Toki Pona/ModOne


Toki Pona is a language of very minimal sounds, in order to be easily pronounced by the greatest number of people. Its consonants lack voicing, gemination, and clusters, while vowels are only monophthongs and do not register length.


In Toki Pona, you use the same five vowels, but they are they only have one strict pronunciation, similar to Spanish or Japanese vowels.

Vowel Pronounced Like...
a father
e met
i peel
o bone
u mood


Excluding j, the phonetic sounds of the nine consonants used in Toki Pona are the same as English, and there is flexibility in how one can pronounce it.

Consonant Pronounced like...
k kill or gills
l let
m man
n near
p poke or boat
s salt or zoo
t talk or dog
w water
*j yet