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Traim as a verb


Traim (alternate spellings: traiim, traeim) is a Tok pisin verb basically meaning to try.

Here are some examples of its use:

Sampela man i kisim ol prut na traim planim klostu long haus bilong ol.
Some men took the fruits and tried to plant them next to their houses.
(Masalai bilong Ailan Lep).

Planti man bilong Baluan i laik traim long painim dispela Ailan Lep.
Many men from Baluan wanted to try to find this island called Lep.
(Masalai bilong Ailan Lep).

Please note that here, the same author is using traim once without long, once with long.

Other examples:

Ol i bin traim long givim halivim...
They tried to bring help...
(Taim bilong toktok, Redio Ostrelia).

Ol wok ol i traim bilong mekim ol gavman i abrusim ... pasin bilong bagarapim rait bilong pipol.
They tried to make the officials renounce... to their disrespect of people's rights.
(Taim bilong toktok, Redio Ostrelia).

Here, the same speaker is using traim once with long, once with bilong.

Traim as a noun


Traim can be nominalized. It then becomes a noun meaning: a try, a challenge, an ordeal, and in the Scriptures, temptation.


Mipela i save yupela i painim kainkain traim long laip bilong yupela
We know that you meet all kinds of ordeal in your life.
(Catholic Bishop's Conference of PNG & SI, 2001).

Sambai long mipela long taim bilong traim, na rausim olgeta samting nogut long mipela.
Protect us when we are in a time of temptation and take all bad things away from us.
(The Lord's Prayer in Pidgin, litteral translation from Tok Pisin).