The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Glitches

There are four glitches in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages.

Mailman's House Glitch edit

In the past, enter the mailman's house. Then, using the L-2 Sword, cut down the bookcase. You will see stairs there, and when you go own them, you reappear in the same place. Then you must cut the second part of the bookcase, and you'll see buttons that have been pushed down already. You can walk past them into a new screen, and if you do, you'll be in Rafton's house, except in the wall. You can't get out unless you kill yourself with bombs or restart the game.

Blinking Link Glitch edit

You must go to the location of the raft and stand right beside it. Then place a bomb next to you so you're between the bomb and raft. When the bomb explodes, Link will be blasted to the raft, and you can use it now. The flashing animation that appears when Link is damaged is still showing.

Stand on a Chest in Skull Dungeon edit

Go to the room in Skull Dungeon where you have to shoot the moving orb with the Seed Shooter. Stand on the blue tile and aim to the bottom right and shoot the crystal switch. All of the sudden, the chest appears and you're standing on it. If you walk off, you won't fall off, but you will then still be able to push the chest.

Moosh Cheat edit

When Moosh floats Link over a series of pits, you would normally have a fall start back at the entry point on the screen. Now clear a pit, dismount Moosh, and open the item subscreen, then remount Moosh and try again. If you fall in the pit, you will then appear where you last opened the item subscreen.