The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening/Walkthrough/The Mysterious Forest

Shield and sword

File:Zelda LA Mabe Village awakening.png When Link wakes up he finds a girl looking at him who turns out to not be Princess Zelda.
File:Zelda LA Mabe Village shield.png After she finishes talking, you'll need to talk to Tarin before he'll let you leave. He gives you your Shield! For some amusing dialogue, try looking in the chest before you leave. Then go outside and follow the dirt path as Marin instructed. When the path runs out, just keep on heading downwards.
File:Zelda LA Toronbo arrival.png Eventually you'll reach this screen. When that happens, take a right.
File:Zelda LA Toronbo push.png Here put out and hold out your shield and use it to push the sea urchins out of your way and head either down or to the right. Regardless, in the next screen do the same until you reach...
File:Zelda LA Toronbo sword.png ...your Sword! As you head towards it, a strange owl descends... and talks.
File:Zelda LA owl Toronbo meeting.png He tells you to head for the Mysterious Forest. But first you need your sword.
File:Zelda LA Toronbo flourish.png Congratulations! The music dramatically changes from its previous gentle tune to the epic Overworld Theme. You can keep exploring the beach and kill the monsters for Rupees if you wish, but when you're ready to continue your quest head back up the path towards the village.

Return to town

File:Zelda LA Piece of Heart 1.png Now in the village there is this suspicious-looking well. Now that you have your sword, slash those bushes out of the way and jump head-first into it!
File:Zelda LA Mabe Village Heart.png Congratulations, you've just found your very first Piece of Heart! As these are collected, Link's health maximum eventually increases. Collect them all!
File:ZLA heart piece fish.png Travel two screens north of BowWow's house to find the fishing pond. Now that you have a few spare rupees, pay the fisherman to let you cast. Catch the large fish nearest to you to find another piece of Piece of Heart, in addition to 20 rupees.
File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell 1.png Another item to collect is on the eastern edge of town. It is a Secret Seashell located in a large array of grass. It is also a good place to search for extra hearts in case you get injured.

Mysterious Wood

File:Zelda LA owl Mysterious Forest.png From the wall at the northwest of town, how head up, slash that bush out of the way, and enter the Mysterious Forest.The owl tells you about a key you will find in the forest, and that it will open something called the Tail Cave. Curious. Anyway, take the path up until it runs out, then take a right until an upwards route appears once more.
File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest raccoon lost.png If you follow the upward route, you will see a raccoon. The raccoon seems friendly enough at first, but as you try to go onwards he says you're going to be lost because of him. Sure enough, you're lost all right! But you can get back at him later. For now, head up, left, and down.

If you didn't turn upward, you can simply proceed right towards the cave.

File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest toadstool cave.png You'll find yourself outside this cave. Since it looks foreboding, and even has a warning sign out front, that's a clear indication that there must be something good inside. Once inside, beware of the Keese hiding almost invisible in the holes on the floor. Kill all of them and smash all the crystals with your sword, and then push the rock in front of the chest to one side. All right, 50 Rupees! Head on through the cave. In the next room Gels will pop out of the floor, so kill or avoid them.
File:Zelda LA Piece of Heart 2.png In this room is a Piece of Heart, but you can't get it yet. Push the stone directly to your left over to the left and then either one of the rocks below you out of the way too. Now that the way is opened, you can exit the cave.
File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest Toadstool.png mmmm, Sleepy Toadstool... now you need to find someone to give it to. Head back through the cave to begin your new toadstool mission. Now head up, up, up until you reach a blocked-off cave, and then head to the right. Eventually you'll reach daylight once more.
File:Zelda LA Piece of Heart 3.png Another Piece of Heart, and yet again you can't get it with your current equipment. Anyway, follow the path once more until you reach the Witch's Hut.
File:Zelda LA Witch mix.png Equip the Sleepy Toadstool as if it's a weapon and "attack" her with it to hand it to her and get your reward.
File:Zelda LA Witch Magic Powder.png Some Magic Powder! What's this good for? Well, that mean raccoon said his nose was sensitive to powder... heheheh... Anyway, you can try it out in the unlit fireplace directly to your right. If you ever run out just repeat the above directions to find another Toadstool and take it to her once more.

Tail Cave

File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest toadstool cave.png Now to deal with that pesky raccoon. Head back to the foreboding cave; this time head left and up until you meet that darned raccoon again.
File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest raccoon Powder.png Sprinkle some powder on him and he goes wild! After bouncing around for a few seconds he crashes to a stop and turns into...
File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest raccoon Tarin.png ...Tarin?! Lay off the magic toadstools, buddy, you're doing more under their influence than just trippin'. Anyway, you can now head up without his meddling.
File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest Tail Key.png The Tail Key, great. Now head out of the forest to find its matching cave. But not without a visit from the Owl first. Then simply head downwards and to the left to find your way back to Mabe Village once more. Follow the dirt path once more but head to the right the moment you get to the cliffs that you previously jumped off of. When you come to a line of holes go to the right and around and then down below them.
File:Zelda LA Toronbo Tail Cave entrance.png And here it is, Tail Cave! Push against the keyhole to insert the key and open the bars, then continue into the dungeon itself.