The Topfield 5800 is a PVR for Freeview in the UK.

TF5800 supports an API that allows users to write extensions to the user interface, these are called TAPs

This book is intended to bridge the gap between official FAQs and the wealth of detailed information that is available through the forums.

By 2014 the large number of digital channels available exceeded the capacity of the TF5800 and TF5810, leading to gaps in the EPG, usually mostly not for the current day. The only proper solution would be new manufacturer's firmware, very unlikely; a clumsy workaround for a single channel (or MUX) is to tune to the channel whose future EPG is wanted, then put the PVR into standby and restart, which usually populates the EPG for that channel (at the expense of others). TAPs that store the EPG on the hard disc (MyStuff, Jag's EPG) avoid this problem, but must be installed and learnt.

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See here for a current firmware list plus usage recommendations.

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