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Verbs in Tok PisinEdit

There are basically two types of verbs in Tok Pisin: transitive and intransitive.

  • In general, transitive verbs end in -im. Example: kisim (sampela samting), take, receive smth. They are exceptions.
  • In general, intransitive verbs do not end in -im. Example: slip (long nait), sleep (at night)

Transitive verbsEdit

more about transitive verbs

Intransitive verbsEdit

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Some very common verbs of difficult useEdit

Most verbs are easy to use for English speakers, but some of them may be puzzling because of their unexpected meaning or use.

Here are some of them:

Nominalized verbsEdit

Verbs can be nominalized. Examples:

  • traim > 1. to try (smth); 2. a try, an ordeal
  • askim > 1. to ask (smth); 2. a question.