Theoretical Mechanics/Cover

<Cover and Inter-Wiki This book will cover statics, kinematics and dynamics at college level. This book is barely started


Theoretical mechanics is the basic science of many fields in engineering. This book covers the newtonian mechanics as this is what is used to design any kind of machine or building that is significantly larger than an atom and smaller than a planet.

There are several field of mechanics:

  • Theoretical Mechanics: studies the relation between forces acting on bodies and forces caused by bodies touching each other. It assumes that those bodies do not deform.
  • Solid Mechanics: studies the forces inside bodies and deformations.
  • Fluid Mechanics: Studies forces caused by and acting on fluids and their environment. Fluids are both liquids as gasses.


  • Patrik - I started this book as mechanics wasn't represented as a wikibook. Although it may be part of a physics book, mechanics is broad field that deserves more than a small chapter in a physics book. I've quite a few sources for the information that'll have to be in this book (including course notes for 2 years of mechanics spanning 3 binders). Most of the trouble involves translating certain words and concepts.
  • eienmaru - I might be a math/philosophy student during my day job, but physics is certainly a field I've had a fair amount of experience in. I'll be working from my personal notes as well.