes The Essence 添精 Tian Jing
Resolve, Purpose,Mind, Emotions Zhi
Resolves Heat 解热 Jie Re
Resolves Summerheat 解暑 Jie Shu
Resolves Toxicity 解毒 Jie Du
Restless Agitation, Impatience 急躁 Ji Zao
Restless Fetus 胎动不安 Tai Dong Bu An
Restless Organ Disorder 脏躁 Zang Zao
Restlessness Zao
Restores Gui
Restores The Pulse 复脉 Fu Mai
Restores The Voice 开音 Kai Yin
Restrain And Inhibit 收敛 Shou Lian
Resuscitate From Collapse And Revives From Rebellion 苏厥回逆 Su Jue Hui Ni
Reverse Control 反克 Fan Ke
Reverse Flow Of Qi 气逆 Qi Yi
Revives Hui
Revives From Collapse Or Inversion 回厥 Hui Jue
Revives The Yang 回阳 Hui Yang
Revives The Yang And Rescues From Rebellion 回阳救逆 Hui Yang Jiu Ni
Ribs, Costal Region Lei
Rich In Greasy Fluids 汁液富油 Zhi Ye Fu You
Rigorous Gang
Ringing In The Brain 脑鸣 Nao Ming
Robust, Virile Xiong
Roiling, Breaks Up Phlegm 滚痰 Gun Tan
Rolled Juan
Rooted Sores Ding
Rough Pulse Or Choppy Pulse 涩脉 Se Mai
Roving Wind 游风 You Feng
Run Wild Ben
Running And Pouring 走注 Zou Zhu
Running Piglet Sickness 奔豚 Ben Tun
Saliva , Spits Tuo
Sallow Complexion 面黄 Mian Huang
Salty Xian
Scarlet Jiang
Scattered Pulse 散脉 San Mai
Scatters Or Disperses Cold 散寒 San Han
Scatters Or Disperses Wind 散风 San Feng
Scatters, Disperses San
Scours Out Phlegm 涤痰 Di Tan
Scours Out, Flushes Away Di
Scrape Gua
Scrofula 瘰疬 Luo Li
Scurry, Flee; Expeditious Cuan
Sea Of Marrow 髓海 Sui Hai
Searches And Digs Out Stagnation 搜剔 Sou Ti
Searing Heat 烧热 Shao Re
Seasonal Diseases 时病 Shi Bing
Secures Abandoned Disorders 固脱 Gu Tuo
Secures And Binds 固涩 Gu Se
Secures The Essence 固精 Gu Jing
Secures, Stabilizes Gu
Sedates Fright 镇惊 Zhen Jing
Sedates The Liver 镇肝 Zhen Gan
Sedates The Spirit 镇神 Zhen Shen
Sedates Tremors 镇痉 Zhen Jing
Sedates, Pacify, Suppresses, Hold Down Zhen
Seepage From The Brain 脑漏 Nao Lou
Seizures 癫痫 Dian Xian
Semiliquid Stools 大便溏薄 Da Bian Tang Bo
Sensation Of Heat Rushing To The Head 热冲头 Re Chong Tou
Sensation Of Heaviness Of The Head 头重 Tou Zhong
Sensation Of Irritability In The Diaphragm 膈烦 Ge Fan
Sense Of Unease In The Chest And Diaphragm 胸膈不快 Xiong Ge Bu Kuai
Separates And Drains Out Damp-Heat 分利湿热 Fen Li Shi Re
Settles Down Ding
Settles Into; Shelters She
Settles Jitteriness, Convulsions, Fright, Or Shock 定惊 Ding Jing
Settles The Emotions, Focuses The Mind, Settles The Resolve 定志 Ding Zhi
Settles Tremors Or Convulsions 定痉 Ding Jing
Settles Wheezing 定喘 Ding Chuan
Settles Wind 定风 Ding Feng
Severe Ju
Severe Painful Obstruction 痛痹 Tong Bi
Shao Yang 少阳 Shao Yang
Shao Yin 少阴 Shao Ying
Sharpens, Improves Cong
Shields Hu
Shields The Yang 护阳 Hu Yang
Shiny, Pale 光白 Guang Bai
Shoots She
Short Pulse 短脉 Duan Mai
Shut In And Concentrated Fire Qi 火气闭密 Huo Qi Bi Mi
Sickness Bing
Simultaneous Fever And Chills 寒热 Han Re
Sinews Jin
Sink Xian
Sinking Qi 气陷 Qi Xian
Six Pernicious Influences 六淫 Liu Yin
Six Stages, Six Warps, Six Channels, Six Axes 六经 Liu Jing
Skin Pi
Skin Edema 皮水 Pi Shui
Skin Scraping Therapy 刮痧 Gua Sha
Skin, Skin And Subcutaneous Tissues 皮肤 Pi Fu
Slack 迟纵 Chi Zong
Slippery Pulse 滑脉 Hua Mai
Slippery, Leakage Hua
Sloughing Ulcer 脱疽 Tuo Ju
Slow Pulse 迟脉 Chi Mai
Slow-Irregular Pulse 结脉 Jie Mai
Small Intestine 小肠 Gua Sha
Small Intestine Meridian 手太阳小肠经 Shou Tai Yang Xiao Chang Jing
Smooths Shun
Smooths The Flow Of Qi 顺气 Shun Qi
Snake-Creeping Red Papules 蛇丹 She Dan
Soft Pulse 软脉 Ruan Mai
Softens Ruan
Softens Areas Of Hardness 软坚 Ruen Jian
Softens The Liver 柔肝 Rou Gan
Soggy Pulse 濡脉 Ru Mai
Soothes Shu
Soothes The Liver 舒肝 Shu Gan
Soothes The Sinews 舒筋 Shu Jin
Sores 疮疡 Chuang Yang
Sorrow, Sadness, Being Disheartened Bei
Source Points 原穴 Yuan Xue
Source Qi 原气 Yuan Qi
Sovereign Fire 君火 Jun Huo
Sparse Tongue Coating 少苔 Shao Tai
Spent, Exhaustion Jie
Spermatorrhea 遗精 Yi Jing
Spirit Shen
Spirit, Psychic Aspect Shen
Spitting Up Blood 吐血 Tu Xue
Spleen Pi
Spleen Cannot Govern Blood 脾不统血 Pi Bu Tong Xue
Spleen Qi Deficiency 脾气虚 Pi Qi Xu
Spots, Maculae Ban
Spread Out; Spread Throughout Bu
Spreading, Flow Into; Spreading Sores 流注 Liu Zhu
Spreads Out, Thrusts Out Da
Spreads Throughout 弥漫 Mi Man
Spring-Warmth 春温 Chun Wen
Squeezing Pain 撮痛 Cuo Tong
Stabilizes The Exterior 固表 Gu Biao
Stagnant Cold In Liver Vessel 寒滞肝脉 Han Zhi Gan Mai
Stagnant Qi 气滞 Qi Zhi
Stagnant Small Intestine Qi 小肠气滞 Xiao Chang Qi Zhi
Stagnates Zhi
Static Heat 瘀热 Yu Re
Steam Zheng
Steaming Bone Disorder 骨蒸 Gu Zheng
Sticky Sputum 黏稠痰 Nian Cho Tan
Stiff 强硬 Qiang Ying
Stifling And Heavy Sensation In The Chest 胸闷重 Xiong Men Zhong
Stifling Sensation Men
Stifling Sensation In The Chest; Sense Of Oppression In The Chest 胸闷 Xiong Men
Stifling Sensation In The Epigastrium And Abdomen 脘腹闷 Wan Fu Men
Stimulate, Drum-Up, Inspire 鼓舞 Gu Wu
Stimulates The Yang 振奋阳气 Zhen Fen Yang Qi
Stimulates, Promotes. Induces, Discharges; Develops, Manifests Fa
Stomach Wei
Stomach Deficiency Cold 胃虚寒 Wei Xu Han
Stomach Reflux 反胃 Fan Wei
Stony Painful Urinary Dribbling 石淋 Shi Lin
Stool 大便 Da Bian
Stops Bleeding 止血 Zhi Xue
Stops Coughing 止咳 Zhi Ke
Stops Dysenteric Disorders 止痢 Zhi Li
Stops Leakage 止遗 Zhi Yi
Stops, Arrests, Halts Zhi
Stores 贮藏 Zhu Cang
Strengthens Jian
Strengthens The Sinews And Bones 强筋骨 Qiang Jin Gu
Strengthens The Spleen 健脾 Jian Pi
Strengthens The Transporting Functions Of The Spleen And Stomach 健运 脾胃 Jian Yun Pi Wei
Stresses, Compels, Forces, Disturbs Po
Strikes Upward 上干 Shang Gan
Strong Qiang
Strong; Excess ; Fullness; Bolsters; Replete Shi
Stubborn Phlegm 顽痰 Wan Tan
Stuck, No Passage Through, No Free Flowing, Blockage 不通 Bu Tong
Stuporous, Comatose 昏迷 Hun Mi
Sturdy, Strong Jing
Submerged Pulse 沉脉 Chen Mai
Sudden Shrieking 尖叫 Jian Jiao
Sudden Turmoil Disorder 霍乱 Huo Luan
Sudden Visual Failure 暴盲 Bao Mang
Sudden, Violent Bao
Suffer; Calamity Huan
Sullen 默默 Mo Mo
Summerheat Shu
Summerheat-Warmth 暑温 Shu Wen
Sunken Spleen Qi 脾气下陷 Pi Qi Xi Xia Xian
Superficial Visual Obstruction Yi
Supports Fu
Supports Normal Qi 扶正 Fu Zheng
Supports The Interior 托里 Tuo Li
Suppresses Pain 镇痛 Zhen Tong
Suppresses Rebellion 镇逆 Zhen Ni
Surmount, Disseminate ; Overstep ; Thrust Out, Evict Yue
Suspended Thin Mucus 悬饮 Xuan Yin
Sustained Pain 㽲痛 Xiu Tong
Sweat Han
Swelling Ju
Syndrome Differentiation 辨证 Bian Zheng
Syndrome Differentiation Based On The Defensive, Energy, Nutritive And Blood Levels 卫,气,营,血辨证 Wei, Qi, Ying, Xue Bian Zheng
Syndrome Differentiation Based On The Eight Diagnostic Principles (Yin-Yang, Internal-External, Cold-Hot, Deficiency-Excess) 八纲辨证 (阴-阳, 里-表, 寒-热, 虚-实) Ba Gang Bian Zheng (Yin-Yang, Li-Biao, Han-Re, Xu-Shi)
Syndrome Differentiation Based On The Meridians 经络辨证 Jing Luo Bian Zheng
Syndrome Differentiation Based On The Zang Fu Organs 脏腑辨证 Zang Fu Bian Zheng
Syndrome Of Superficies 表虚 Biao Xu
Syphilitic Sores 下疳 Xia Gan
Tai Yang 太阳 Tai Yang
Tai Yin 太阴 Tai Yin
Tarry, Stop Ting
Tears Lei
Tenesmus 里急后重 Li Ji Hou Zhong
Terminal Yin Or Reversing Yin 厥阴 Jue Yin
Tetany, Spasms Jing
Thin Mucus 痰饮 Tan Yin
Thin Mucus Yin
Thin Or Fine Pulse 细脉 Xi Mai
Thin, Flimsy Bao
Thrusts Out 条达 Tiao Da
Thrusts Pus Out Tou Nong
Tidal Fever Or Afternoon Tidal Fever 潮热 Chao Re
Tight Pulse 紧脉 Jin Mai
Tightness And Heaviness In The Chest 胸满重 Xiong Man Zhong
Timidity, Trepidation 神怯 Shen Qie
Tinnitus 耳鸣 Er Ming
Tongue Signs (Diagnosis) 舌象 She Xiang
Tonification 补法 Bu Fa
Tonifies Bu
Toxic Qi 毒气 Du Qi
Toxic Swellings 痈疽 Yong Ju
Toxin Du
Tracks Down Wind 搜风 Sou Feng
Transforms Hua
Transforms Dampness 化湿 Hua Shi
Transforms Firmness Or Hardness 化坚 Hua Jian
Transforms Phlegm And Stops Coughing 化痰止咳 Hua Tan Zhi Ke
Transporting Points, Transport Point 输穴 Shu Xue
Transposed Pulse 反脉 Fan Mai
Transverse Rebellion Of Liver Qi Accosting The Spleen 肝气横犯 Gan Qi Heng Fan
Traumatic Paraplegia 截瘫 Jie Tan
Traverses Xun
Traversing Point Or River Point 经穴 Jing Xue
Treatise on Cold Injury 伤寒论 Shang Han Lun
Treatment Strategy 治法 Zhi Fa
Treatment Tactic 治测 Zhi Ze
Tremble, Tremors 震颤 Zhen Chan
Triple Burner 三焦 San Jiao
Triple Burner Meridian 手少阳三焦经 Shou Shao Yang San Jiao Jing
True Cold With False Heat 真寒假热 Zhen Han Jia Re
True Heat With False Cold 真热假寒 Zhen Re Jia Han
True Qi 真气 Zhen Qi
Tuina Massage 推拿 Tui Na
Turbid Painful Urinary Dribbling 浊淋 Zhuo Lin
Turbid Painful Urinary Dribbling 膏淋 Gao Lin
Twelve Normal Meridians Of The Human Body, (consisting of 3 Arm Yin Meridians of Tai Yin-Lung, Jue Yin-Pericardium, Shao Yin-Heart; 3 Leg Yin Meridians of Tai Yin-Spleen, Jue Yin-Liver, Shao Yin-Kidney; 3 Arm Yang Meridians of Yang Ming-Large Intestine, Shao Yang-Triple Burner, Tai Yang-Small Intestine; 3 Leg Yang Meridians of Yang Ming-Stomach, Shao Yang-Gall Bladder, Tai Yang-Urinary Bladder meridians or vessels) 人体十二经络 (肺经, 心包经, 心经; 脾经, 肝经, 肾经; 大肠经, 三焦经, 小肠经; 胃经, 胆经, 膀胱经) Ren Ti Shi Er Jing Luo
Twisted Bladder Or Gestation Membranes 胞转 Bao Zhuan
Unbearable 不忍 Bu Ren
Unbinds Painful Obstruction 开痺 Kai Bi
Unbinds The Chest 开胸 Kai Xiong
Unblocks Areas Of Stagnation 通滞 Tong Zhi
Unblocks Painful Urinary Dribbling 通淋 Tong Lin
Unblocks The Bowels 通便 Tong Bian
Unblocks The Collaterals 通络 Tong Luo
Unblocks The Meridians Or Vessels 通脉 Tong Mai
Unblocks The Nasal Passages 通鼻窍 Tong Bi Qiao
Unblocks The Yang 通阳 Tong Yang
Unblocks The Yang Organs Or Bowels 通腑 Tong Fu
Unblocks Urine And Bowels 通利 Tong Li
Unblocks, Promotes, Pervades Tong
Uncomfortable 不舒 Bu Shu
Uncomfortable Limbs 肢楚 Zhi Chu
Uniting Point Or Sea Point 合穴 He Xue
Unobstructed, Free Moving 通畅 Tong Chang
Unresponsive Extremities 四肢不遂 Si Zhi Bu Sui
Upbraid Ke
Upcast Yang 戴阳 Dai Yang
Upper Burner 上焦 Shang Jiao
Upper Source Of The Water Pathways 水道之上原 Shui Dao Zhi Shang Yuan
Uproots Toxicity 拔毒 Ba Du
Upset Stomach 反胃 Fan Wei
Upward Blazing Of Liver Fire 肝火上炎 Gan Huo Shang Yan
Upward Surging 上腾 Shang Teng
Upwardly Accosts Or Trespasses 上犯 Shang Fan
Urgency, Severe Tightness; Hypertonicity Of Liver Ji
Urgent Morning Diarrhea 飧泄 Sun Xie
Urgent Pulse 急脉 Ji Mai
Urinary Blockage 癃闭 Long Bi
Urinary Difficulty 小便不利 Xiao Bian Bu Li
Urine 小便 Xiao Bian
Vaporized Heat 蒸热 Zheng Re
Veils 蒙蔽 Meng Bi
Vents Heat 透热 Tou Re
Vents Pathogenic Influences 透邪气 Tou Xie Qi
Vents Rashes 透疹 Tou Zhen
Vents, Thrusts Out; Penetrates Tou
Vertigo Xuan
Vessels, Meridians, Channels Mai
Vigorous Fire 壮火 Zhuang Huo
Vigorous Fire Consumes The Qi 壮火食气 Zhuang Huo Shi Qi
Vigorous Fire, Sustained High Fever 壮热 Zhuang Re
Vinegar Cu
Violent, Intense Lie
Virtual Fire 虚火 Xu Huo
Virtual Heat 虚热 Xu Re
Visitant Heat 客热 Ke Re
Visitant Qi 客气 Ke Qi
Visual Disturbance 视力障碍 Shi Li Zhang Ai
Vital Gate 命门 Ming Men
Vomit, Spit Up Tu
Wakes, Awakens Xing
Wan 萎黄 Wei Huang
Warm And Purge 温下 Wen Xia
Warm Epidemics 温疫 Wen Yi
Warm Pathogen Diseases 温病 Wen Bing
Warm-Heat Pathogen Diseases 温热病 Wen Re Bing
Warms Nuan
Warms Wen
Warms And Transforms Cold-Phlegm 温化寒痰 Wen Hua Han Tan
Warms Menses 温经 Wen Jing
Warms The Earth 燠土 Yu Tu
Warms The Interior 温里 Wen Li
Warm-Toxin 温毒 Wen Du
Warn Illness 温病 Wen Bing
Wasting And Thirsting Disorder, Unquenchable Thirst (Frequently Associated With Diabetes Mellitus) 消渴 Xiao Ke
Water Cannot Restrain Wood 水不涵木 Shui Bu Han Mu
Water Pathway 水道 Shui Dao
Water Rebellion Disorder 水逆症 Shui Ni Zheng
Water; Edema Shui
Watery Sputum 稀痰 Xi Tan
Weak And Easily Fatigued Extremities 四肢倦怠 Si Zhi Juan Dai
Weariness 神倦 Shen Juan
Wears Down Accumulations 磨积 Mo Ji
Wei Fen Syndrome 卫分证 Wei Fen Zheng
Well Point 井穴 Jing Xue
Wet 湿润 Shi Run
Wheezing Chuan
White Scaling Wind 白屑风 Bai Xie Feng
White Thorns, Pimples 粉刺 Fen Ci
White Vaginal Discharge 白带 Bai Dai
Whittles Away 刻削 Ke Xiao
Wind Feng
Wind Concealed Rash; Urticaria 风隐疹 Feng Yin Zhen
Wind Consumption 风痨 Feng Lao
Wind Dampness 风湿 Feng Shi
Wind Edema 风水 Feng Shui
Wind Evil 风邪 Feng Xie
Wind Rash 风疹 Feng Zhen
Wind-Attack; Wind-Stroke 中风 Zhong Feng
Wind-Cold 风寒 Feng Han
Wind-Cold Assaults The Lungs 风寒袭肺 Feng Han Xi Fei
Wind-Cold Fetters The Exterior 风寒束表 Feng Han Shu Biao
Wind-Dampness 风湿 Feng Shi
Wind-Dryness 风燥 Feng Zao
Wind-Heat 风热 Feng Re
Wind-Warmth 风温 Feng Wen
Wine Jiu
Wine-fried 酒炒 Jiu Chao
Winter-Extruding Lurking Summerheat 冬越伏暑 Dong Yue Fu Shu
Winter-Warmth 冬温 Dong Wen
Wiry Pulse 弦脉 Xian Mai
Womb 子宫 Zi Gong
Womb, Bladder, Membrane Bao
Wood, Wooden, Numbness Mu
Worry, Upset, Melancholy You
Xue Fen Syndrome 血分证 Xue Fen Zhen
Yang Yang
Yang Brightness 阳明 Yang Ming
Yang Collapse 亡阳证 Wang Yang Zheng
Yang Deficiency 阳虚 Yang Xu
Yang Fluids, Thin Fluids Jin
Yang Heel Vessel 阳跷脉 Yang Qiao Mai
Yang Linking Vessel 阳维脉 Yang Wei Mai
Yang Ming 阳明 Yang Ming
Yang Organs, Bowels Fu
Yang Vacuity 阳虚 Yang Xu
Yin Yin
Yin Collapse 亡阴证 Wang Yin Zheng
Yin Deficiency 阴虚 Yin Xu
Yin Flat Abscesses 阴疽 Yin Ju
Yin Fluids, Thick Fluids Ye
Yin Heel Vessel 阴跷脉 Yin Qiao Mai
Yin Linking Vessel 阴维脉 Yin Wei Mai
Yin Madness Dian
Yin Organs, Viscera Zang
Yin Vacuity 阴虚 Yin Xu
Yin Vacuity And Internal Heat 阴虚火旺 Yin Xu Huo Wang
Yin Yang 阴阳 Yin Yang
Ying Fen Syndrome 营分证 Ying Fen Zeng
Zang Fu (Solid And Hollow Organs) 脏腑 Zang Fu

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