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Many recordings of the same episode - modify your CT 66648
weekly recurring timers - not recommended 66978
Some recordings only visible in native archive - some can be recovered, some not 67588
Can MyStuff create a control timer from a previous recording - no but MeiSearch does this 67634 also added to change log 67737
recycle bin function - It's on the road map, but no date yet 67731
Does this TAP work on the Satellite boxes e.g. the TF5500 - maybe 67976
QuickJump keys in MS are inaccurate 67979
two or more consecutive recordings on the same channel - discussion 68289 73025 80593 80771 and in between
Request to add date to every file 68549
Request anything with a Film Genre goes in a folder called Films - Under consideration 69101
keep Radio Times info & supplement with late changes gathered by eit2mei - no 69738
Slow archive display - Showing the Toppy archive will make the next MyStuff archive slow 71234
recommendations for EPG data source - Answer from Hyde 71567
usage of coloured buttons for jumping should be *removed* - Discussion 71628
coloured buttons don't jump in live - by design 71689
not waking from standby - being discussed in the bugs thread 72091
when swapping between currently recording prog & another prog, recording is played, not live TV - feature 72686
Set a number of programmes to play automatically - mark in archive 72687
What is MyStuff_Extended_Info - a PC app from BB that converts an xmltv format xml file into a MyStuff.mei file 72796
What is meant by WSSKiller support - If you use the WSSKiller tap 72844 & 73112
How do you get the : symbol - copy from EPG 72912
perhaps the search could ignore all punctuation in searches or epg data - Implemented in subsequent version thanks to BB 72981
Comparison with some Improbox features 73010 73045

done up to page 46

Started indexing again from page 93

where i can download the manual/instructions - 78598
what time of day does RT update its XML Feed - 07:00 to 07:05 78604
Are development versions of MS available - No that would create too much feedback 78803
Why is MS source code not available, are you planning to charge - No & no 78810
Had you thought of releasing the manual before NG - Wait & see 78832
Incorrect time remaining on a partially viewed recording - Fix in development 78847
Cross-channel padding is only ever removed if that's the only way to allow recordings to occur 78862
is it possible to use logos with Mystuff - yes in next version 78866
MS set to not remove cross channel padding, but still removing it - maybe bug need more info 78899 80690
Can I adjust an end time on a recording once it has started - In native archive select recording & press record 78990
Can't find the MyStuff TAP download - CW has it while BobD's site is down 79065
Memory disappearing over time - maybe Altair or playing multiple recordings 79405 or eit2mei 80102
Reboot on missing "move to" folder - Fix in development 79507
Does MS ignore radio timers set via native EPG - MS doesn't get involved, the recordings work as you would expect 79843
Ch+ / Ch- can't get past the 'gaps' that appear because channels recording on other muxes - Fix in development 79879
Discovering source of memory leak - install the MemoryWatcher TAP 79893
Time jumping does not seem accurate - may not be possible to be that accurate with the time jumps 79923
Wrong name in MS archive for radio recordings - Fix in development 80160
Problem with favorites files created in UNIX faq228 - Fix in development 80158
problem renaming files - The names you see in MyStuff Archive are programme names, not file names 80284
Can I make the CT search quicker by restricting channels or time - Yes 80292
Is it possible to assign numbers to the channels after re-ordering - You can't as such...but 80569
in MSNG are the channel logos something that you'll provide - yes 80569
in MSNG would it be possible to have different activation keys for the new views - We have introduced something we have called (at the moment) chaining 80581
in MSNG will these chaining options be available for the archive key - At the moment, no 80592
Can MS set which tuner is used for a recording, like Jags - No 80751
-> two or more consecutive recordings on the same channel - discussion 68289 73025 80593 80771 and in between
in MSNG will it support Radio - no it doesn't sorry. It's slated for the next version after the one we are currently working on 80811
It looks promising for inclusion of tuner control in a future version of MyStuff 80847
How do I get MS to show more info in the EPG & Now&Next extended descriptions - install "Description Extender" 80885
getting the recordings onto some mobile medium - link 80906
Time displayed in MS & the time on the front pannel differ - unplug 80923
Overlapping timers discussion 80926
mobile/wap interface & request for detect, parse and set timers from a file & export too 81093
Pressing 0 changes aspect ratio, this can be anoying - some taps prevent it 81384
Memory leak maybe related to total CTs - not proved 81463
re TEXT and jumping back to start - TAP load order 81628
If all 70 timer slots are in use other TAPs cant set timers - We may consider adding the max to set as an option then at some point 81743
Freeview Playback EPG info in MyStuff - may need firmware update, but may not 81800
MyStuff 4.54e uses the entries it makes in "MEI Archive" folder to ensure programme description is correct - but in ProgramFiles\MEI 81844
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