The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Secrets to and from Holodrum

This page lists all events that happen in Labrynna after you defeat Veran.

That is, in a linked game if you played Oracle of Ages first, then Oracle of Seasons, there is still something to do in Oracle of Ages.

Secret to Holodrum edit

After clearing Oracle of Ages, you will be given the Secret to Holodrum. This is a password that can be used in Oracle of seasons when starting a new game. The new Oracle of Seasons game is known as "linked game".

Link will start the game with an extra heart and his L-1 sword. Also, ten secrets will become available, and Link can thus obtain ten extra items. Furthermore, there will be a final chapter where Link has to fight the Twinrova witches and Ganon himself.

Ring secret edit

Whether you used the secret to Holodrum or not, you can also transfer all your collection of rings from one game to another. Talk to the Red Snake in Vasu's jewelry, and he'll give you a password to be told to the Red Snake in any other Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons game, whether linked or not.

Since some rings are available in one game only, and some are only available in a linked game, this is the only way to get a full collection of rings.

Ten secrets between Labrynna and Holodrum edit

All the secrets in this section are available only if you first cleared Oracle of Ages and then continued the game in Oracle of Seasons.

In a continued/linked game of Oracle of Seasons, ten extra characters will appear and tell a secret password for a character in Oracle of Ages. The latter characters will reply with an upgrade and a second password. Tell the password to Farore, oracle of secrets, and the upgrage will be available in Oracle of Seasons, too.

Two characters give a Magic Ring instead of an upgrade: this can be transferred using a ring secret (see#Ring secret, above) instead of talking to Farore.

Tingle secret edit

File:Zelda Ages Overworld Seed Satchel Upgrade.png
  • Holodrum: chapter 2, Woods of Winter
  • Labrynna: Forest of Time

Symmetry secret edit

  • Holodrum: after dungeon 2, in Woods of Winter
  • Labrynna: Symmetry City, during Ambi's age

Forest fairy secret edit

File:Zelda Ages Woods hide.png
  • Holodrum: chapter 3, Horon village
  • Labrynna: Fairy Forest

Mamamu secret edit

  • Holodrum: chapter 3, Spool swamp
  • Labrynna: Lynna City

Troy secret edit

  • Holodrum: after dungeon 3, in the east suburbs
  • Labrynna: East Rolling Ridge

King Zora secret edit

  • Holodrum: after dungeon 3, on the west coast
  • Labrynna: Zora Village

Tokay secret edit

  • Holodrum: chapter 4, Moblin's ruined keep
  • Labrynna: Crescent Island

Elder Goron secret edit

  • Holodrum: chapter 4, Goron Mountain
  • Labrynna: East Rolling Ridge, during Ambi's age

Plen secret edit

  • Holodrum: chapter 5, Subrosian lava lake
  • Labrynna: Lynna City

Library secret edit

  • Holodrum: chapter 7, West coast
  • Labrynna: Zora seas, during Ambi's age