Topfield 5800/TAP Groups EPG/Jags

Jags EPG v3.0 Pre-Beta 5 edit

This TAP is one of the main EPG replacement TAPs, it adds functionality over the built in EPG and is not dependent on any other TAPS, although it can make use of the "DescriptionExtender 1.4" TAP

Jags EPG is also able to collect EPG data for use by MyStuff.

Since the new July 2006 “Bastille Day” firmware Jags has been less stable and the developer (Jag) will address the reported issues as soon as he can (he is currently moving house & job).

Users have reduced instability by one or more of the following:

  • uninstalling DescriptionExtender (changing option 52 Description extender support has no effect)
  • option 49. "EPG data base: background scan interval" -> a larger scan interval e.g.60
  • manually delete the EPG buffer
  • reducing the memory Jags uses by limiting the number of channels scanned
  • Using the memory watcher TAP to help tune the settings
  • opt 47 No of channels with extended info
  • opt 48 Max events per channel
  • reducing the number of other TAPS used

Good new behaviour caused by the July 2006 “Bastille Day” firmware is that the native EPG buffer is populated much more efficiently so Jags only needs a brief visit to each channel in order to sort its own EPG data out. Previously it was necessary to set Jags to scan each channel for maybe 90 seconds, but now a mere 5 seconds is reported to be enough.