The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Temple Remains and Sword & Shield Dungeon

Before the next quest edit

Now that Link owns the Roc's cape, he can get to the Heart Container in the graveyard. There is also a chest inside Goron mountain, holding a magic ring.

Furthermore, Link can now complete the Golden Monsters sub-quest and obtain a specific magic ring.

Hero's cave edit

Linked game
Hero's cave

(If you already cleared Oracle of Ages and linked to this game)
Let's start from the first magic gate after the Zora.
1. Notice the pink tile: push it south, before you light the brazier using the slingshot and an ember seed. A chest containing a key will then appear.
2. Push the blocks, so that you can push one into the hole. Jump over the last one using the Roc's cape, unlock the keyhole block with the key, then light the two braziers using the slingshot and an ember seed.
3. Defeat the enemies, then dive where the key fell.
4. Open your way using bombs. Light the braziers to obtain a Gasha seed.

Link can now get through another magic portal, to the fourth part of the dungeon.
1. Use the magnet glove and exit from the north-east passage.
2. Same as before; choose the southern path.
3. Use the shield to defeat the spiked turtles, then equip the boomerang and change all the bue globes to red.
4. Move the iron sphere with the magnet glove and get a Gasha seed. Equip the Roc's cape to reach the next magic gate.

The fifth part of the dungeon:
1. Start from the vertical row of three pots: destroy the top and bottom one, push the square blocks in the pit, then push the central pot on one of the four buttons. From the south passage, push three square blocks so that one pot can be pushed all the way to another button. Push the last two on the remaining buttons.
2. Press the buttons. Every time you do, four different enemies will appear. Defeat them all, and a key will appear.
3. Defeat the fire bats, then use the magic boomerang to hit the blue sphere.
4. Open the chests in the same order as the dungeons are scattered across Holodrum.

That was the last test. A new magic gate opens, and Link can claim an exclusive Magic Ring.

Holodrum and Subrosia edit

The Maku Tree cannot suggest where the last dungeon is, but there is only one unexplored area left in Holodrum.

Temple remains and Subrosian volcanoes (part 1) edit

Similar to the Tarm Ruins, here Link has to change season several times.

  1. The default season is winter.
  2. On the tree stump, change the season to autumn. Go all the way west and north.
  3. At the second tree stump, change the season back to winter. You can now reach the nearby Subrosian gate.

In Subrosia, enter the nearby cave. Throw a bomb in the lava pit, so that the Subrosian volcanoes will modify the structure of the temple remains in Holodrum.

Temple remains and Subrosian volcanoes (part 2) edit

File:LZ7 seasons dungeon8 entrance.png
The entrance of the dungeon in Subrosia

Get back to the Temple remains. First of all, there is a breakable wall just north from the Subrosian gate. Inside, you can get the last Heart Piece.

Move back to the entrance, and change the season to summer. Explore the temple to the east. Eventually, you'll reach the very top, where a room hosts another Subrosian gate.

In Subrosia, follow the path to the north to the entrance of the dungeon.

Sword and Shield Dungeon edit

The snowshoe ring is very useful in this dungeon. It can only be obtained in a linked game.

Compass edit

From the entrance to the compass

After the first room, turn east. Shoot the statue with the slingshot, and a small key will fall down.

Continue all the way north. destroy the red Zols and the Hardhat turtle to get a second key. Continue east until you see a keyhole block: unlock it and go down the stairs; instead, if you continue to the next room east, nothing can be done there right now.

After many rooms, you'll get to one with two exits: a stairway up and a locked door. Go upstairs, and you'll obtain the compass.

Map edit

From the compass to the map

After you got the compass, go back downstairs and open the door. You are now in a rotator room. At first, it will direct Link to the north. Go back west at the fork(right now, the east path leads to dead ends only), and get in the rotator room again from the previous entrance. Now you can go south.

Use a mystery seed on the owl statue, and it will tell you how to activate the Armos statue that blocks the path. Climb the stairway, and collect the map.

Super slingshot edit

From the map to the super slingshot

From the same place where Link found the map, use the magnet glove and move the iron sphere on the button. A new bridge will appear, although it's on the other side of the wall.

Go back downstairs, continue to the east room, the climb upstairs: Link is now in the room with the bidge. Anyway, first of all go west and claim the contents of a chest. You have to activate the Armos statues and push a block sideways to open it. Inside is the super slingshot. You saw already two spots where to use it in previous rooms.

Sub-boss: Frypolar edit

From the super slingshot to the sub-boss
File:LZ7 seasons subboss8.png
Frypolar, the sub-boss

After getting the treasure, go back east, walk on the new bridge, and continue all the way back to the rotator room. This time, it will direct Link to the east. Open the chest and get a key.

Back to the rotator room, go north, then east; use the magnet glove and continue east. The owl statue gives a hint about the sub-boss. Anyway, first use the new slingshot on the three eye statues, so to make a stairway appear. In the room upstairs Link can collect another key.

Back downstairs, use a key and enter the sub-boss room, Frypolar. Equip the power bracelet and the super slingshot with mystery seeds (He can't be hit with the sword, so don't bother). Frypolar has two different forms:

  • in ice form he creates ice blades; Link can throw a mystery seed on them, then pick them up with the power bracelet and throw the ice back at fire Frypolar. To attack in ice form, you need ember seeds.
  • in fire form, he's vulnerable to his own modified ice blades.

Boss key edit

From the sub-boss to the boss key

After Frypolar has been defeated, continue to the north. Use the super slingshot to light all the braziers, then go upstairs using the new stairs.

Link will end up in a puzzle room in the style of Kickle Cubicle. Push the southmost ice cube south, east and north. Leave it there. Push the eastmost ice cube south and east on a yellow tile. Push the last ice cube west, south, east, then north. Now all three ice cubes can be pushed on the yellow tiles: a stairway will appear.

Take the stairs down. Follow the path to the east and to the south. Use the magic boomerang to create a bridge. In the next room, defeat the Pols Voices using the strange flute. In the next room, Link can get the boss key. Defeat the Ball & Chain Warrior to open the door and leave.

Magic ring edit

From the boss key to the magic ring

After Link gets the boss key, backtrack to the room of the three Moldorm worms. Press the button and create a bridge. Walk all the way back towards the entrance.

Just two rooms north from the entrance, you can see three eye statues. Get on the "balcony" to the east and shoot them with the new slingshot: a chest will appear. Then, use the Roc's cape to get around without leaving the room. Open the chest and collect a magic ring.

To the boss room edit

From the magic ring to the boss room

Backtrack again to the room of the three Moldorms, take the stairs and continue to the room in Kickle Cubicle style. Now unlock the door and continue west.

Notice the cracked wall next to the owl statue. Blast it open, then memorize the path of the Armos ghost and repeat. If you succeed, a small key will appear.

Using the power bracelet, lift a magic ice, go to the southern room, and throw it in the red pit. Go downstairs, open the chest and claim a small key.

Back upstairs, pick another magic ice and ride the cart. Throw it in the hole, then go back. Take another magic ice, ride the cart, hit the switch, ride the cart again throw the ice in the third hole.

Now that most of the lava is cooled down, go downstairs and access a stairway up. Follow the path to a chest with a small key.

Back to the magic ice room. Go downstairs, then west (the chest contains just bombs), and upstairs again. Take the cart, go to the next room, then downstairs again. Go south-east and upstairs, back to the magic ice room. Pick a magic ice and ride the cart. At the end of the ride, go south and ride the other cart. Throw the magic ice in the fourth red pit.

At last, go downstairs by any stairs, then walk all the way north to the boss room.

BOSS: Medusa Head edit

File:LZ7 seasons boss7 Medusa.png
Medusa Head

Shoot it with Pegasus seeds, then hit it with the sword. The L-3 mirror shield protects from her attacks.