Topfield 5800/Troubleshooting/Failsafe

There is a problem with the firmware image in flash memory. You need to re-flash the firmware using one of the Topfield utilities, or one of the tools listed below. To do this you need to have a reliable USB (or serial) connection to the Toppy and you need to prepare the process on the PC/Mac while the Toppy is off, then switch it out of standby so the Boot Loader can perform the firmware flash (this "failsafe" mechanism should always be available). There are known issues when power saving is enabled on USB ports (so disable this feature) and when using the Topfield USB driver under Vista. The Toppy's Boot Loader presents only a small "window of opportunity" for connecting to the PC/Mac, so if it doesn't work first time, try again.

  • TFDN_USB is the Topfield utility for downloading firmwares to the Toppy over USB. (TFD_Down is the serial version.)
  • All the above are Windows tools, ToFi is a firmware tool for the Mac.