The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Crescent Island and Moonlit Grotto

As soon as you exit from the previous dungeon, the Maku Tree contacts you again. She says that you should go south to the Crescent Island to find the Echoing Howl.

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Before the next quest edit

File:Zelda Ages Piece of Heart 5.png
Another Piece of Heart is found here.
File:Zelda Ages Overworld 50 Rupees.png
50 Rupees is quite good if you want to buy Dimitri's Flute.

After coming out of the Wing Dungeon, leave the woods and go back towards Lynna Village. Take a detour: north from the forest and west of the village, jump over the hole using the Roc's Feather and head north. You can find a Soft Soi} and a Heart Container.

Follow the path as north as possible. Lift the four stones with your Power Bracelet. Take out your Shovel and dig in the middle spot of the cross to reveal the level 4 Soft Soil. If you want, you can plant your Gasha Seed here.

Go down in on the left side and left. Enter the cave. Use your Roc's Feather and Power Bracelet to get the fifth File:Zelda Oracles Piece of Heart.png Piece of Heart. Beware: both darker floor tiles may collapse. Take the way on the left side back and out. Continue to Lynna Village.

Travel in time to Zelda's age. Explore the eastern portion of the Faeries Woods with the Roc's Feather: you can now reach a chest with 50 File:Zelda Oracles Middle Blue Rupee.png Rupees.

Linked game
Ruul secret

(If you already cleared Oracle of Seasons and linked to this game)

File:LZ7 seasons secret ruul.png

During Zelda's age, visit the mayor in Lynna Village. His mother has a secret for the mayor in Horon Village. Switch back to Oracle of Seasons and visit the village mayor there. He will give you a Ring Box upgrade. Then, he will tell you another secret. Switch again to Oracle of Ages, go to Farore and tell her Ruul's secret: the Ring Box will be upgraded in this game, too.

If Link owned a single ring L-1 box, the upgrade changes it to a three-rings L-2 box; if he owned a L-2 box already, the upgrade changes it to a five-rings L-3 box.

Linked game
Temple secret

(If you already cleared Oracle of Seasons and linked to this game)

File:LZ7 seasons secret temple.png

During Zelda's age, go back to the collapsed entrance of Wing Dungeon in the Faeries Woods. A great faerie is now there, and she will ask you to tell a secret to another faerie inside the Temple of Seasons, behind the fountain. Switch back to Oracle of Seasons and explore the Temple. The faerie there will give you a ring. Back in Horon Village, Vasu the Jeweler can reveal that it is the Heart Ring L-1. Ask a ring secret to the Red Snake. Switch again to Oracle of Ages, go to the Red Snake there and tell him the ring secret: the Heart Ring L-1 will be added to your collection in this game, too.

Crescent Island edit

Cheval's quest for a rope edit

Linked game
pirate secret

(If you already cleared Oracle of Seasons and linked to this game)

File:LZ7 seasons secret pirate.png

During Ambi's age, go to the Lynna coast and get to the extreme west. Jump over a hole using the Roc's feather. A girl there will ask you to tell a secret to a man who went to Holodrum. In Farore's book at the Hall of Secret, this is recorded as "pirate's secret". Switch back to Oracle of Seasons and look for the pirates. On the west coast, one of them says that one guy is missing. Go to Subrosia to the pirates' hideout. One of them will tell you a secret, but only if you hold exactly 777 ore chunks (777 is the lucky number in Japan). When you do so, he will give you a Bomb bag upgrade. Then, he will tell you another secret. Switch again to Oracle of Ages, go to Farore and tell her the pirate's secret: the Bomb Bag will be upgraded in this game, too.

If your bomb bag could hold 10 bombs, the upgrade allows to carry 30; if it could carry 30 already, now it can carry 50 bombs.

File:Zelda Ages Overworld Ralph Rope.png
Ralph tells you about Cheval's rope.

From Lynna Village, go south to the coast. Two men live there: Rafton to the south-west and Cheval to the north-east. After you talk to the latter and leave, Ralph will pop in and direct you to Cheval's tomb in the future.

Go back to Lynna Village and to Zelda's age.

File:Zelda Ages Overworld Meet Moosh.png
Meet Moosh in the Yoll Graveyard who is harassed by three Ghinis.
File:Zelda Ages Overworld Flippers.png
In the Yoll Graveyard, you'll get Zora Flippers...
File:Zelda Ages Overworld Rope.png
...and Cheval's Rope.

Back to Zelda's age, go to Yoll Graveyard. Destroy the Ghinis, so then talk to Moosh. Get to the north-west corner of the graveyard. Use Moosh to get to the end of the path and push the tombstone there. Inside the grave, use the feather to jump over the water and the power bracelet to pull out the lever as far as possible. Jump back and go up the stairs to the File:Zelda Oracles Zoras Flippers.png Zora's Flippers quickly (you can stand between the stones there to see a funny way to lose a heart). Since you use the Zora's Flippers automatically, you just can jump into the water. Swim north and along the northern side of the cave. Eventually you'll get to stairs and the File:Zelda Oracles Cheval Rope.png Cheval Rope. Swim back and leave from the entrance. Lift the stone, jump over the hole and go south.

With the Zoras Flippers you can now visit Syrup Potion Shop in the Yoll Graveyard and buy Gasha Seed and Magic Potion for 300 Rupees each.

Now you can go back to the Lynna City and back to Ambi's age.

Rafton's quest for a map edit

Go to the south shore Explore the area west from Raftton's home (south of the tower). Thanks to the new Zora's flippers, you can cross the water. Use the shovel on the westernmost point after clearing the stones. You'll find another hidden Gasha soil, but it's a low level spot.

Visit Rafton and give him the rope from (his) future. He starts working to build a raft, and he asks you to find a map in the meantime. When you leave, you meet Ralph again, who gives a hint about maps.

Return to the time warp. Use the Harp of Ages to go back to Zelda's age.

Here, go to the entrance to the Yoll Graveyard again. Talk to the kangaroo there[1]. She says that her name is Ricky and that she has lost her boxing gloves near the tree on the shore. Go all the way south to the seaside tree. Dig up File:Zelda Oracles Rickys Glove.png Ricky's Gloves there and bring it to her, she will thank you and let you ride in her pouch. Use her jumping ability to jump to the top of the mountain structure to the southwest, then get out of her pouch. Use the Roc's feather and the sword together and blow the man's balloon. He will introduce himself as Tingle and ask if you want to be his friend. Accept his request, and you will receive the File:Zelda Oracles Island Chart.png Island Chart.

After getting the chart, go to Ambi's age and talk to Rafton. He will tell you the raft is ready and instruct you on how to use it. Get on it, and follow the coast to the east. After a seastorm, you will land on Crescent Island.

Quest for your own belongings edit

File:Zelda Ages Overworld Crescent Island.png
Landing on Crescent Island.

After reaching Crescent Island, you will find that all of your items have been stolen by the island's inhabitants, the Tokay. In order to continue, you must get all of your items back, as they are necessary to reach the Moonlit Grotto[2]. Without your items, you can't get far. The only thing you can do is to head south to find the Tokay (Rosa in a Linked Game) with your Shovel. While not much, it lets you get past the first obstacles.

Head north to the cave, and dig through the earth obstructions. In this cave, you will have to approach from the north. This Tokay will give you your Wooden Sword back, allowing you to reach the eastern part of the island.

Exit the cave and go west. Push the Vine Sprout east twice, then go back to your landing spot and continue east. The Business Scrub sell the Wooden Shield for 50 Rupees, but ignore it as you can get it from a Tokay for 10 Scent Seeds later. Move the Vine Sprout in the next screen below the ledge. Continue south, then follow the coast north. Enter the hut: an annoying hypocrite thief bully Tokay refuses to return your items. You are forced to trade the Shovel for the Power Bracelet.

Walk back south along the eastern beach. Move the rock with the Power Bracelet, and head down the stairs. The second staircase brings you to the back of the Cucco Hut and get the Bombs back. Once you retrieve your Bombs, you can use them on the cracked block under the Cucco Hut to get a File:Zelda Oracles Gasha Seed.png Gasha Seed.

File:Zelda Ages Trading Tasty Meat.png
Trading the Stink Bag for the Tasty Meat.

Back to the hypocrite bully thief, swap the Power Bracelet with the Roc's Feather and go south again, then west jumping over the holes and go north. Bomb the entrance to a cave and go in. Jump over the patches of water, using Bombs on the cracked blocks, and reach the Tokay with the Zora's Flippers. This allows you to swim in the water again.

Switch to the Power Bracelet and re-enter the same cave. Move the rocks at the north-west corner, and dive into the water. This will eventually lead to the stairs that reach the central plateau, and where you can retrieve your Seed Satchel. The Seed Satchel should have 20 Mystery Seeds (which may be harvested if necessary) that can be used to permanently purchase the Roc's Feather; if not, you can harvest them digging the ground.

Obtain both the Roc's Feather (using 10 Mystery Seeds) and Power Bracelet. This lets you move through the south cave (which is one screen down and west from the other cave), and speak with the Tokay carrying your Harp of Ages. As you return to the Cucco Hut, make sure that all three Vine Sprouts are near the associated strange wall.

File:Zelda Ages Overworld Scent Sapling.png
Planting a Scent Seedling for the future.
File:Zelda Ages Overworld Scent Tree.png
Obtaining the Scent Seeds is the main reason for the travel to Zelda's age.

Head to the area between the Cucco Hut and Trading Hut. One wall on the left may be bombed. This leads to the Wild Tokay Minigame, where you need to throw food at each Tokay on the left and right. Completing the game rewards you with a File:Zelda Oracles Scent Seedling.png Scent Seedling. This Scent Seedling should be given to the Tokay found at the North of the island.

Now return to the Cucco Hut and warp to the Zelda's age. Go down and enter the Hut. Trade the Stink Bag for the File:Zelda Oracle Tasty Meat.png Tasty Meat. With the vines in place, you can reach the Scent Tree. So make your way to it and get File:Zelda Oracles Scent Seed.png 18 Scent Seeds from it. The Scent Seeds allow you to purchase the Power Bracelet and let you have all necessary items.

Return to the Past and buy the Power Bracelet for 10 Scent Seeds from the hypocrite bully thief. Exit and reenter and you can buy back the Wooden Shield for another 10 Scent Seeds.

Towards the next dungeon edit

With the Roc's Feather, Shovel and Power Bracelet, you have everything you need to reach the Moonlit Grotto. Return to where you retrieved your Harp of Ages, and enter the time portal at the end of the path to reach Zelda's age. Go north to a crossing that has two paths (north and east). Go east and you will get to a cave where a Great Fairy heals you completely. The north path (full of Sand Crabs) leads to the Moonlit Grotto, where you can find the next Essence.

  1. It can be argued that Ricky is female, because a kangaroo's pouch is part of female genitals. Nevertheless, since real bears have no wings (unlike Moosh) and Dimitri is a fictional reptilian, the discussion about Ricky's pouch and gender is pointless.
  2. "Grotto" is a mispelling of the Italian word "grotta" or the French word "grotte". Both terms simply mean "cave".

Moonlit Cave edit

First part edit

File:LZ7 Ages DungeonMap3.png
Map of the Dungeon.
File:LZ7 Ages Dungeon platform.png
This is the rotating platform.

Use a Bomb on the broken block to go west. Play the Harp of Ages to kill the Pols Voice and make a chest appear. Inside is the File:Zelda Oracles Dungeon Map.png Dungeon Map.

Go back and continue north. Kill the Mini-Moldorm here to open the east door. In the next room there are two Iron Masks which can only be defeated from behind, due to the Mask protecting them from front. You can ignore them and destroy the first Crystal of four.

Go north and enter the rotating platform, which points you to the east. Destroy the block near the four statues with a bomb, destroy another block west throwing another Bomb over the fence. Go north and push a block south. Throw another Bomb over that fence. Now push a south block to the north to reach the second Crystal. Destroy it and move the right block north. Move the statue east twice, north twice, west and south to let a File:Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key appear.

Take the Small Key, backtrack three rooms and open the north door. In the next room, fall down the pit to the basement. Defeat the enemies here or ignore them and go south. Kill the Mini-Moldorm to open a door south. Play the Harp of Ages to destroy the Pol Voices, which open another door north. Go north throught the other exit and up the stairs, then destroy the third Crystal.

Return to the basement and kill the Mini-Moldorm throwing a Bomb over the fences. Exit the room through the newly opened door south. In the end room, throw a Bomb over the fence to turn the switch to red, which awaken an Armos. So kill it with a Bomb (which is easier said than done) or using Mystery Seeds (that have random effects); the reward for killing it is the File:Zelda Oracles Compass.png Compass. Now take the stairs up to the ground floor.

File:Zelda Ages Moonlit Grotto Puzzle.png
Move the block like that to get a Small Key.
File:Zelda Ages Moonlit Grotto Crystal.png
All four Crystals are now destroyed.

Go west and move the northmost block north and the two other blocks left and right. Another File:Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key will appear. Take it and go back; jump off the ledge and go back to the Wheel Room from the west. Enter the rotating platform which points you to the south. Return to the Wheel Room from the west again and this time the platform will point you to the north. Watch out for the Like Likes, which like to eat your shield. Go east and step on the button to fight four Armos. Kill them all with Bombs and/or Mystery seeds, which may take some time. When they are all defeated, take the File:Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key and go back west. Open up the door with the Small Key.

Shield yourself from the Flying Tiles until all Tiles are wasted, then all doors will open so follow the passage to a chest with File:Zelda Oracles Middle Blue Rupee.png 30 Rupees inside. Now go back north and open the door. Continue to the north-east room. Kill all enemies there to receive the File:Zelda Oracles Seed Shooter.png Seed Shooter. Go back and fire a Ember Seed with the Seed Shooter on the torch in the middle of room to open the south door.

Now you have to return to the Wheel Room again and take a tour to get to the northern path. Use the Seed Shooter to destroy the fourth and last Crystal. Go back south and you'll see that the rotation platform has disappeared and now a chest is there. Take the File:Zelda Oracles Gasha Seed.png Gasha Seed out of it.

Go fall down to the basement again, then east. The Rotation platform fell down to this room, so now you can access new rooms. Go south; push three block on the east side into the pit, use the Seed Shooter to light up two torches to let another File:Zelda Oracles Gasha Seed.png Gasha Seed appear. Take it and go west, then get back to the rotating room. Continue all the way north to meet the Mini-Boss Subterror.

Miniboss: Subterror edit

File:Zelda Ages Moonlit Grotto Miniboss.png

Equip the Shovel and the Sword. When Subterror comes at you, then dig him up and slash at him until he digs back under sand. Repeat this a few times and he will be defeated, but beware: the more you hit him, the faster he will become.

Second part edit

File:Zelda Ages Moonlit Grotto Switch.png
Hitting the switch with the Seed Shooter.
File:Zelda Ages Moonlit Grotto Hole.png
Shot the Switch through the hole.

After defeating the mini-boss, exit from the west door and follow the passage north. Kill two Mini-Moldorm and then push the block so to align it with the three other blocks in the room to let a File:Zelda Oracles Small Key.png Small Key appear. Take it and return to the Wheel Room.

Go west, north and hit the Crystal Ball. Use the Seed Shooter to hit the switch and make a bridge appear. Cross the bridge, hit the second crystal sphere so to rotate the barrier accordingly. Shoot the switch again to open the way to a chest with File:Zelda Oracles Middle Blue Rupee.png 20 Rupees inside. Open the door and go north.

Hit the Crystal Ball once with Seed Shooter and hit the switch. Pass the bridge and hit the switch again. Go north and move the lone block away. Return to the Wheel Room and take the east path. Step on the button once then get off; move on the button again and shoot the switch diagonally with the Seed Shooter: the door will open. Go north and take the File:Zelda Oracles Boss Key.png Boss Key from the chest. Jump off the ledge and go all the way north-west. Open the Boss door to meet Shadow Hag.

Boss: Shadow Hag edit

File:Zelda Ages Moonlit Grotto Boss.png
Shadow Hag
File:Zelda Ages Moonlit Grotto Echoing Howl.png
Obtaining the Echoing Howl.

Equip the Seed Shooter and the Sword. The Boss will split up in four shadows which you must avoid. After a while the shadows will merge, but you can't attack while facing her, so you need to turn your back on her (while she spews some Moths) and shot the Seed Shooter at the opposite wall. The seed will bounce back and hit the Shadow Hag behind you. She will then split up again in four shadows. Repeat it a few times (perhaps you need figure out the timing to how to shoot her from behind) and she will be history.
Collect the File:Zelda Oracles Heart Container.png Heart Container and go to the next room. Take the File:Zelda Oracles Echoing Howl.png Echoing Howl:

"It echoes far across the plains to speak to insolent hearts."