Toki a, jan Jonatan!

Toki a!

This is the start of the Toki Pona translation of "Salute, Jonathan!", a book by Mithridates which teaches a language in a the language, using easy vocab and building up in a fun way. This is work in progress, so please be patient.

lipu lili


Chapter 1

Symbols Used


Symbols are used to quickly show the meaning of new vocab. The main are as follows:

  • ↔ The two words are opposites. big ↔ small
  • · An interpunct, used to show the makeup of a word. For example: the English words inter·nation·al and one·up·man·ship.
  • → A right arrow, used to show the relation and progression from word to word. For example: the English words scribe → scripture → scriptural.