The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/West Rolling Ridge and Crown Dungeon

Outside the Skull Dungeon, the Maku Tree will contact you and tell of another Essence of Time north of Nayru's House.

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Before the next quest edit

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Clock Shop Secret

(If you already cleared Oracle of Seasons and linked to this game)

File:LZ7 ages secret clockshop.png

During Zelda's age, go to the Ember tree. An old woman there will ask you to tell a secret to a man living under the clock shop in Holodrum. Switch back to Oracle of Seasons and dig behind the clock shop in Horon Village. An old man in there will challenge you to kill several enemies within 30 seconds (some magic ring can be useful). If you succeed, he will grant you a sword upgrade. Then, he will tell you another secret. Switch again to Oracle of Ages, go to Farore and tell her the clock shop secret: the Sword will be upgraded in this game, too.

If you owned a L-1 Wooden Sword, the upgrade turns it into the L-2 Noble Sword; if you carried the Noble Sword already, now it becomes the L-3 Master Sword.

File:LZ7 Ages Overworld Secret Shop.png
Stand there and play the Tune of Currents.
File:Zelda Ages Trading Noble Sword.png
Completing the Trading Quest.

Go to Lynna City in the past. One screen down from the Shooting Gallery, stand on a certain position (see screenshot) and play the Tune of Currents to reach the basement of the shop where you can buy the File:Zelda OraclesL-2 Ring Box.PNG L-2 Ring Box and File:Zelda Oracles Gasha Seed.png Gasha Seeds for 300 Rupees each. There is even a File:Zelda Oracles Piece of Heart.png Piece of Heart for 500 Rupees. Once you buy the Piece of Heart, a File:Zelda Oracles Ring 00.png Magic Ring will replace it for 300 Rupees. If you buy everything in the basement, then the shop owner will turn it in a Treasure Chest minigame.

Warp to Zelda's age and continue the trading sequence. Two comedians stand near the river; talk to the right man to trade Cheesy Mustache for the File:Zelda Oracle Funny Joke.png Funny Joke. Return to Ambi's age to this point again and enter the hut; trade the Funny Joke with the depressed man inside for a File:Zelda Oracle Touching Book.png Touching Book. Now go slashing some enemies until you meet Maple randomly to trade the Touching Book for the File:Zelda Oracle Magic Oar.png Magic Oar. With this, go to Rafton (the one who made the raft for you) and trade it for File:Zelda Oracle Sea Ukulele.png Sea Ukulele. Get to the east of Lynna Village, and continue east to the seaside. Use the Switch Hook to cross down to a cave. Enter it and give the Sea Ukulele to the Old Zora; you will receive a File:Zelda Oracle Broken Sword.png Broken Sword. Do you remember Patch from Restoration Wall? Bring the broken Sword to him to let him repair it. Upon finishing the Patch's Crazy Cart minigame you will receive the File:Zelda Oracle Noble Sword.png Noble Sword.

West Rolling Ridge edit

File:LZ7 map5A.png
West Rolling Ridge during Ambi's age.
File:LZ7 map5Z.png
West Rolling Ridge during Zelda's age.
File:LZ7 Ages Overworld Bombwall.png
Bomb the wall here.
File:LZ7 Ages Overworld Pegasus Seeds.png
obtaining the Pegasus Seeds.

From the Skull Dungeon, you can easily head back to Nayru's house. However, the path to the north appears to be a dead end. To pass it, you need to travel back to Ambi's age through the nearby portal, and then use the Switch Hook to cross the chasm. A Soft Soil is found in the bushes south-west of the cave.

The Gorons of Rolling Ridge have one problem in each age. During Ambi's age, the Goron Elder got trapped under some rocks, and you need a Bomb Flower from Zelda's age to rescue him. During Zelda's age, the Great Moblin built a fortress near the caves and stole all Bomb Flowers; you need Pegasus Seeds from Ambi's age to get through the fortress.

During Zelda's age, walk through the ground floor and get the lower staircase. On the first floor, bomb the wall on the right, even though there is no crack to see. Enter the hole and get the File:Zelda Oracles Ring 39.png Gold Joy Ring from the chest. Go back and continue left; ignore the staircase up for now and go to the staircase leading down to a chest with 50 File:Zelda Oracles Middle Red Rupee.png Rupees. Now go back down and up the other staircase. Use a bomb on the wall on the right: on the other side is a File:Zelda Oracles Piece of Heart.png Pieces of Heart.

File:Zelda Ages Piece of Heart 08.png
Bomb the wall here.
File:LZ7 Ages Overworld Pegasus Run.png
Run fast to the stairs with Pegasus Seeds.

Upon exiting the Goron Caves, you can see another staircase going down. It leads to a switch with a bridge; you learn a hint about a fast speed seed, and can activate the bridge for 30 File:Zelda Oracles Middle Blue Rupee.png Rupees. You can attempt to enter the Moblin's Keep|Great Moblin Palace, but will fall through the floor because of a trap. Inside the trap, if you take the first upward ladder to an exit, you can find File:Zelda Oracles Ring 05.png Armor Ring L-1 being in a lone chest. Now go back down and dive to the right. Once you climb up the ladder in the next room you'll come across cracked Blocks which you need to destroy to leave this place.

You need Pegasus Seeds, and they can be found during Ambi's age. In the extreme south-east corner of Rolling Ridge is a rock that can be lifted to reveal a time portal. The cave near it has a Great Fairy to heal your wounds. Travel to Ambi's age, and reach the north-west right to collect 18 File:Zelda Oracles Pegasus Seed.png Pegasus Seeds. Return to Zelda's age and enter the Moblin Palace. On the first floor of the Moblin Palace, use the Pegasus Seed as soon as the trap triggers. This lets you reach the floor in time to meet the Great Moblin, who will challenge you.

Boss: Great Moblin edit

File:LZ7 Ages Overworld Great Moblin.png
Fight with Great Moblin over the Bomb Flower.

The Great Moblin will toss Bomb Flowers at you, and you can defeat him by throwing them back before they explode. When the Great Moblin is defeated, the Gorons will thank you, and reward you with a File:Zelda Oracles Bomb Flower.png Bomb Flower.

Crown Key edit

File:LZ7 Ages Overworld Escape.png
Great Moblin will escape, but you'll see him again somewhere.
File:LZ7 Ages Overworld Rescue Goron Elder.png
The Gorons will use your Bomb Flower to rescue the Goron Elder.

Bring this Bomb Flower back to Ambi's age to rescue the Goron Elder and receive the File:Zelda Oracles Crown Key.png Crown Key. Go past the Goron Elder right and jump off to the stairs to Rolling Ridge. Return to the Ruined Keep (Zelda's age) using the Tune of Currents and enter the cave (the stairs lead to an area you visited already). As the Owl statue suggests, use one or two Pegasus Seeds to jump farther on the other platform. Continue and exit the cave. Follow the shrt path, and you stand before a closed door which can be unlocked by the Crown Key. You reached the entrance of the Crown Dungeon.

Crown Dungeon edit

Dungeon, part 1 edit

  • Switch on blue
File:LZ7 Ages Dungeon5 Map.png
Map of the dungeon.
File:LZ7 Ages Dungeon5 Three Statue.png
Hitting all three at the exact same time.

The Crown Dungeon was built in the shape of a crown. The first room is the standard entrance, followed by an arena where you need to defeat some Moblins. When you continue north, you will see a switch in the middle of the room, as well as red/blue blocks that can be toggled, but don't hit the switch yet. Instead, let's explore as deep as possible without touching any switch.

From the first switch, head west and turn north (you can explore the east wing, but you will reach three dead ends). Defeat all Moblins to reveal the down staircase. In the lower floor, use the switch hook and move the diamond onto the button, then continue south. Take the staircase back to the ground floor.

Your first Small Key is located to the south. Head directly south to the end, and hit the switch. In the room to the right, you need to hit three statues within a short period to reveal the File:Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key. Aim the Seed Shooter to bounce between the lower two, and use the Seed Satchel on the upper statue. Return west once you have the Small Key.

  • Switch on red

The next key is in the chest below. First, strike the switch to lower the red barrier. Cross the barrier and strike it from a distance. Proceed north, crossing the blue barrier, to eventually reach the first staircase you see. Climb down, and get the second File:Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key from the chest. Backtrack to the crystal switch, and strike it to return the barriers to normal.

  • Switch on blue

Head north, climb the stairs on the left, and jump down from the ledge to reach the starting room's switch.

For now, keep the red blocks lowered, and continue right of the start. Descend the staircase surrounded by lowered red blocks. Strike the switch a few times to get past the barriers and descend the stairs. Cross the floating platforms, and climb the ladder. You will now be in a room with an invisible floor. Watch how the Moblins move and use that information to reach the center chest. You can also use the Seed Satchel to determine if a given square has an invisible tile or is a bottomless pit. When you reach the center chest, you will get the File:Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key. Backtrack to the beginning.

  • Switch on red
File:LZ7 Ages Dungeon5 Puzzle.png
Solution for the puzzle left.
File:LZ7 Ages Dungeon5 Cane of Somaria.png
Using the Cane to get another Small Key

Switch to lower blue blocks, and start exploring the east part of the dungeon. From now on, the blue barriers should be lowered if you want to explore or exit different branches of the dungeon. You can also obtain the Dungeon Map, which is located in the south-east corner of the ground floor, in the same room as the boss door.

The main item of interest is located across the blue barrier in the previous room. Enter the door you see on the left. This leads to a puzzle room where you need to move three statues onto four buttons, which is impossible. Instead, head down the stairs. To unlock the west door, use the Seed Shooter to strike the empty burners with Ember Seeds.

To get the cane, stand on the button and record or remember the pattern shown (you can move back and forth as necessary). When the statues on the left match the pattern that appeared on the right, the chest will appear, and you can collect the File:Zelda Oracles Cane of Somaria.png Cane of Somaria.

Return to the ground floor. With the Cane of Somaria, you can solve the statue problem. Move three statues onto the buttons, and activate the cane to create a block on the fourth. Collect the key when the chest appears.

The next branch is found to the north of the locked door you opened, and is quickly reached by jumping from the ledge. Descend the stairs surrounded by blue tiles, get past the two pots, and descend once again. In the side-view area, use the cane to create a stepping stone to jump to the next ledge.

Use the Seed Shooter to strike the crystal switch, and cross to the north. In the last room in the branch, you need to push the statues onto the red tile. They have synchronized movement, but the other statue can be stopped by the cane. Collect the File:Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key, and backtrack (remember to leave the blue barrier lowered before entering the stairs).

It is time to meet the miniboss Smasher. He is located in the north-east portion of the ground floor. The pits in the path can be jumped over using Pegasus Seeds combined with the Roc's Feather.

Miniboss: Smasher edit

File:LZ7 Ages Dungeon5 Miniboss.png

To defeat it, pick up the ball and throw it against him. After enough hits, your opponent will fall, unlocking the north door.

Dungeon, part 2 edit

In the north room, you can extend the bridge with the Cane of Somaria and collect the File:Zelda Oracles Compass.png Compass found in the chest. Enter the stairs at the north, and traverse the route until you reach the remaining portion of the ground floor (a crown cross on the map).

File:LZ7 Ages Dungeon5 Block Walking.png
Walking on the blocks is possible.
File:LZ7 Ages Dungeon5 Owl Puzzle.png
Move all statues around the Owl Statue.

When you enter the cross at the north section of the dungeon, make sure the blue barrier is lowered before standing on it. Hit the Switch with Seed Shooter and go west, south and unlock the two Key Blocks, then raise the red barrier. From the south balcony, jump and climb on the red barrier. Proceed to the next room, jump off to the north and descend the stairs.

Shoot the switch to reach the door on the left. Get 50 File:Zelda Oracles Middle Red Rupee.png Rupees from the chest first and then descend the second staircase. Use the Cane of Somaria to create a block to climb over the platform, evade the bubble, and climb the ladder. In the final room, move all the statues around the owl, as it requested. One of many possible solutions is to move the yellow statues first, placing a block on the right of the middle statue, aligning the other statues in one column, followed by placing the blue statues then the red statues. When all statues are in place, you receive the File:Zelda Oracles Boss Key.png Boss Key.

Backtrack to the south-east corner of the ground floor and open the boss door to Smog.

Boss: Smog edit

File:LZ7 Ages Dungeon5 Boss.png

The Boss is Smog and he will break himself into smaller portions to attack. To defeat Smog, you need to push blocks around in order to have them collide. You can also use the cane to place blocks of your own. While they are in small pieces, you can use the sword to stun one portion temporarily. The sword can also be used to destroy enemy bullets. If you make a major mistake, head to the button on the northwest to reset.

When all pieces converge, Smog will shoot lightning bolts (which cannot be destroyed) and approach directly. A few sword swings will destroy him, but you need to evade him to avoid a dangerous electric shock. There are four puzzles to solve and you need to destroy Smog four times. When he is defeated, get the File:Zelda Oracles Heart Container.png Heart Container and proceed north to the File:Zelda Oracles Sacred Soil.png Sacred Soil.

"All that lies sleeping in the bosom of the earth will know the nourishing warmth of the Sacred Soil."