The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Places

This is a list of fictional locations in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Some of these are dungeons within the game and others are areas that are simply a region. They are listed in alphabetical order and can be navigated by lists below.

The locations are reached in this order (dungeons in bold) per the official Nintendo walkthrough:

  1. Kokiri Forest
  2. Inside The Great Deku Tree
  3. Hyrule Field
  4. Hyrule Castle
  5. Market
  6. Kakariko Village
  7. Death Mountain
  8. Goron City
  1. Lost Woods
  2. Sacred Forest Meadow
  3. Dodongo's Cavern
  4. Zora's River
  5. Zora's Domain
  6. Lake Hylia
  7. Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly
  8. Temple of Time
  1. Graveyard
  2. Forest Temple
  3. Fire Temple
  4. Ice Cavern
  5. Water Temple
  6. Bottom of the Well
  7. Shadow Temple
  8. Gerudo Valley
  1. Gerudo's Fortress - Thieves' Hideout
  2. Haunted Wasteland
  3. Desert Colossus
  4. Spirit Temple
  5. Ganon's Castle

Optional: Lon Lon Ranch, Fishing Pond, Gerudo Training Ground

Death Mountain


This immense mountain houses the city of the Goron race, as well as Dodongo's Cavern and the Fire Temple, which lies inside the very heart of the mountain itself, and a Great Fairy near the summit. It is located near Kakariko Village, a small town. Due to its instability, rocks and boulders are often rolling around the area. When Link attempts to brave Death Mountain's eruptions as a child, some rocks track Link as he runs and cannot be dodged. This is not the case seven years later. The area is rich in a plant called the Bomb Flower that the Gorons call their "special crop". The slopes of this Hyrulean landmark are infested with Red Tektites - a spider-like creature - and many Gold Skulltula prizes. Death Mountain is a frequently recurring area in the Zelda world. The first version of it appeared in the original The Legend of Zelda.

Desert Colossus


Located in western Hyrule, this is a desert area which arguably isn't as volatile as the Haunted Wasteland, and is home to an oasis, a giant statue of a Gerudo goddess, and the Spirit Temple, Ganondorf's headquarters. A Great Fairy fountain is also found hidden within a cracked wall. Leevers, dangerous cactus-like tunneling enemies, constantly roam the area in daylight. It is possible to complete the Desert Colossus before completing the Shadow Temple. (use the Longshot to get across the sand on the first section of the Haunted Wasteland!)

Gerudo Valley


Gerudo Valley is accessible from west Hyrule Field. The valley is divided by a large chasm; at the bottom of which is a river, which leads into Lake Hylia. If Link goes there as child, he can't get to the other side because of the Gerudo guard blocking his path. He can, however, grab hold of a Cucco and glide down to a small riverbed at the bottom of the canyon to find a Gerudo woman, a cow, and soil for planting magic beans. When Link is an adult, the bridge has been destroyed, and Link must use the longshot or Epona to get to the other side. Once Link rescues all the carpenters from Gerudo's Fortress, they will rebuild the bridge.

Goron City


Goron City is located in a cave near the top of Death Mountain in the northeast corner of Hyrule. It can be accessed by climbing the Death Mountain Trail from Kakariko Village. Within the city itself, a series of boulders in one alcove can be shattered to create a pathway to a teleport to the Lost Woods in Kokiri Forest. Goron City is inhabited by the Gorons and ruled by their chief, Darunia. It contains a number of shops and a giant spinning vase. When a bomb is thrown correctly into the vase, rupees appear depending upon which face the vase stops on. In the center of Goron City is a platform suspended by ropes where the Goron Ruby was once displayed. When Link becomes an adult all the Gorons, except Darunia's son (who is named after the player) and the store clerk, have been captured by Ganondorf to be fed to Volvagia, the dragon boss of the Fire Temple. In Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, there are Goron Cities in Holodrum and Labrynna, and in Termina in Majora's Mask. Goron tribes are featured elsewhere as well, such as in Four Swords Adventures. Gorons are almost completely absent from The Wind Waker, and the game does not directly explain their absence; the only Gorons seen in the game are three traveling salesmen wearing hats that cover their faces (although these can be blown off with the Deku Leaf). The Gorons in Twilight Princess are significantly larger and more aggressive than their previous versions. They refuse Link entry to Death Mountain until he proves his worth by defeating their leader in a sumo wrestling match.

Haunted Wasteland


The Haunted Wasteland is located to the west of Gerudo Valley and only accessible through a gate kept by the Gerudo. The area is very dangerous and in order to cross it, Link must complete two challenges. The first is the 'River of Sand'. Link must use the longshot to get to the other side or risk being swallowed by the river. Alternatively, the Hover Boots can be used to walk across it. After the river, flag posts guide Link to a platform where the second challenge--the Spirit Guide--begins. There Link must equip the Lens of Truth and follow the Poe guide through the remainder of the desert. (Players who have memorized the route are able to cross without the Lens.) Failing to adhere to this path results in getting "lost", and Link returns to the entrance of the wasteland minus some health. On the other side is the Desert Colossus, a huge statue that houses the Spirit Temple. Besides the two challenges, the desert is also home to a carpet merchant who sells bombchus.

In a certain area of the wasteland, by straying from the Poe's path a bit, one can see what appears to be a pyramid structure. During the extensive hunt for the Triforce, this pyramid was one of many points of interest for the search. It soon became apparent, though, that this "pyramid" was actually just part of the level boundary, given the triangular shape because of occlusion by the dust in the air.

Hyrule Castle


Hyrule Castle and its surrounding area is the arguably most prominent and important place in the game, housing both the Temple of Time, a town, many of the game's plot twists, and the game's final bosses, Ganon and Ganondorf. Surrounded by a small village, drawbridge, and moat, it models the stereotypical monarchial or feudalistic castle. The king of Hyrule is never seen in the game, although Ganondorf is seen inside the castle at one point, apparently bribing or otherwise influencing the king to support his plans. Along with the poor castle defense and the subsequent sack of Hyrule Castle, the entire ruling body of Hyrule is generally made out to seem powerless against him. This is a common theme throughout the Zelda games, leaving room for Link to quest and make right that which the kingdom cannot.

Most of the castle is never seen or explored. The castle courtyard, including extensive gardens, are the only areas available to explore.

Castle Courtyard


The castle courtyard serves several purposes, both as introducing the characters of Princess Zelda and Impa, and as a staging point for embarking on the next series of quests. One curious feature of the courtyard is the paintings of several Nintendo characters, including Mario and Yoshi, as can be seen through one window. Using the Slingshot, hitting the Mario character successfully will earn Link a red rupee. Aiming towards the opposite window will result in a bomb thrown at Link.

The Beta Quest, a game mode unlockable through usage of a GameShark, reveals the complete Triforce hidden under the courtyard. This find, although not an answer to obtaining the Triforce sought by gamers, was an interesting twist to the players' understanding of the game's original intent to make the Triforce an obtainable item. It is now known, however, that this Triforce is simply the Triforce symbol that appears on the player's hand during the game.



The market is located in northern Hyrule, below Hyrule Castle/Ganon's Tower on the map. The only 'essential' item attainable here is the Hylian Shield. This area features a main section and a few alley ways. Several buildings are accessible (as a child), including a bazaar, the Happy Mask Shop, several houses, and some games. The Happy Mask Shop contains masks up for trade, similar to the trade sequence in The Wind Waker. The masks (and other items) are obtainable as follows:

  • Keaton Mask
  • Skull Mask
  • Spooky Mask
  • Bunny Hood
  • Mask of Truth
  • Goron Mask
  • Zora Mask
  • Gerudo Mask

As an adult, what was once the lively, bubbly marketplace is now a desolate and dark ruin. The villagers are gone, and ReDead inhabit the place. Most buildings in the market are destroyed and cannot be entered when Link is an adult. This area uses a fixed 3D perspective.

Hyrule Field


Hyrule Field is the large expanse of grassland in the very center of Hyrule, surrounded by the many places of interest in the game. From Hyrule Field, it is possible to access most areas of the known kingdom. To the north of Hyrule Field is Hyrule Castle Town. It is surrounded by a moat and can be entered by a drawbridge, which closes at night. To the west lies Gerudo Valley, over which a long plank bridge extends towards Gerudo Fortress and the Haunted Wasteland. To the northeast is Kakariko Village and Death Mountain. To the east is Zora's Domain. To the southeast is Kokiri Forest and the Lost Woods. To the south is Lake Hylia. Zora's River flows around the perimeter of Hyrule Field. Aside from Lon Lon Ranch at its center, there is little else actually in the field. There are small stands of trees in the north corner across the river and near the entrance to Kokiri Forest. A series of trails lead from Zora's Domain to Lake Hylia along Zora's River, past Gerudo Valley and Hyrule Castle Town. Another trail lies to the east of Lon Lon Ranch and another perpendicular to that. At night, when Link is a child, Stalchildren will attack anyone wandering the field, and Peahats, which inhabit the western part of the field, will attack anyone wandering during the day. No enemies inhabit the field when Link is an adult other than the Poes that can be found at specific spots throughout the field. When riding Epona, Big Poes appear at these specific locations instead.

There is no equivalent to Hyrule Field in the other games in the series, except for Termina Field in Majora's Mask, South and North Hyrule Fields (in The Minish Cap), and the Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess. Instead, the general vicinities of grassland surrounding Hyrule Castle are usually unnamed.

Kakariko Village


Kakariko is a rather peaceful village when Link is a child, and even so at times as an adult. There are several things to do here, such as collect Anju's cuccos as a child for a prize bottle, and play a shooting game in a building as an adult. After the seven-year passing, the village is affected by the monster Bongo Bongo. Also, Link can use the help of a potion lady as part of the Biggoron Sword side quest. The Skulltula House is located in Kakariko Village.



Adjacent to the village is the graveyard. When Link is a child, he finds that Dampé the Gravedigger runs the Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour in which Link can receive a Heart Piece. It is also possible to obtain the Hylian Shield from one of the tombs towards the front of the graveyard. As an adult, Dampé the gravekeeper is now dead, although can be found in his grave as a ghost. Link races him for the Hookshot, which is essential for getting into the Forest Temple. One inaccessible ledge leads to the Shadow Temple and can only be reached by the Nocturne of Shadow. As a child, Link enters the Royal Family's Tomb and learns the Sun's Song from a gravestone deep within.

House of Skulltula


In Kakariko Village, there is a house in which cursed humans, turned into Skulltulas, live. To break the curse of the family, one must collect a certain number of golden Skulltula tokens (from killing certain small gold Skulltulas, for which the token serves as some sort of carapace - thus they are called golden Skulltulas). As a reward, the human whose curse was broken will each in turn give the character a different specified item:

  • Adult's Wallet (10 Skulltula Tokens)
  • Stone of Agony (20 Skulltula Tokens)
  • Giant's Wallet (30 Skulltula Tokens)
  • Ten Bombchus (40 Skulltula Tokens)
  • Heart Piece (50 Skulltula Tokens)
  • Unlimited Gold Rupees (100 Skulltula Tokens)

? (Windmill)


A somewhat large windmill exists in the southern part of Kakariko Village, known as ? in the game. A man (known as Guru-Guru in Majora's Mask) who plays an instrument lives in ?. He tells the character as an adult that someone played a song that sped up the windmill in the past. He teaches Link it as an adult seven years later. The character learns this song (Song of Storms) and can play it as a kid as the windmill man said happened (in an ontological paradox). ? is also the name of Dampe's grave as it is connected to the windmill.

Kokiri Forest


Kokiri Forest is a forest east of Hyrule Field accessed by a single entrance over a bridge through the Lost Woods. It is Link's homeland. Its inhabitants are the child-like Kokiri and their fairies overseen by the Great Deku Tree. Mido is the self-proclaimed Kokiri leader. Kokiri Forest contains six buildings: the houses of Link, Saria, Mido, the Twins, and the Know-It-All Brothers, and a shop. The forest has a training area and a stream running through it. To the east of Kokiri Forest lies the Lost Woods. In the early stages of the game, when Link is a child, Kokiri Forest is a peaceful place, but when he returns in the later stages as an adult, the place has become overrun with Deku Baba, and the Kokiri inhabitants only stay indoors. Once the Forest Temple stage has been completed and the Deku Sprout appears, the area returns to normal. In The Wind Waker, after the flood, Kokiri Forest is now the Forest Haven and the Forbidden Woods. It is now inhabited by Koroks.

Major items: Kokiri Sword, Deku Shield

Lake Hylia


Lake Hylia is located in southern Hyrule. The giant body of water can be accessed by climbing on top of a wall in southern Hyrule that leads there, following the river from Gerudo Valley, or by using Epona to jump over tall fences blocking the way to the lake. There are several noteworthy places therein: a laboratory, a fishing pond, a small area beneath a tombstone, and a major island with a lone tree, connected to the mainland by bridges. The Scarecrow's Song can be learned on the lake's furrowed shores. Ruins of ivory or granite columns akin to those found at Zora's Fountain and bearing the Zora's insignia protrude from the shore like a dock stretching towards the major island. There is an entrance at the base of the central island that leads to the Water Temple, and a portal within the submerged coastal ruins which links to the waters within Zora's Domain. When Link is a child in Ocarina of Time, the lake is completely filled, but as an adult the lake is mostly drained, although rain never ceases to fall near the Water Temple's entrance. Link must traverse the temple and defeat the evil Morpha who is sustaining the lake's curse; once this boss is defeated, Lake Hylia fills again with water.

Major items: Bottle (as a child), Fire Arrows (as an adult)

Fishing Pond


The Fishing Pond is a fairly small area adjacent to Lake Hylia where Link may fish. There are a few secrets, including a special lure called the Sinking Lure and the ability to catch the hat of the man tending to the pond. A session costs 20 rupees. Link can receive a Piece of Heart and other items for catching a record-size fish.

The Hylian Loach, a highly elusive eel-like creature, can be found here just before dawn and just before dusk. Usually weighing at around 30-35 pounds, it dwells on the bottom of the pond if it decides to make an appearance at all.

Major Items: Golden Scale

Lakeside Laboratory


Within the area of Lake Hylia there is a small laboratory in which an old scientist lives. He will measure how deep Link can dive and is a part of the Biggoron Sword side quest. Using the Golden Scale while diving in the tank here will yield a Piece of Heart.

Lon Lon Ranch


Located in the center of Hyrule, Lon Lon Ranch is a horse and cattle ranch originally owned and run by Talon. As a child, Link can learn Epona's Song from his daughter, Malon, which calls Epona over to him when played on the ocarina. This song is useful when Link wishes to ride her as an adult in Hyrule Field and other places. When Link is an adult, Ingo, the once spiteful farmhand under Talon's employ, has become a weak follower of Ganondorf, taken over the farm and kicked Talon out, who thereafter resides in Kakariko Village. The character must beat Ingo in two horse races (which costs 50 rupees per race if Link loses) in order to keep Epona for himself and win back the ranch. Freeing Talon from his doze in Kakariko requires the Pocket Cucco from the Cucco Woman, and kick-starts the Biggoron Sword Quest.

Lost Woods


Adjacent to Kokiri Forest, the Lost Woods are a somewhat tricky area that must be carefully passed through, since most of the paths lead back out the entrance. When Link first goes through the Lost Woods, he can use the sound of Saria's Song to guide him to the end. This ends at the Sacred Forest Meadow, where Saria teaches Link Saria's Song as a child. Within the Lost Woods are pathways leading to both Goron City and Zora's River, as well as several mini-games. The Skull Mask can be sold to the lone Skull Kid here. The character's Deku Seed Bag can also be upgraded in a simple task of slingshot target-practice.

Sacred Forest Meadow


The Sacred Forest Meadow is the favorite haunt of Saria. It lies in the center of the Lost Woods and can be reached by following the sound of Saria's Song. The gate to the forest maze in this area is guarded by a Wolfos. The maze is infested with Deku Scrubs when Link is a child, and Moblins when Link is an adult. Beyond the maze Saria teaches Link Saria's Song (essential to entering Dodongo's Cavern) as a child. As an adult the Forest Temple can be reached here using the Hookshot.

Zora's Domain


Zora's Domain is located in the eastern part of Hyrule, behind the Sleepless Waterfall at the source of Zora's River. Since those who dwell there, the Zora, are a secluded race, only those knowing "Zelda's Lullaby," which is generally taught only to members of the Royal Family of Hyrule, are granted passage through the waterfall and into the domain. However, Zora's Domain can also be accessed via portals within Lake Hylia and the Lost Woods. The domain itself is a rock shelter grotto formed within the cliffside and does not contain much aside from a throne room, an inner waterfall and a small shop. King Zora is its ruler, and with his permission Link can enter Zora's Fountain beyond his throne where Lord Jabu-Jabu, the Zoras' revered fish deity, resides. Link can also play a diving game at the top of the inner waterfall where he can win a Silver Scale. When Link is a child, Zora's Domain is filled with water and thriving with Zoras, but when he returns as an adult, it is frozen over and largely abandoned—only King Zora and the shop merchant remain, trapped in unnatural red ice. The Ice Cavern is accessible through Zora's Fountain when Link is an adult.

Zora's Domain may be a remodeled version of the unnamed lake at the source of the river leading to Lake Hylia in A Link to the Past. Located at the base of Death Mountain in northeastern Hyrule, this lake is home to many river Zora including an extremely large Zora whose Zora's Flippers are readily for sale and from whom King Zora may be derived.

Zora's River


Zora's River is a river running from Zora's Fountain to Lake Hylia. It flows through Zora's Domain, Hyrule Field, Hyrule Castle Market and Gerudo Valley, before finally ending at Lake Hylia. The Magic Bean salesman sits near the downstream entrance of Zora's River when Link is a child.

Dungeons and Temples


Inside The Great Deku Tree

  • Element Theme: Wood
  • Item: Fairy Slingshot
  • Boss: Parasitic Armored Arachnid: Queen Gohma
  • Floor Range: 2B-3F
  • Sacred Stone: Kokiri's Emerald

The Great Deku Tree, lies deep within the Kokiri Forest and is the wise guardian of the Kokiri people, their forest, and the Lost Woods. Its role was to protect the Hero of Time until he was needed. The tree was cursed by Ganondorf with a parasitic creature named Queen Gohma after the Deku Tree refused to give him the Kokiri's Emerald. This curse caused the Deku Tree to die slowly from the inside, and after completing the dungeon, the Deku Tree reveals to Link that he was doomed from the curse all along, then dies.

Dodongo's Cavern

  • Element Theme: Fire | Lava
  • Major Item: Bomb Bag (holds 20 bombs)
  • Sub Boss: 2 Lizardolf (x2) wel
  • Boss: Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo
  • Floor Range: 1F-2F
  • Sacred Stone: Goron's Ruby

Dodongo's Cavern is the main source of food – minerals and rocks – for Gorons. It is also home to Dodongos and other lizard-like beasts. Ganondorf sealed the entrance with a boulder and made the number of Dodongos increase and summoned up King Dodongo in an attempt to weaken the Gorons and overpower them, again, mainly to gain control of the Goron's Ruby.

Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly

  • Element Theme: Inturnal | Water
  • Major Item: Boomerang
  • Sub-Boss: Bigocto
  • Boss: Bio-electric Anemone: Barinade
  • Floor Range: 1F-1B
  • Sacred Stone: Zora's Sapphire

Lord Jabu-Jabu (jä'boo jä'boo) is the protector of the Zora and their Domain. Like the Deku Tree, Ganondorf cursed him with a parasitic infestation of electric jelly fish called Biri and Bari, poison bubbles called Shabom and rock spitting Octoroks in an attempt to acquire the Zora's Sapphire. The infestation also caused Jabu-Jabu to eat Princess Ruto who had the sapphire with her.

Ice Cavern

  • Element Theme: Ice
  • Major Item: Iron Boots
  • Sub-Boss: White Wolfos
  • Floor Range: 1F

The Ice Cavern is located off Zora's Fountain and accessible only as an adult by jumping across ice blocks. It is a minor dungeon that usually should be completed before attempting the Water Temple. The final boss is a White Wolfos and defeating him earns Link the Iron Boots and Link learns the Serenade of Water from Sheik. Also in the dungeon are a few endless supplies of blue fire which can be used to melt King Zora and the Zora Shop entrance.

Bottom of the Well

  • Element Theme: Earth
  • Major Item: Lens of Truth
  • Sub-Boss: Dead Hand
  • Floor Range: 2F

The Bottom of the Well is a minor dungeon that should be completed before attempting the Shadow Temple. It is located in the eastern part of Kakariko Village and is only accessible when Link is a child after he has learned the Song of Storms and drained the 'Well of Three Features (Dark! Narrow! Scary!)', as it is called. The Bottom of the Well is infested with ReDead, Gibdos, Wallmasters, and Like Likes. It is referred to as Kakariko Well in Nintendo's official Player's Guide. The Lens of Truth is gained here by defeating an enemy named Dead Hand. It being a prison to the Shadow Spirit found as an adult could mean it is also prison for other spirits, due to the sighting of several paintings of the dead that speak metaphorically, providing vague hints on dangers that lie up ahead.

Temple of Time

  • Element Theme: Light
  • Major Item: Master Sword
  • Sub-Boss: None
  • Boss: None
  • Floor Range: 1F
  • Light Sage: * Rauru
  • Warp Song: Prelude of Light

The Temple of Time, located around Hyrule Castle, is the place in which the ancient relic known as the Master Sword lies. By collecting three spiritual stones and playing the Song of Time with the Ocarina of Time in front of the Altar of Time inside the temple, the Door of Time opens so the player can become an adult. It is also the entrance into the Sacred Realm, where the ancient Triforce lies. It is said that only the Hero of Time may enter the secret chambers of the temple and draw the Master Sword; as such, Ganondorf can only gain entrance to the Realm once Link performs this task. The Temple of Time is also the entrance to the Light Temple, one of the six temples of Hyrule that are linked to each other by mystical forces.

The Temple of Time is featured once again in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The temple itself has gone into ruin and been forgotten by the time the events of Twilight Princess took place, but Link still visits it as a dungeon. In Twilight Princess, its position in Hyrule is heavily retconned, or possibly modified. Rather than appearing in the north, directly north-east of Castle Town, it appears in an uncharted area of the Ocarina of Time map-- being the Faron Woods in Twilight Princess.

When found, the Master Sword rests in the Pedestal of Time in a forest clearing surrounded by spring water and trees, similar to its location in A Link to the Past. Once the player has acquired the Master Sword, a door frame left in a broken wall can be entered, transporting Link into a non-ruined version of the temple. This implies that the player has actually travelled through time to the Temple of Time before it was forgotten and left in ruins. The interior architecture is also heavily retconned. There is no pedestal for the three Spiritual Stones, no pedestal for the Light Medallion, and not even a suitable Door of Time (being very significantly smaller). However, "Time Door" is written on the mysterious door in Twilight Princess's Hylian language.

The Master Sword's Pedestal of Time has also changed slightly, there is no Triforce marking, and the six medallion symbols do not circle around it. When the player strikes the Master Sword the Pedestal of Time in the "past" temple, it opens a magical walkway similar to the one that sages created for Link in Ocarina of Time to make it possible for him to walk to Ganon's Tower. Upon walking up the walkway, the player enters the Temple of Time dungeon, consisting of eight floors and having a magic wand called the Dominion Rod residing in it.

In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, it is likely that the gigantic tree on the south side of the Great Bridge of Hylia is the same tree on the island above Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, thus alluding to the possibility that the entrance to the Lanayru spirit shrine, which is directly under the island with the tree in Twilight Princess, may have once been the entrance to Ocarina of Time's Water Temple.

Light Temple

  • Element Theme: Light | Air
  • Major Item(s): Medallions
  • Floor Range: 1F

The mystic place where the sages gather. it is the place where link collects his medallions after every temple. He also gets a medallion just for coming here. It was Said to be located in the sky or ether world.

Forest Temple

  • Element Theme: Wood
  • Major Item: Fairy Bow
  • Sub-Boss: Poe Sisters (x4)
  • Boss: Evil Spirit from Beyond: Phantom Ganon
  • Floor Range: 2B-2F
  • Forest Sage: Saria
  • Warp Song: Minuet of Forest

The Forest Temple is supposed to be the first of five main temples through which the player must progress during the part of the game in which the main character, Link, is an adult. It is an ancient ruin dedicated to the Forest. It is located in the Sacred Forest Meadow within the Lost Woods and accessible only with the Hookshot since the entrance stairs have collapsed. The temple consists of two floors and two basement levels. There are two courtyards in the back. There are two hallways in the temple which can be "twisted," allowing Link to enter the rooms beyond at a different orientation. The major treasure of the Forest Temple is the Fairy Bow, which is gained after defeating three Stalfos. There are four sub-bosses, the "Poe Sisters" Joelle, Beth, Amy, and Meg (named after the four main characters of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women). Additionally, two sets of two and three Stalfos respectively can be considered "mini-bosses", because they play the sub-boss theme.

Fire Temple

  • Element Theme: Fire | Lava
  • Major Item: Megaton Hammer
  • Sub-Boss: Flare Dancer
  • Boss: Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia
  • Floor Range: 1F-5F
  • Fire Sage: Darunia
  • Warp Song: Bolero of Fire

The Fire Temple (based on the place of worship for Zoroastrians) is usually the second major dungeon that Link experiences as an adult. It is located inside Death Mountain Crater, which can be accessed through Darunia's chamber in Goron City. Due to the intense heat in the active crater, areas of the temple can only be entered while wearing a Goron Tunic, which protects its wearer from searing temperatures. The Fire Temple was built as two large, five-floor columns that are interconnected by a series of hallways on the first and third floors, and it is often sectioned into chambers and large mazes. The first floor of the temple is essentially a large lava pit, and is also where the boss's lair is found. It is suggested from its columnar structure and the location of its entrance that the temple extends into the twin peaks visible inside the crater, which could be a reference to Spectacle Rock. The vertical shafts in the center of these columns allow smoke to rise from the lava pits on the first floor up and out of the crater, and due to their height it is possible for Link to fall several stories down these shafts. In traversing the temple Link must climb to its higher floors to receive the weapon of the legendary Goron hero, the Megaton Hammer.

Another notable thing in the Fire Temple is the music theme. The original music contained chanting that sounded vaguely Islamic. Nintendo was forced to change this theme and replace the chants with groans taken from the background music of the Shadow Temple.[citation needed] Many fans prefer the old theme to the new one, however.[citation needed] The premium placed on the version 1.0 and 1.1 cartridges is in part because of this.

Water Temple


The Water Temple is usually the third major dungeon of the adult-Link portion of the game, and is where the Zoras pay homage to the water spirits. It is located beneath the waters of Lake Hylia at the base of the lake's largest island. The Water Temple is effectively a maze of chambers on four floors, some only accessible when the water of the temple is at a certain level. Part of the challenge of this temple is being able to raise and lower the water level effectively. The temple's main treasure is the Longshot. The Water Temple has been called the hardest temple in the game due to the water puzzles as well as overlooked doors and openings to new rooms. Some suggest that the difficulty has been decreased in the Master Quest version, but this is a subjective evaluation. The Water Temple was intended to be reached using the Iron Boots and the Zora Tunic, which allow you to sink to Lake Hylia's bottom to the temple entrance is, opening it with the Hookshot. The Zora Tunic, however, is not actually needed to enter and complete the temple, and only removes the time limit incurred by swimming underwater.

Shadow Temple


The Shadow Temple is intended to be the fourth major dungeon in the adult-Link portion of the game. The Shadow Temple is located on the ledge in the far east side of Kakariko Graveyard and can be accessed only by playing the "Nocturne of Shadow" and Din's Fire. Some believe that the Shadow Temple and The Bottom Of The Well are the same dungeon (since they both are only composed of basements, the designs are very similar, they both possess the same music, and they are both located in Kakariko Village). The Shadow Temple consists of four floors infested with ReDeads, Gibdos, Like Likes, and Dead Hand as well as the many paintings of the dead that give clues to the frightening darkness. The temple is described as a house of the dead. It includes many invisible enemies and false walls making a near-continuous use of the Lens of Truth necessary for many players, although more experienced ones are able to clear the dungeon without the item. The temple layout is unlike the others in that players find a key or solve a puzzle in one area and move on to the next with little backtracking. Many metaphors are used that are read usually from the paintings of the dead who obviously know the dungeon that make the clues strange each one means the following

  • "The shadows will only yield to those who have the Eye of Truth..."; false walls etc. can be identified with the Lens of Truth for reason being the painting is false.
  • "Make my beak face the truth... a descent into deep darkness"; make the beak face the real skull or possibly a trap will reveal an abyss.
  • ... Sacred Feet... valley of the dead"; the Hover Boots are obviously the "Sacred Feet" and "valley of the dead" is unknown but most likely it's the abyss you must cross.
  • "... trick of the ill"; flying jars are nearby.
  • "... ferry to the other world..."; Most likely refers to the boss room. The room in which you face Bongo Bongo is completely dark, and contains a drum that moves constantly in the same direction, theoretically forever, probably meaning that you are temporarily transported into an flat, endless parallel universe.

Spirit Temple

  • Element Theme: Sand
  • Major Items: Silver Gauntlets, Mirror Shield
  • Sub-Boss: Iron Knuckle (x3)
  • Boss: Sorceress Sisters: Twinrova
  • Floor Range: 1F-4F
  • Spirit Sage: Nabooru
  • Warp Song: Requiem of Spirit

The Spirit Temple is, according to the standard game progression, the fifth major dungeon of the adult Link portion of the game. The Spirit Temple lies within the Desert Colossus to the west of the Haunted Wastelands. The temple is divided into two portions - one accessible only when Link is a child and the other only when he is an adult. The child Link section consists mostly of puzzles along a linear climb to the top of the temple. Its boss is an Iron Knuckle and its defeat earns Link the Silver Gauntlets, which are required to access the adult Link section of the Temple. In the adult-Link portion, the temple is less linear and more action-based. Its major treasure is the Mirror Shield. According to the game, the Spirit Temple was built by all-female architects and masons from the Gerudo tribe of thieves. It is said to hold a vast amount of treasure and secrets, presumably in the form of picture writing that can be seen on its walls inside the game. It was once Ganondorf's hideout before invading the Sacred Realm. On an interesting note, a design above certain doors in the temple greatly resembles the final boss of Kirby 64.

Ganon's Castle


Element Theme: All 6

  • Major Item: Goldnen Gantlets
  • Sub Bosses: Dinolfos (x2), Stalfos (x4), Iron Knuckles (x2)
  • Boss: Great King of Evil: Ganondorf
  • Floor Range: 2B-2F
  • Sage: Ganondorf
  • Warp Song: None

This castle is where Hyrule Castle once stood and was built when Ganondorf took over Hyrule. It appears only as Adult Link and contains six mini-dungeons which must be cleared to access the central tower. These dungeons are based upon six out of the seven sages, excluding Zelda: a Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, Spirit, and Light dungeon. This is where the final battles of the game, the first between Link and Ganondorf and the second between Link and Ganon, occur.

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