The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Graveyard and Explorer's Crypt

Before the next quest edit

This time, there is very little to do before the next quest. Visit Bipin and Blossom in Horon Village.

Also check the Gasha trees and collect the Gasha nuts, since now all the four high-level spots have been reached. Save before collecting the nuts, and reload if you're unsatisfied with the contents.

Holodrum and Subrosia edit

Subrosia graveyard edit

There is an underground room south from the fountain in Horon village. Using the Magic Boomerang, Link can hit the switch and access a gate to Subrosia. The gate links to the hideout of the Piratians, near the Subrosian graveyard. Actually, Link can also get there from the north and activate the switch in Horon village after coming from the Piratians hideout.

On the upper floor, a Piratian pushes the drawers in a specific order: 2 times the n.3 from left, 1 time the n.2, 2 times the n.1, 3 times the n.4.

The Piratian Captain charges Link to look for his bell. The first destination is the Subrosian graveyard, where a Piratian phantom directs Link to the Samasa desert.

East coast and Samasa desert edit

Back to Horon Village, go east and south along the beach. In order to open the desert gate, press the skulls in the same way the Piratian in Subrosia did with the drawers.

In order to find the missing half of the Piratian ship, go straight east from the desert entrance. The same phantom asks Link to find is skull, before he'll help finding the bell. Said skull is in the oasis in the northeast corner of the desert. Equip the power bracelet and pick it up. Then, go south and search the quicksands: when the skull starts making noise, get to the center of the quicksand. The bell is at the bottom.

It's not over yet: there's a chest in the southeast corner of the desert. In order to reach it, Link should get into the quicksand two screens to the west.

There's a shortcut to go back to the Piratian Captain. Enter the beached ship and push a box into a hole, so that Link can emerge from the other side, in the Subrosian cemetery.

Stll, the Captain is not satisfied, because the bell is all rusty. Link should now bring it to the Subrosian smith and have it polished. Once this is done, the Piratians' ship will leave Subrosia and sail in the sea of Holodrum...

West coast and graveyard edit

Linked game
Library secret

(If you already cleared Oracle of Ages and linked to this game)

File:LZ7 seasons secret library.png

After you restore the Piratians ship, visit the hut in the west coast near the tree stump. A ghost will ask you to tell a secret to a librarian in old Labrynna. Switch back to Oracle of Ages, go to the Library during Ambi's age, and talk to the librarian in the "black" room. If you manage to reach him, he will give you a File:Zelda Oracles L-1 Shield.png Shield upgrade and another secret. Switch again to Oracle of Seasons, go to Farore and tell her the Library secret: the shield will be upgraded in this game, too.

If Link owned a L-1 shield in one game, the secret upgrades it to L-2; another upgrade in the same game will raise it to L-3. If Link owned a L-2 shield already (i.e. through the non-secret upgrade), the secret upgrades it to L-3.

The Piratian ship lands on the west coast of Holodrum. A tree stup can be found north from the landing: switch the season to summertime in order to proceed. Just east from the ship bow, Link can find a chest with a magic ring.

In the westmost portion of the coast a vine sprung up in summer: Link can now access the graveyard and the dungeon within.

File:LZ7 seasons dungeon7 entrance.png
The crypt entrance

Explorer's Crypt edit

Compass edit

From the entrance to the compass

In the first few rooms there are no forks. Use a mystery seed on the owl statue. In the second dark room, go quickly to the right, or Link will be sent back to the entrance. Defeat the Wizzrobes ghosts in the next room and claim a small key.

With the key, backtrack to the door in the second room. Defeat the Stalfos skeleton and the red Zols, then claim a magic ring from the chest.

Follow the upper path, and at the end of it shoot two ember seeds at the two braziers. A Poe ghost will attack you with a sword, but the dark rooms are no more! In the room that was previously getting dark there is a cracked wall: blast it with a bomb and claim the compass.

Map edit

From the compass to the map

After getting the compass, go to the next room and go down the stairs. Ignore the Armos statues for the moment, and go straight to the west room. Press the button to create a trampoline, then use the latter to obtain another small key.

Back to the Armos room, one of them at random is a true statue: find it and push it on the button to keep the door open. Go two rooms south, where a trampoline is. The blocks on the two sides of the trampoline can be pushed: make an opening on each side so that you can push the trampoline to the west. In particular, move it three steps west and one north, then jump. The chest in the upper room holds the map.

Roc's cape edit

From the map to the Roc's cape

After getting the map, backtrack one room to the north and take the stairs down. Use the magnet glove in the first room and a Pegasus seed in the second one. You'll end in a puzzle room. If the top-left is n.1 and the lower-right is n.4, press them in this order: 2-3-1-4. You'll receive a small key.

Go back upstairs to the trampoline room, where you can now unlock the door. Use a Pegasus seed to gain speed and the slingshot with ember seeds to light the four braziers. The second Poe ghost will appear and attack with flames. After you defeat her, the dark curse in the west room is broken, and you can proceed to the deeper floor.

Believe it or not, the heavy armor of the Darknut warriors can be pulled with the magnet glove: defeat them, and a bridge will appear. Cross it, activate the magnetic spinners, then combine the magnet glove, the roc's feather and a Pegasus seed to get to the two trampolines. Jump on the blue one first. Follow the path, that includes some hard jumps, until you get the Roc's cape.

Sub-boss: Poe Sisters edit

From the Roc's cape to the sub-boss
File:LZ7 seasons subboss7.png
The Poe Sisters

After getting the Roc's cape, go all the way downstairs, where the flying tiles bridge is. You have to get familiar with the cape so to perform two double jump on the east side of the room. Using the magnet glove and the cape, you should get to a chest with another small key on the 1st basement floor.

You're back to the Armos room; go all the way south, then west, then downstairs. Use the key to unlock the block. Wait for the flying tiles to be finished before venturing across the room. Follow the path, defeat the Moldorms, then use a Pegasus seed together with the Roc's cape so to reach the button.

In the next room, Link will face the Poe Sisters. Equip the sword and the slingshot with the ember seeds. If the ghosts manage to turn off all the fires, Link will be sent back to the dungeon entrance.

Boss key edit

From the sub-boss to the boss key

In the subsequent labyrinth of stairways, the chests holds just 1 Rupee. Use your memory and see which stairs connect to which so to get to the north-east exit from the room.

Once more, use the Roc's cape together with the magnet glove. Defeat the Stalfos skeletons and the Wizzrobe wizards so to get one more small key. After Link unlocks the door, use the Roc's cape with a Pegasus seed, so to press the buttons in the order that the sculptures hint at. Make the trampoline appear and go up.

The owl statue gives a hint so to solve the riddle right below it: only one globe should be blue. In the next room, you can get the boss key.

To the boss door edit

From the boss key to the boss door

Backtrack to the labyrinth of staircases. The stairs that lead to the boss door are in the south-east corner.

BOSS: Gleeok edit

File:LZ7 seasons boss7 Gleeok.png
Gleeok, the two-headed dragon

Gleeok was originally one boss from The Legend of Zelda 1, as Oracle of Seasons was originally planned to be its remake.

Slash at both heads. If you defeat one head only, it will detach, fly around and reattach to the body with full health. Link must defeat the second head while the first one is flying around.

When both heads have been defeated, Gleeok will transform into a skeletal dragon, and the Roc's cape will become necessary. Link has to jump when Gleeok does, or the quake caused by the boss will paralyze the hero and make him vulnerable.

Once Gleeok is defeated, collect the customary Heart and Essence.