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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Zelda no Densetsu: Yume o Miru Shima in Japan, lit. "The Legend of Zelda: Dreaming Island") is the fourth installment of The Legend of Zelda series and their first handheld installment. It was released in Japan on June 6, 1993 and arrived in North America in August 1993. The game was directed by Takashi Tezuka, with supervision from Shigeru Miyamoto.

Link's Awakening DX box art

In 1998, Nintendo needed a title to release alongside their latest handheld device, the Game Boy Color. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is one of several titles that was given a colorized "DX" overhaul to help promote sales. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX was more than a simple cash-in; it not only introduced vibrant color and fixed many of the original's glitches, it also included the brand-new Color Dungeon with puzzles centering around the use of color, as well as collectible Photographs compatible with the Game Boy Printer. This time around, Tezuka acted as project supervisor, and Yoshinori Tutiyama as director. It was released in Japan on December 12, 1998 and in America three days later, on December 15. An enhanced remake of the game was released for the Nintendo Switch on September 20, 2019.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening received some criticism for abandoning the traditional setting of Hyrule, but was still a solid success. Unlike his past adventures, this time around Link washes up on a mysterious island, and is awakened by a girl who resembles Princess Zelda. The game retains the top-down perspective employed in The Legend of Zelda and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, as well as a number of mechanics from the latter.

In Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening you control a hero, Link, in a quest across the fantasy world of Hyrule. During the game, Link can progressively acquire several weapons and armors, but also many other items and a wide array of spells.

Link's Awakening is an action-adventure video game, but it's often considered also a role-playing video game. Specifically, it belongs to the sub-genre of action-RPVGs (Action Role Playing Video Game).

Three aspects that can define the genre of RPGs are listed here, and they apply to Link's Awakening as well:

  • Text is an essential part of the game, and the characters have to talk and interact with non-evil characters to proceed in the adventure;
  • There are permanent upgrades, in the form of enhancements of the various attributes of the characters (attack, strength, magic etc.);
  • There is freedom of exploration, all the areas are connected by an "overworld", and areas that have been previously cleared can usually be re-visited; in other words, the game is non-linear.

Older Japanese-style RPVGs (focused more on the plot) and American-style RPVGs (focused more on exploration and roleplaying custom characters) typically feature turn-based battles, while the slightly more recent action-RPVGs like Link's Awakening feature a continuous flow action between exploration and battle. Nevertheless, all three aspects listed above are present in every RPG.

Action Game Boy Nintendo 3DS
Navigate inventory
D-Pad D-Pad
Item Box A
Item Box B B b
View map Select Select or Y
Open inventory Start Start
Save menu A + B + Start + Select A + B + Start + Select

These are the characters appearing in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Despite its title, Princess Zelda is not found in this game, although she is mentioned near the beginning of the game by Marin.

Main characters edit

Link edit

Link on his ship fighting a storm in the intro of the DX version

After defeating Ganon in A Link to the Past, Link goes on a sea voyage, where he gets shipwrecked and washes up on the shore of the mysterious Koholint Island. He is found unconscious by Marin, who takes him back to her house in Mabe Village. During his stay on Koholint, Link becomes aware that the only way to leave the island is to wake the mystical Wind Fish, a creature with the apparent power to return him to Hyrule. Along the way, he encounters a variety of characters, explores dungeons, battles creatures, and collects instruments which he uses to play a song for the Wind Fish who sleeps on a mountain peak. When Link plays the Ballad of the Wind Fish with all eight instruments, he can enter the giant egg atop Mt. Tamaranch, where the Wind Fish slumbers. There he must face the final Nightmare, shadowy apparitions which include umbral visions of foes from Link's past. After he defeats this nightmare, it is revealed that the entire island is merely a dream of the Wind Fish—possibly an allegory of Link's own state of unconsciousness, in which he is reminded both of his worst enemies and what he likes. By playing the instruments again, Link ends the dream, and both he and the Wind Fish are returned to the waking world.

Wind Fish edit

The Wind Fish (かぜのさかな, Kaze no Sakana) is a whale-like creature that sleeps in a giant egg nestled in the crater at the top of Mt. Tamaranch on Koholint Island. The Wind Fish's egg bears a resemblance to a Yoshi Egg from the Mario games, and can only be entered by playing the Ballad of the Wind Fish. When Link wakes the Wind Fish at the end of the game, the island vanishes, leaving Link floating in the sea and watching the Wind Fish fly away. The owl makes it clear that the island has disappeared because it was all the dream of the Wind Fish; once he is awoken, it ceases to exist.

An owl statue outside the Moblin's Cave in Link's Awakening reads: "The Wind Fish in name only, for it is neither."

The Wind Fish makes a cameo appearance in Kirby Air Ride, flying around on the Frozen Hills stage. In Majora's Mask, Link rehearses a song titled Ballad of the Wind Fish, although the melody doesn't bear any similarity to the Link's Awakening version.

Marin edit


Marin (マリン, Marin) is a girl who saves Link in the opening sequence. As the game advances, she starts showing much fondness for Link, and soon develops a bit of a crush on him.

As the game begins, Link awakens in Marin's house after washing ashore on Koholint Island. A groggy Link mistakes Marin for Princess Zelda due to their physical similarities.

As the game progresses, Marin teaches Link his first Ocarina song, "The Ballad of the Wind Fish", not to be confused with the song of the same name in Majora's Mask. At one point, she also follows Link about in order to help wake a sleeping walrus. This part of the game is notable for comical moments such as when the two fall down a well and when she grabs the operator of the trendy game using his mechanical crane. Later, she is kidnapped by monsters and stranded on a broken bridge. Link saves her using his hookshot.

In a secret reward ending, if a player completes the game without losing a life, Marin is granted her wish and becomes a seagull so that she can fly to distant lands and sing to bring joy to others, but only in the original version of the game, or when playing the DX version on an original GameBoy. The DX version carries a slightly different ending, containing a face-portrait of her, followed up by the original secret ending.

Marin and her father Tarin bear a striking physical resemblance to Malon and Talon from Ocarina of Time.

Marin appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee as a Trophy awarded for unlocking every character and level.

Shadow Nightmares edit

Main article: Nightmares

The Wind Fish's nightmares are dreams that corrupt the entirety of Koholint Island. The nightmares appear to Link in a physical form known as DethI (デスアイ, Desu Ai) to fight him as the final boss. Dethl fights Link in the form of several of Link's previous enemies such as Ganon and Agahnim before his ultimate defeat at Link's hands.

Secondary Characters edit

Madam MeowMeow and BowWow edit

Madam MeowMeow (マダムニゃンニゃン, Madamu Nian Nian) is a woman in Mabe Village who owns a dog. The dog BowWow, who is a Chain Chomp found in the Super Mario Bros. series, is kidnapped by the Moblins of the Mysterious Forest, and Link rescues him. Madam MeowMeow lets Link take it for a walk, and BowWow helps Link enter the swamp dungeon, Bottle Grotto, by eating the flowers blocking his entrance.

Mr. Write edit

Mr. Write (おじさんライト, Ojisan Raito) is a scholar who lives in a house in the northern part of the Mysterious Forest. His appearance is inspired by the similarly-named Dr. Wright, a green-haired computer assistant who would sometimes appear in the SNES version of SimCity and SimCity 64, who in turn is named after SimCity designer Will Wright. His name is also a pun on the phrase "Mr. Right."

He also appeared in Oracle of Seasons (although not named) and The Minish Cap featured a parody of him, Dr. Left.

To add a comedic flair, Mr. Write writes a love letter to an unknown admirer whom he too "loves." She is actually Christine (a goat) from Animal Village and gives Mr. Write a picture of Princess Peach from the notable Mario series. He believes 'Peach' to be his admirer.

The music heard in both Mr. Write's and Christine's houses is Dr. Wright's theme.

Owl edit

The wise talking owl arrives at certain points in the game to provide hints and backstory. He believes in a prophecy that says Link will wake the Wind Fish. Although he is not provided a name in this game, he would be the inspiration for a similar character, named Kaepora Gaebora, who appears in the next installment of the Zelda series: Ocarina of Time. He explains the nature of the island and the nightmares and directs Link towards his ultimate goal, though Link doesn't realize the reason behind all that until the game's ending. At that point it is revealed that the owl is actually a part of the Wind Fish's spirit and the guardian of his dream world. He vanishes when the Wind Fish "awakens" in the dream.

Richard edit

Richard (リチゃード, Richiyādo) is a prince who lives in a villa filled with frogs in Pothole Field. His appearance is inspired by himself in a Game Boy title only released in Japan, Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (translated as For the Frog the Bell Tolls). The music played in his villa is a remixed version of the Japanese title's main theme. "Kaeru" is Japanese for "Frog", which explains the frogs in his house.

As Link approaches the gate of Kanalet Castle in the color version, the Camera Mouse and Richard both come to see him, and the Camera Mouse takes a picture of Link and Richard striking their poses in front of the gate.

In both versions, Richard makes a deal with Link, passing on the Slime Key after Link retrieves Richard's Golden Leaves inside Kanalet Castle.

Tarin edit

Tarin (タリン, Tarin) is the father of Marin. He has an uncanny resemblance to Mario and shares his love of mushrooms. At the beginning of the game, Tarin gives Link his (Link's) shield when he wakes up from his state of temporary unconsciousness. He is often seen getting himself into wacky situations on his expeditions into Koholint Island's forests. Throughout the course of the game, a magic mushroom he eats transforms him into a mischievous raccoon (which may be a reference to the Tanooki Suit worn by Mario in Super Mario Bros. 3) who hides important items from Link which he takes after being cured to be a dream, and later on gets stung by bees while poking at their honeycomb with a stick. He can sometimes be found in bed at his house in Mabe Village recuperating from these events shortly after they occur. Near the end of the game you see a scene of him holding yet another mushroom/toadstool, indicating that he certainly does not learn from his (mis)adventures.

A character similar to Tarin appears in Ocarina of Time under the name Talon, who is the father of Malon, a character resembling Tarin's daughter Marin in Link's Awakening.

Ulrira edit

Ulrira (うるりら, Ururira) is the oldest resident of Mabe Village. Due to his shy nature, Ulrira can only be contacted from a telephone booth. He seems to know a bit about everything, and Link can get hints to proceed with the game by calling Ulrira from the various telephone booths on Koholint Island. In the DX version, if Link approaches his house window and presses A, the camera mouse will show up to take a picture of Ulrira talking on the phone.

The Wind Fish's nightmares, are the primary antagonists of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, part of the Legend of Zelda series. They are a group of shadows haunting the Wind Fish's dreams. Link, protagonist of the game, was to defeat the nightmares to escape from Koholint Island. Each Nightmare (save for Dethl) held an instrument needed to wake the Wind Fish.

The term "Wind Fish's nightmares" often refers to the collective dungeon bosses that inhabit the game, the end boss is often called the Final Nightmare or Dethl.

Dethl edit

Whether or not the Final Nightmare is one being or a group of beings is unclear and subject to dispute, but they are all uniform black, save for one or more green-tinted eye(s). The only original being that appears is Dethl, and that is the name that the nightmares (collectively or as a single entity) are often addressed as. Regardless, the Final Nightmare is the end boss of the game and is implied to be responsible for plunging the Wind Fish into an eternal nightmare.

The Final Nightmare represents the most evil and terrifying entities that haunt the dreams of the Windfish. Also, a tap into Link's mind is demonstrated by the Nightmare taking the form of several of Link's previous enemies and a final form which bears the name Dethl. It bears a slight resemblance to Vaati (a reoccurring villain of the series).

Powers and abilities edit

The nightmares reflect previous enemies: Agahnim, Ganon, Moldorm, Lanmola, as well as a giant blob and Dethl, a creature with long arms and one giant eye. They possess the same powers as the actual beings they reflect: Ganon's Shadow uses a trident and fire, Agahnim's Shadow uses magic, Moldorm's Shadow charges after Link, and Lanmola's Shadow burrows and emerges from the ground. The giant blob just attacks Link, and Dethl spins its long arms around and attacks Link.

Dethl's weak spot is its large eye, which can be effected by arrow shots, or, if the player acquired it, one direct hit from the boomerang item.

Anti-Fairy edit

File:LOZ Oos Anti-Fairy.png

Threat: 3/10

Speed: Medium

Attacks: Contact: File:LOZ Oos Heart Half.gif

Defense: Invincible to everything but Magic Powder, and the Boomerang. Magic Powder:1 sprinkle, Boomerang:1 throw

Description: Commonly found in dungeons, but not found in the overworld at all. These enemies will move around aimlessly bumping against walls and the edge of the screen. Just jumping over them using Roc's Feather if you're in a small passageway.

Anti-Kirby edit

File:LOZ LA Anti Kirby.png

Threat: 3/10

Speed: Slow/Medium/Fast

Attacks: Contact: File:LOZ Oos Heart.gif

Suction: File:LOZ Oos Heart Half.gif

Defense: Invincible to everything but Bombs, the Boomerang, and the Magic Rod.

Description: There is only one of these in the entire game, and it's in Eagle's Tower. So just ignoring it, but if you want to attack it, then use the boomerang from afar.

Arm Mimic edit

File:LOZ Oos Arm Mimic.png

Threat: 7/10

Speed: Medium

Attacks: Contact: File:LOZ Oos Heart.gifFile:LOZ Oos Heart.gifFile:LOZ Oos Heart.gif

Defense: L-1 Sword: 1 Hit L-2 Sword: 1 Hit Pegasus Boots: 1 Dash

Description: Arm Mimics are not very common. They are scarce is due to the fact that they can be very annoying to encounter. They mirror your every move. If you move up, they move down, If you move left they move right, and visa-versa. Just moving up to them slowly and slashing until they are destroyed.

Armos edit

File:LOZ LA Armos (Yellow).png

Threat: 7/10

Speed: Medium/Slow

Attacks: Contact: File:LOZ Oos Heart.gifFile:LOZ Oos Heart.gif

Defense: Invincible to everything but Bombs, Arrows, and the Boomerang (Hookshot freezes it). Bombs: 2 explosions Arrows: 2 shots Boomerang: 2 throws

Description: Armos come to life when you come in contact with them or walk by them. They can be very threatening due to there speed and damage ratio. The easiest thing to do is to is shoot them with two arrows.

Ball and Chain Trooper edit

File:LOZ Oos Ball and Chain Trooper.png

Threat: 8/10

Speed: Slow

Attacks: Contact: File:LOZ Oos Heart.gif

Spiked Ball: File:LOZ Oos Heart.gif

Defense: L-1 Sword: 8 Hits L-2 Sword: 4 Hits Bombs: 2 Explosions Arrows: 2 Shots

Description: As his name implies this enemy has a ball and chain that he uses to hurt you. Whenever this guy hurls his ball and chain at you dodge it and slash him with your sword. DO NOT attempt to slash him multiple times, you could get hurt many times doing this. You have to be patient when fighting this enemy.

Beamos edit

File:LOZ Oos Beamos.png

Threat: 3/10

Speed: Medium

Attacks: Beam: File:LOZ Oos Heart.gif

Contact: File:LOZ Oos Heart Half.gif

Defense: Invincible

Description: A live statue that shoots a beam whenever it sees you. It's no use fighting it since it's invincible, so just run away from it when it sees you. If you have Roc's Feather, then use it to jump over the beam.

Beetle edit

File:LOZ Oos Beele.png

Threat: 1/10

Speed: Slow

Attacks: Contact: File:LOZ Oos Heart Half.gif

Defense: L-1 Sword: 1 hit, L-2 Sword: 1 hit, L-3 Sword: 1 hit

Description: Basically the weakest enemy in the entire game. Beetles don't even try to attack you, and them have the second lowest damage ratio. Just slash it once with your sword to kill it.

Blade Trap edit

File:LOZ Oos Blade Trap (Red).png

Threat: 3/10

Speed: To Target: Fast, Retraction: Slow

Attacks: Dash: File:LOZ Oos Heart Half.gif

Defense: Invincible

Description: This enemy will dash out at you trying to hurt you, just like everything else. Just jump over them when they dash out.

Item List edit

  • Bomb
  • Boomerang
  • Bow
  • Fairy Bottle (Switch)
  • Hookshot
  • Koholint Sword
  • Magic Powder
  • Magical Rod
  • Mirror Shield
  • Ocarina
  • Pegasus Boots
  • Power Bracelet
  • Powerful Bracelet
  • Roc's Feather
  • Shovel
  • Sword

Dungeon Items edit

Each dungeon has the following items.

Name Description
Compass Reveals treasure chests on the map.
Map Shows every room of the dungeon including ones that have not been visited.
Stone Slab Fragment
Stone Beak (DX, Switch)
Gives hints when placed on a stone slab / owl statue.
Nightmare Key Unlocks door leading to the boss.
Small Key Unlocks locked doors and blocks. Consumed on use.
Heart Container Rewarded after beating the boss. Increases Link's maximum health by one heart.

Keys edit

Name Location Description
Tail Key
Slime Key
Angler Key
Face Key
Bird Key

Rupees edit

Rupees are the main currency and have different values based on the color.

  • Green 1
  • Blue 5
  • Red 20
  • Purple 50
  • Silver 100
  • Gold 300
Map of Koholint Island

Koholint Island (コホリント島, Kohorinto-tō) is the island setting of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

In the course of the game, Link washes up on the shore of the island and is found by one of the inhabitants, a girl named Marin. Link then sets out to wake the Wind Fish by collecting the eight Wind Instruments from their hidden resting-places throughout the island, although the 'nightmares' try to hinder his progress.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Mabe Village edit

Mabe Village is located North-West of the Tail Cave and South of the Mysterious Wood. Link will begin his adventure here.

Mabe Village contains a shop, a Trendy Game, the Dream Shrine, a fishing pond, a phone booth and a library, as well as a few houses. Mabe Village and Animal Village (below) are often called "sister cities" (although they aren't large enough to be called cities). In the days before monsters roamed freely around Ukuku Prairie people used to travel between Mabe Village and Animal Village, but unfortunately by the time that Link arrives there it is too dangerous for anyone but warriors to do so. In the centre of the village there is a memorial to a creature called the "Flying Rooster" who, in bygone times, used to give rides to the children in the village. The currency of the village is Rupees which can be found everywhere throughout the island.

Places of interest edit

Shop edit

Inside the Shop

Link can purchase many useful items at the shop in Mabe Village to aid him in his quest to wake the Wind Fish. At the start of the game this shop only stocks a 200-Rupee shovel, 3 hearts for 10 Rupees and a Level 1 shield for 20 Rupees, but during the course of the game the shopkeeper begins stocking other items such as bombs, an expensive bow (980 Rupees!) and arrows. The shopkeeper isn't very kind toward shoplifters—if Link steals something from the shop and then returns at some later point, the Boss Music will play, the shopkeeper will say, "I wasn't kidding when I said pay! Now, you'll pay the ultimate price!!", and then will attack Link with some sort of lightning bolt, slowly depleting his health until he dies. Link is paralysed by it, and cannot move while being attacked in this way. After that the shopkeeper will once again sell to him, but his name is forever tarnished. From then on other characters will no longer refer to the player by the name input at the game start, but call him "THIEF" instead. If he later visits the Camera Shop (in the Deluxe version) after stealing something, his album will also be changed from "(yourname)'s Album" to "THIEF's Album"!

Dream Shrine edit

The Dream Shrine is a mysterious shrine which, until Link finds the Power Bracelet, is blocked by boulders. Inside the shrine there is a small room with a bed and four candles surrounding it. When Link sleeps in the bed, he will be teleported to a strange place where the Ocarina is obtained. It made a repeat appearance of sorts in The Minish Cap as a virtual monster-battling "simulator".

Inside the Library

The Library edit

The Library located in Mabe Village offers a small selection of books which double as tutorials for certain items and general playing techniques. The books are entitled:

  • Fun with Bombs,
  • The Properties of Warp Holes,
  • Auto Map and Memo Guide Book,
  • Selecting the Item That's Right for You,
  • Secrets of the Whirling Blade,
  • How to Handle Your Shield Like a Pro!,
  • Atlas of Koholint Island,
  • Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint.

In the Deluxe version there is also another book that, just as in A Link to the Past, Link can't access until he has the Pegasus Boots. This book has information on how to get into the new Color Dungeon. The book, "Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint", states how to find your way in the maze inside the Wind Fish's Egg, but its print is too small to read without the Magnifying Lens, which is the final item of the trading side-quest.

Inside the Trendy Game

Trendy Game edit

The Trendy Game is similar to crane games in the real world, but has a rotating conveyor belt instead of a stationary bin. The player manoeuvres the crane arm over the belt and then tries to time the claw's descent so that it will grab something. The main prize is a Yoshi doll which is a popular toy among the young children in Mabe Village. This is the first item in the trading side-quest to obtain the magnifying glass.

Phone Booth edit

From the phone booth, and other phone booths scattered around Koholint Island, Link can ring Old Man Ulrira for hints on what he should do next.

Animal Village edit

Animal Village is a community populated entirely by talking animals. No-one knows how they came to live there or how they are able to talk (but they are not the only talking animals on Koholint). Sometimes Marin travels to Animal Village to sing for the residents, but as of the start of Link's adventures she hasn't been able to get there for a long time. Later on in the game she is finally able to travel there with Link, in order to wake a walrus blocking a path Link needs to take. There is a warp point inside the village which Link can use to warp to Ukuku Prairie and Tal Tal Heights.

Other Regions edit

  • Cemetery
  • East of the Bay
  • Face Shrine
  • Gopongo Swamp
  • Kanalet Castle
  • Koholint Prairie
  • Mysterious Woods
  • Pothole Field
  • Rapid Rides
  • Signpost Maze
  • South of the Village
  • Tabahl Wasteland
  • Tal Tal Heights
  • Tal Tal Mountain Range
  • Toronbo Shores
  • Ukuku Prairie
  • Yarna Desert

Dungeons edit

Level 1 -- Tail Cave edit

A basic dungeon located "South of the Village," in the hills north of Toronbo Shores. Its floor plan resembles a moldorm.

Level 2 -- Bottle Grotto edit

A jar-shaped dungeon located in Goponga Swamp. It is filled with many pots.

  • Prerequisites: Bow Wow or the Magic Rod
  • Item: Level-1 Power Bracelet
  • Mini-Boss: Hinox
  • Boss: Genie

Level 3 -- Key Cavern edit

A two-floor dungeon located near the Pothole Maze in Ukuku Prairie. Each floor takes on the image of a key when viewed on the map.

Level 4 -- Angler's Tunnel edit

A water-filled cave located at the base of Tal Tal Heights. From a bird's-eye perspective it resembles an anchor or a fishing hook.

  • Prerequisites: Angler Key
  • Item: Zora Flippers
  • Mini-Boss: Cue Ball
  • Boss: Angler Fish

Level 5 -- Catfish's Maw edit

The inside of a large catfish in the center of Martha's Bay. By the dungeon map's appearance it looks somewhat like a seahorse, although it is more likely representative of the catfish's body.

  • Prerequisites: Put the wandering ghost to rest, Flippers
  • Item: Hookshot
  • Mini-Bosses: Master Stalfos, Gohma (x2)
  • Boss: Slime Eel

Level 6 -- Face Shrine edit

A ruin to the north of Animal Village. The dungeon entrance is to the north of the main site of the ruins, where Link must first travel to learn the legend of the Wind Fish.

Level 7 -- Eagle's Tower edit

A large, four-story tower nestled within the eastern heights of the Tal Tal Mountain Range.

  • Prerequisites: Bird Key
  • Item: Mirror Shield
  • Mini-Bosses: Hinox, Grim Creeper
  • Boss: Evil Eagle

Level 8 -- Turtle Rock edit

A lava-filled lair in the cliffside of the western Tal Tal Mountain Range. It is built within the remains of a giant turtle which has become petrified within the rock of the mountainside. Near the rear of the dungeon there is also an exit to the top of the mountain where a warp hole and a Piece of Heart are located. In order to access the dungeon, the turtle's head must be brought to life by playing "The Frog's Song of Soul", and subsequently defeated.

Wind Fish's Egg edit

The large egg that is the island's most notable and elevated feature on top of Mount Tamaranch. It is fabled that the Wind Fish sleeps dreamily within its shell.

Nature of the Island edit

Koholint Island is eventually revealed to be part of a dream of a shipwrecked Link.

External links edit

Mabe Village is a village on Koholint Island in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. It is located North-West of the Tail Cave and South of the Mysterious Wood. The name "Mabe Village" is a pun, just like "Link's Awakening"--literally, Link wakes up! It is based on the word "maybe", and this word is used because of the whole dream island and illusion idea seen throughout Link's Awakening

Mabe Village contains a shop, a "Trendy Game", the Dream Shrine, a fishing pond, a phone booth, a library as well as a couple of houses. Mabe Village and Animal Village are often called "sister cities" even though they aren't exactly large enough to be called cities. In the days before monsters roamed freely around Ukuku Prairie, people used to travel between Mabe Village and Animal Village but unfortunately in the time that Link is there, it is too dangerous for anyone but warriors to do so. In the centre of the village, there is a memorial to a creature called the "Flying Rooster" who, in bygone times, used to give rides to the children in the village. The currency of the village is rupees which can be found in many places.

Places of Interest edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
Inside the Shop

Shop edit

Link purchases many useful items at the shop in Mabe Village to aid him in his quest to wake the Wind Fish. At the start of the game, this shop only stocks a 200 rupee shovel, 3 hearts for 10 rupees and a Level 1 shield for 20 rupees but during the course of the game somehow starts stocking other items such as bombs, an expensive bow (980 rupees!) and arrows. The owner of the shop isn't very kind toward shoplifters—if Link steals something from the shop and then returns at some other point, the Boss Music will play, the shopkeeper will say something like "I wasn't kidding when I said no stealing!" and then will attack him with some sort of lightning bolt, slowly depleting Link's health until he dies. Link is paralysed by it, and cannot move while being attacked in this way. After that the shop owner will once again sell to you, but your name is forever tarnished. If you later visit the Camera Shop after committing a theft, your album will have changed from "[yourname]'s Album" to "Thief's Album"!

Dream Shrine edit

The Dream Shrine is a mysterious shrine which, until Link finds a special item, will be blocked by heavy boulders. Inside the shrine there is a small room with a bed and four candles surrounding it. If Link sleeps in the bed, he will be teleported to a strange place. In this place there are two chests, one containing rupees and the other an Ocarina. Not much else is known about the Dream Shrine. It made a repeat appearance in The Minish Cap as a virtual monster-battling "simulator".

Inside the Library

The Library edit

The library is another useful place in Mabe Village. The books there contain all the information anyone needs to know about Koholint Island except for all the real useful things like how to get through the dungeons. Except for that, the books are entitled "Fun with Bombs", "The Properties of Warp Holes", "Auto Map and Memo Guide Book", "Selecting the Item That's Right for You", "Secrets of the Whirling Blade", "How to Handle Your Shield Like a Pro!", "Atlas of Koholint Island" and "Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint". In the Deluxe version there is also another book that you can't access until Link has the Pegesus Boots. This book has information on how to get into the new color dungeon. The book, "Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint" states how to find your way in the maze inside the Wind Fish's Egg.

File:Trendy Game.PNG
Inside the Trendy Game

Trendy Game edit

The Trendy Game is an interesting place in Mabe Village. The player of the game uses a crane to pick up items on a rotating conveyor belt. The main prize is a Yoshi doll which is a popular toy among the young children in Mabe Village. Link can trade this to a person in Mabe Village in exchange for a ribbon.

The Phone Booth edit

This place is also useful in Link's adventure. From here and other phone booths scattered around Koholint Island, Link can ring Old Man Ulrira for hints on what he should do next.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening/Walkthrough/

Shield and sword edit

File:Zelda LA Mabe Village awakening.png When Link wakes up he finds a girl looking at him who turns out to not be Princess Zelda.
File:Zelda LA Mabe Village shield.png After she finishes talking, you'll need to talk to Tarin before he'll let you leave. He gives you your Shield! For some amusing dialogue, try looking in the chest before you leave. Then go outside and follow the dirt path as Marin instructed. When the path runs out, just keep on heading downwards.
File:Zelda LA Toronbo arrival.png Eventually you'll reach this screen. When that happens, take a right.
File:Zelda LA Toronbo push.png Here put out and hold out your shield and use it to push the sea urchins out of your way and head either down or to the right. Regardless, in the next screen do the same until you reach...
File:Zelda LA Toronbo sword.png ...your Sword! As you head towards it, a strange owl descends... and talks.
File:Zelda LA owl Toronbo meeting.png He tells you to head for the Mysterious Forest. But first you need your sword.
File:Zelda LA Toronbo flourish.png Congratulations! The music dramatically changes from its previous gentle tune to the epic Overworld Theme. You can keep exploring the beach and kill the monsters for Rupees if you wish, but when you're ready to continue your quest head back up the path towards the village.

Return to town edit

File:Zelda LA Piece of Heart 1.png Now in the village there is this suspicious-looking well. Now that you have your sword, slash those bushes out of the way and jump head-first into it!
File:Zelda LA Mabe Village Heart.png Congratulations, you've just found your very first Piece of Heart! As these are collected, Link's health maximum eventually increases. Collect them all!
File:ZLA heart piece fish.png Travel two screens north of BowWow's house to find the fishing pond. Now that you have a few spare rupees, pay the fisherman to let you cast. Catch the large fish nearest to you to find another piece of Piece of Heart, in addition to 20 rupees.
File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell 1.png Another item to collect is on the eastern edge of town. It is a Secret Seashell located in a large array of grass. It is also a good place to search for extra hearts in case you get injured.

Mysterious Wood edit

File:Zelda LA owl Mysterious Forest.png From the wall at the northwest of town, how head up, slash that bush out of the way, and enter the Mysterious Forest.The owl tells you about a key you will find in the forest, and that it will open something called the Tail Cave. Curious. Anyway, take the path up until it runs out, then take a right until an upwards route appears once more.
File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest raccoon lost.png If you follow the upward route, you will see a raccoon. The raccoon seems friendly enough at first, but as you try to go onwards he says you're going to be lost because of him. Sure enough, you're lost all right! But you can get back at him later. For now, head up, left, and down.

If you didn't turn upward, you can simply proceed right towards the cave.

File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest toadstool cave.png You'll find yourself outside this cave. Since it looks foreboding, and even has a warning sign out front, that's a clear indication that there must be something good inside. Once inside, beware of the Keese hiding almost invisible in the holes on the floor. Kill all of them and smash all the crystals with your sword, and then push the rock in front of the chest to one side. All right, 50 Rupees! Head on through the cave. In the next room Gels will pop out of the floor, so kill or avoid them.
File:Zelda LA Piece of Heart 2.png In this room is a Piece of Heart, but you can't get it yet. Push the stone directly to your left over to the left and then either one of the rocks below you out of the way too. Now that the way is opened, you can exit the cave.
File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest Toadstool.png mmmm, Sleepy Toadstool... now you need to find someone to give it to. Head back through the cave to begin your new toadstool mission. Now head up, up, up until you reach a blocked-off cave, and then head to the right. Eventually you'll reach daylight once more.
File:Zelda LA Piece of Heart 3.png Another Piece of Heart, and yet again you can't get it with your current equipment. Anyway, follow the path once more until you reach the Witch's Hut.
File:Zelda LA Witch mix.png Equip the Sleepy Toadstool as if it's a weapon and "attack" her with it to hand it to her and get your reward.
File:Zelda LA Witch Magic Powder.png Some Magic Powder! What's this good for? Well, that mean raccoon said his nose was sensitive to powder... heheheh... Anyway, you can try it out in the unlit fireplace directly to your right. If you ever run out just repeat the above directions to find another Toadstool and take it to her once more.

Tail Cave edit

File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest toadstool cave.png Now to deal with that pesky raccoon. Head back to the foreboding cave; this time head left and up until you meet that darned raccoon again.
File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest raccoon Powder.png Sprinkle some powder on him and he goes wild! After bouncing around for a few seconds he crashes to a stop and turns into...
File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest raccoon Tarin.png ...Tarin?! Lay off the magic toadstools, buddy, you're doing more under their influence than just trippin'. Anyway, you can now head up without his meddling.
File:Zelda LA Mysterious Forest Tail Key.png The Tail Key, great. Now head out of the forest to find its matching cave. But not without a visit from the Owl first. Then simply head downwards and to the left to find your way back to Mabe Village once more. Follow the dirt path once more but head to the right the moment you get to the cliffs that you previously jumped off of. When you come to a line of holes go to the right and around and then down below them.
File:Zelda LA Toronbo Tail Cave entrance.png And here it is, Tail Cave! Push against the keyhole to insert the key and open the bars, then continue into the dungeon itself.
File:Zelda LA Toronbo Tail Cave entrance.png
Tail Cave

Walk up to the middle statue to use the key you found in the forest. This will open the way for you to enter the dungeon. From the entrance go left and you will see two Hardhat Beetles. Use your sword to knock them off the edge and you will get a key. Continue left and you will be in a room with four Zols. Kill them with your sword to open the door that closed behind you and then collect the compass from the treasure chest. The compass will sound when you enter a room with a key, making them easier to find.

File:Zdx tail cave 02.jpg
File:Zdx tail cave 03.jpg

Now, backtrack to the entrance. Go up and you will be in a room with two Gels and a Hardhat Beetle. The Gels can't hurt you but they can latch on to you and slow you down. Kill them with your sword and knock the Hardhat Beetle down into a hole. Step on the button to reveal a treasure chest containing a key.

From there, go right and defeat all the enemies for a map. Walk up to the person-shaped portion of the wall which will swing you to the next room. There isn't much to do here, so unlock the door and head right. From this room, go up and you will see three enemies with playing card suits on them, the Three-of-a-Kind. When you hit them with your sword, they stop on the suit they are currently showing. Freeze them all at the same suit for a treasure chest containing a Stone Beak. This allows the Owl Statues to give you advice.

File:Zdx tail cave 04.jpg

Backtrack two rooms and this time head for the left room. Inside of the chest in this room is a key. You have to be quick because of the Spark moving around it. You will be able to defeat these when you have the boomerang, but that is much later in the game. Continue left, because going up leads to a dead end.

In this room you will see a cracked wall, if you have bombs already you can bomb that area and in the room it leads to, receive a Secret Seashell. Otherwise, just defeat the Mini-Moldorm to receive 50 rupees. You can break the crystals with your sword to go down, but that just leads to somewhere you've already been. For now, go upwards instead.

In this room, you see a Blade Trap that will slide towards you if you try to go for the next room. Push the block into its way so that it can't slide at you when you try to cross.

From here, you have to zig-zag a little bit. Continue along the narrow walkway while avoiding the Sparks. Eventually, you will come to a closed door. Push the leftmost block right to open it, keeping in mind that the Spark will start moving around the block once you've pushed it.

Now you will find yourself in a room with two Spiked Beetles. Let them ram into you when you have your shield up to flip them over and attack their underbelly with your sword. You can now descend the staircase that appears.

File:Zdx tail cave 05.jpg
Roc's Feather

You are now in sort of platformer environment. You can see Goombas moving at the bottom. Simply walk off the left ledge to fall to the next and walk off that and climb the ladder you fall near. Just keep doing this while working your way across and you'll eventually come up in another room. From this room, go up and you will see a flying heart. You can get this soon. Go up again and while avoiding the sliding Blade Traps, grab the treasure chest for the Roc's Feather, which allows you to jump.

You'll have to head back a fair bit now. Go back to the room just before the one with a bombable wall. Take the upper right way out. Continue along until you come to a room with a Hardhat Beetle. Knock it down the hole and jump across. Use a key on the block and continue to get the Nightmare Key. Now go back to the room just before the one where you got the beak. Jump across the hole and be ready for a mini-boss, and have the Roc's Feather with you.

Rolling Bones edit

File:Zdx tail cave 06.jpg
Facing Rolling Bones

The mini-boss of Tail Cave is Rolling Bones. He will roll a spiked bar at you and hide behind it. You simply need to jump over the bar and slash at him as he works his way across the room. It shouldn't take long to wear him down. Your health will be fully restored upon defeating him by a fairy and a warp point will appear, allowing a quicker path between this room and the dungeon's entrance.

Continue up to the next room. Be careful not to get hit by the sliding Blade Traps that will attack anything near the edge of the room. Don't bother going down the stairs, they are only needed if the Nightmare ahead knocks you down.

Tail Beast: Moldorm edit

File:Zelda LA Moldorm battle.png

In this room you will encounter your first Nightmare: Moldorm. The Nightmare is fairly straightforward. Moldorm scuttles around his lair, trying to catch you off guard. The only problem is, he can clobber your health in moments if you keep getting struck by him. Keep Roc's Feather handy to jump over the malicious worm.

The real challenge is taking Moldorm down. His lair has no walls surrounding it, and you can be sent flying if you make contact with him. If Moldorm knocks you down below, you can just work your way along and come up at the staircase before you fought him. However, his health will be refilled again if this is the case. To damage him, simply attack the sparkling end of his tail. This is where things get hectic: Moldorm will speed up for a few seconds and charge across his lair. An easy way to defeat him is with Spin Attacks, since you only need 2 of those. Make sure you don't get knocked down, though. After about four hits from your sword, he will fall. Collect the 'Heart Container he drops. You'll get an instant refill of health, and receive a fourth heart in your Health Meter.

After this hard-fought battle, you have a reward waiting in the next room. The door will lock, meaning no turning back. Go on to collect the Full Moon Cello, your first Instrument of the Sirens.

And that's it, you've completed Tail Cave. However, you'll be warped out of the dungeon and given a hint to the location of the next. The swamp seems quite peculiar...

File:TLoZ LW Wiseoldowl.png
The wise owl returns

When you finally beat dungeon 1, you'll get a vision saying that a path opened in The Swamp. After the vision you wake up in front of the Tail cave gates. Go west one space for a meeting with the Owl.

The Wise Old Owl tells you that he could not believe you were real until you got the one 8 special instruments of sirens and that you are going to have to collect them to be able to wake the windfish and get off the island. He gives you a special hint he tells you were the next instrument is located.

Before you can get to Dungeon 2 in the swamp. There will be a chain of events that will need to be done first before you will be able to even enter dungeon 2.

Koas moblins attack edit

File:TLoZ LW Koas moblins attack.png
Koas moblins attack

When you return to Mabe Village, the two kids that were originally playing catch will run up to you telling you about the crisis afoot they tell you to head to the Madam Meow Meow's house. Talk to her and she'll tell you that a bunch of moblins stole her prize Bow wow and asks for someone to help.

File:Zelda LA Piece of Heart 3.png
The piece of heart, which you can now reach

Now that you know who is responsible for the kidnapping of Madam Meow Meow's prized Bow wow. Refill your hearts before trying to locate the Moblins. Head to the mysterious forest to the north, and reach the exit in the north-east corner. When you leave the forest on the other side, you should find a field of holes surrounding a piece of heart, which you can collect with the Roc's feather. Jump north, and turn towards the right. The cave next to the owl statue is the Mobiln's cave.

There are three rooms standing in your way of BowWow. The moblin guard in the first room will alert all the moblins that an intruder has entered their hide out. Go through the chambers slaying the Moblins in each chamber until you get to the boss Moblin.

File:TLoZ LW Koas Moblins Hideout.png
Moblin Boss battle

Another short speech before your final battle with the moblins. This is sort of tricky, but can be done in one of 2 ways:

  1. You can use the shield to block the arrows, and when the boss begins to charge, wait until the last second to get out of the way. He will bash against the wall, and become vulnerable to attack for a few seconds.
  2. As an alternative to walking, you can use Roc's Feather to jump over his attacks. When you jump over his charge, he will run underneath you, and slam into the wall.

When he is defeated, you can proceed to the next room to retrieve BowWow. Although a short-term companion, he can quickly swallow any enemy that comes too close.

To the Dungeon edit

File:TLoZ LW Bottle Grotto.png
Outside Bottle Grotto

Go east one screen then you will meet the Owl one last time before you go to dungeon 2. He will remind you that you need to get the second instrument, in the swamp. To reach the swamp, head to the north-west exit of the mysterious forest, where you first found the Tail key.

When you approach the entrance of the cave, BowWow will quickly eat the Goponga Flowers that surround the entrance, allowing you to enter the Bottle Grotto.

File:Zelda LA Dungeon2 Map.png
Map of Bottle Grotto

The Bottle Grotto is the second dungeon. To enter the main part of the dungeon, you must have at least two doses of magic powder. However, you can collect extra powder once you manage to enter the dungeon.

Stone beak edit

File:Zelda LA Dungeon2 Entrance.png
A dark room needs light.

First, you must equip magic powder. Then go up to the next room. An spark will be circling around the room. Go to the empty torches and use the magic powder to open the door to the right. Proceed through the door.

Defeat the two Stalfos, and collect the first key when it drops from the ceiling. Head left, and open the door. When you go through the door, wait for the traps to trigger before passing through. Defeat the two Keese and head north. Jump over the gap, and knock the Hardhat Beetle into the chasm. Open the chest to collect the Stone Beak.

Compass edit

File:Zelda LA Dungeon2 Crystal.png
This blue crystal will raise or lower the blue blocks, which otherwise block progress.

Head back, and go one screen right from where you found the first key. You should see a blue crystal, which may be struck to raise or lower the obstacles. Strike it, and head south. Strike the crystal in that room, and open the chest to get another small key. This allows you to access the locked door you passed earlier. Enter that room, and defeat the shy guy by facing away from it, holding your sword, backing towards it, and making a spin attack. This reveals a chest containing the Compass.

Now, return to the stone owl room. The path right is blocked, but contains a key you need to collect. If desired, you can try backing into the wall to trick the shy guys to approach, and defeat them to instantly drop a key. If you can't do this, then you will have to back track.

From the stone owl room, head south, then east. Jump towards the button in the south-east corner to reveal a chest, which you can open to collect a key. Continue north and defeat the Shy Guys if you haven't already (although you will have to backtrack for the key). Head east and equip a shield to repel the Spiked Beetle.

Head north and push the blocks towards each other to reveal a staircase. You will need the Roc's Feather to jump in the underground area, and once you surface, jump to the middle island and collect the piece of heart. Proceed north.

Miniboss: Hinox edit

File:Zelda LA Dungeon2 Hinox.png

Hinox is a miniboss, but it is quite easy to defeat. His main attack is a charge towards you before grabbing and throwing you (possibly into a weak floor). When he signals his attack and charges, swing your sword to hit him. He will retaliate by throwing a bomb. You should be able to approach him now, and attack again and dodge any bombs he throws.

When he is defeated, a portal between this room and entrance is now usable, and you can continue right.

Map and Power Bracelet edit

Jump across the gaps, check the owl statue for a clue, and turn north. Wait at the entrance first. A Vacuum will start pulling you to the corner. Wait for it to stop, before heading to the chest to collect the map. When you have the map, you can jump across the gap, and head north again.

The chest in this room contains 20 rupees. Unlock the door to the left, and you will have to fight against two Boos. They disappear when you try attacking them, but you may use magic powder on the torches to make them vulnerable. When they are defeated, you can collect the Power Bracelet from the chest.

With the bracelet, head right, and throw the pots out of the way and take the upper exit. Strike the crystal twice, advancing when possible, to reach the chest (If you can't, you will have to backtrack to a crystal, or take a staircase two rooms south). This reveals a small key, to which the door is only two more screen east.

Nightmare key edit

Before taking the small key, head south instead (or use the staircases visible earlier). You should see a room with an imprisoned Pols Voice, a Keese, and a Shrouded Stalfos. You need to defeat them in the correct order to reveal a Nightmare Key, and this order was given by an owl statue earlier. You first have to reach the Pols Voice, by pushing one block down, and one to the side, and defeat it by throwing a jar at it. After this, defeat the Keese and then the Stalfos to reveal the nightmare key.

Next, head up, and to the right. In this room are two Pols Voices and a Zol. You can't harm the Pols Voices with your sword, but you can throw the jars at them. When the monster is defeated, continue down the stairs to the underground section. stand on the first platform to lower it, but when you reach the second platform, you will need to pick up a jar first for the weight to push the platform downward. When you climb up, you should be in front of the nightmare door.

Boss: Genie edit

File:Zelda LA Dungeon2 Genie.png

The trick to defeating this boss is to break the Genie's bottle, but you need to catch it first. To do so, you need to strike it with your sword. When the bottle stops jumping, pick it up using the Power Bracelet and throw it against a wall. Repeat this until the bottle breaks and releases the Genie. While the genie exits the bottle from time to time, you can't harm it or the bottle until it begins to charge at you once more.

When the bottle is broken, it will turn invisible, when it appears, be prepared to spin attack it before it can shoot fireballs at you (or failing that, dodge by moving downward before it reappears). If you can interrupt its attacks, you should have no problem defeating it before it can kill you.

When the Genie is defeated, head west and collect the Conch Horn. In the following scene, you receive a call to visit the Prairie. You may optionally return to the dungeon, and collect the first chest that contains 50 rupees. Since you completed Bottle Grotto, you don't need BowWow to continue the quest. If you keep him around, he can still help you in combat, or help detect the locations of [[../../Sidequests/Secret Seashells|Secret Seashells]], but neither Richard nor the monkey will help you.

Exit to the right, and find Richard's Villa. He gives a quest to find the Golden Leaf in the castle. There's five leaves to find, and you'll need to get a shovel. Purchase it from the store if you haven't already.

You will also need to start on the [[../../Sidequests/Trading Sidequest|Trading Sidequest]]. get the Yoshi Doll from the store and trade it to the northern house for a ribbon. The ribbon is given to the chain-chomp puppy for Dog food. The dog food is then used to purchase bananas.

With the bananas, you can head to the castle. The moneys will build a bridge for you, to the right of the castle. In addition, you will receive a stick for the trading sidequest.

Golden Leaves edit

Continue north, and turn west. Slash the bush, and continue underground into the castle. There are five leaves to collect:

  1. To the right of a castle is a set of six holes. Hit the Mad Bomber as he pops out, and dodge the bombs he throws. He drops a leaf when defeated.
  2. To the left of the castle is a bird sitting in a tree. Startle the crow with a rock on the bottom right, and defeat it for the leaf.
  3. Enter the castle. In the second room, eliminate the enemies for a leaf.
  4. Head upstairs. Bomb the two wall statues in the first upstairs room to detach them from the wall. Defeat them both for the leaf (If you don't have bombs, you can harvest some in the room before the final leaf.)
  5. Exit to the south, and re-enter by the center doorway. The door will block progress, but you can grab an urn and throw it to smash it open. Continue north and defeat the Ball & Chain Trooper.

Return to Richard, and he will open a passage for you. The passage leads to the pothole maze, which you gradually reveal by cutting away the shrubs. There are diagonal shortcuts available if you want to speed through it. At the end of the maze is an owl status overlooking some grass. Cut the grass, and dig in the empty spot to get the key for the third dungeon.

Key Cavern edit

File:TLoZ LA Dungeon 3 map.png
Map of the Key Cavern

You may now explore the key cavern proper. In the first room, pickup a pot, and throw it against the northern door. Continue north, defeat all monsters in the room, and get a small key. Since the west path is blocked, take the east path. The doors will close, forcing you to defeat all monsters in the room to continue (excluding the one in the chest).

Continue north, until you reach a staircase. when you head down, you should be in a room with four locked doors. Of those four doors, the west and south passages lead to dead ends, but you can obtain a key if you defeat all monsters within the room.

Beak, Map and key edit

If you take the northern exit in the 4-way, you will see a crystal that you can strike. When you do, you may now access the chest just before the staircase, which contains the Owl Beak. You can head two screens south and one screen east to also collect the Map of the dungeon.

Pegasus boots edit

Taking the east route opens a room with a conveyor belt, with stairs at the end. Climb up the stairs. Within this section, you will need to collect enough keys to reach the nightmare. In the first room, you will need to find all hidden Zols and destroy them to get the key. Continue north, and head left. In this room, you need to defeat all enemies to unblock both doors. If you have sufficient bombs, you may head north to the miniboss; otherwise, continue west.

In the southwest room, you will be attacked by two Pairodds. You can defeat them for another small key, although doing so may be difficult without the Pegasus boots. However, you can place a bomb at the point they will teleport and approach them to destroy them. Defeating them should release a key. Continue north for two rooms, and grab the bomb pickup. You may now return through the stairs, and proceed to the miniboss.

The miniboss are two Dodongo Snakes. To defeat one of them, you need to place three bombs in its mouth. To defeat both, you will need six bombs, although a quirk allows you to only defeat one snake and leaving the room to destroy the second. When they are destroyed, you can proceed right to collect the Pegasus Boots.

With these boots, you can backtrack to the beginning of the dungeon, and head east. You can now run past the vacuum, and collect the small key. However, you will still need to continue to the east from where you collected the boots.

The arrow shows where you can place a bomb, which can be done later. Continue north, and defeat the Bombites and other hidden monsters. Continue left for a compass and search for a breakable wall on the left (by tapping it with your sword) and blow it open. You should find another key.

Next, bomb the wall marked by the arrow. Use the boots and feather to jump over the gap, and turn north to obtain the nightmare key.

Slime Eyes edit

To reach the nightmare, head to the room south of the miniboss. Unlock the series of four gates using the keys collected. You will need to get past the spikes, which is performed by ramming the Thwomp to the right. When you get to the stairs, you can ram the Pairodds with the boots and sword to quickly defeat them.

Continue left. If you want to explore more of the dungeon (which is optional at this point), you can defat all the keese to release a key. otherwise, head north to engage Slime Eyes. It will first taunt you, saying that you can't see it. Ram the back wall to force it to fall down, then attack it with your sword. When it begins to divide, use the boots again to split it in half.

Once the eyes are separate, you can slash them to death. However, if one of them jumps high up, you will need to switch the pegasus boots with the feather to avoid being stunned when they slam against the ground. Once both eyes are destroyed, you may proceed north to collect the Sea Lily's Bell.

Scattered throughout the island are 26 Secret Seashells. If you collect 20 seashells, you can get a more powerful sword, capable of ranged attacks.

Seashell 1 edit

File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell 1.png
  • Item needed: Sword

Slash the bushes out of the way to find your first Secret Seashell.

Seashell 2 edit

File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell 2.png
  • Item needed: Shovel

Dig in Bow-Wow's kennel for a second Secret Seashell. It is found in the bottom-right corner.

Seashell 3 edit

File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell 3.png
  • Item needed: Bombs

From the entrance of tail case, head north, west, and north. You should see a cracked wall on the left. Use a bomb, and collect the chest.

Seashell 4 edit

File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell 4.png
  • Item needed: Power Bracelet

In the mysterious forest, one of the southern parts of the forest has a chest behind a rock. Lift the rock, then open the chest.

Seashell 5 edit

File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell 5.png
  • Item needed: Power Bracelet, shovel

Take the east exit of the mysterious forest, and head south. Lift the rock. You should see a lone bush, which may be removed, and dug.

Seashell 6 edit

Enter Seashell Mansion with exactly 5 seashells.

Seashell 7 edit

File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell 7.png

East of the seashell mansion, slash the upper two bushes to reveal the shell.

Seashell 8 edit

File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell 8.png

North of the mermaid lake, you should see a stone. Lift it.

Seashell 9 edit

File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell 9.png

North-west of Martha's bay is a cave. Enter it, and head to the left wall with a different floor tile; tap it with your sword to confirm if it can be bombed, and go through. At the end of that tunnel and cave, you should eventually reach an owl statue, which you can dig around.

Seashell 10 edit

File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell 10.png

After completing Bottle Grotto, look for mermaid lake. It is located in the same area as the mermaid statue. Chop the bush to get it.

Seashell 11 edit

File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell mansion.png

Enter the seashell mansion with exactly 10 seashells.

Seashell 12 edit

File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell 12.png

When you collected five gold leaves, you can enter the tunnel below Richard's Villa. Take the left path, push the block forward, and open the chest.

Seashell 13 edit

File:Zelda LA Secret Seashell 13.png

To the right of the Key cavern, there is a stairway leading up. Head left one screen, and you should see a clear patch between four grass patches. Dig here.

Heart Piece 1 edit

File:Zelda LA Piece of Heart 1.png
  • Item needed: Sword

Any time after you've got your sword, slash the bushes and fall down the Mabe Village well for a Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece 2 edit

File:Zelda LA Piece of Heart 2.png
  • Item needed: L-1 Bracelet

Head into the first Mysterious Forest cave, the one on the way to the toadstool, to find this piece.

Heart Piece 3 edit

File:Zelda LA Piece of Heart 3.png
  • Item needed: Roc's Feather

After getting the Roc's Feather, jump onto this platform to claim your third Piece of Heart.

Heart Piece 4 edit

File:ZLA heart piece fish.png

North from Bow Wow's house you can talk to a man and play the fishing minigame. Catch the large fish closest to you for a heart piece. You may have to clear out the other fish first by catching them too, so bring plenty of Rupees. An important part of the game is the trading of items, leading up to the discovery of the Magnifying Glass, which Link needs to read the book called "Dark Secrets And Mysteries Of Koholint" at the Library.

  1. File:TLoZ-LA YoshiDollSprite1.png The first item is the Yoshi Doll, obtained in the Trendy Game in Mabe Village.
  2. File:TLoZ-LA RibbonSprite1.png Trade with Mamahl at the Quadruplets' house (the big house next to the Dream Shrine) for the Ribbon.
  3. File:TLoZ-LA DogFoodSprite1.png Trade with Mini-Bow Wow (inside Madam MeowMeow's doghouse in Mabe Village) for the Dog Food.
  4. File:TLoZ-LA BananasSprite1.png Trade with Sale the Alligator at Sale's House O' Bananas (on the beach) for the Bananas.
  5. File:TLoZ-LA StickSprite1.png Trade with Kiki the Monkey (near Kanalet Castle) for the Stick.
  6. File:TLoZ-LA HoneycombSprite1.png Trade with Tarin (in the Ukuku Praire) for the Honeycomb.
  7. File:TLoZ-LA PineappleSprite1.png Trade with Chef Bear of Animal Village for the Pineapple.
  8. File:TLoZ-LA HibiscusSprite1.png Trade with Papahl in the Tal Tal Mountains for the Hibiscus.
  9. File:TLoZ-LA MailSprite1.png Trade with Christine the Goat in Animal Village for the Letter.
  10. File:TLoZ-LA BroomSprite1.png Trade with Mr. Write for the Broom.
  11. File:TLoZ-LA FishingHookSprite1.png Trade with Grandma Ulrira in Mabe Village (sometimes in Animal Village) for the Fishing Hook.
  12. File:TLoZ-LA NecklaceSprite1.png Trade with the Fisherman (under a bridge in Martha's Bay) for the Necklace (Note: This was a bikini top in the Japanese and original, non-colored European version).
  13. File:TLoZ-LA ScaleSprite1.png Trade with Martha the Mermaid for the Scale.
  14. File:TLoZ-LA MagnifyingLensSprite1.png Set the scale in the Mermaid Statue to gain access to the cave where the Magnifying Glass lies hidden.

Once you have visited the Camera Shop for the first time you can begin collecting photos. Most of these can be acquired only at certain key moments during the game, so if you want to collect them all you'll have to be very careful not to let a photo opportunity pass you by.

There is no reward for completing the pictures album, apart from watching the photos. Therefore, the screenshots are listed at the bottom.

Photo spots edit

  1. Talk to the photographer and agree to have your picture taken. Link pulls the typical Japanese photo pose, i.e. the V-sign (nothing to do with the peace sign, actually).
    • Alternate photo: answer "No" every time when the photographer offers to take Link's picture, until he pushes Link back to the curtain.
  2. Take Marin to the cliff at the seaside in the south-west of Koholint to get this picture.
    • This picture can be missed permanently!
  3. Get this simply by falling into the village well any time when Marin is following you.
    • This picture can be missed permanently!
  4. Take Marin all the way back to the Flying Rooster memorial.
    • This picture can be missed permanently!
  5. Look in the (invisible) window on the right-hand side of Old Man Ulrira's house.
  6. Simply leave Madam MeowMeow's house after returning BowWow to get this one.
  7. A photo of a furtive-looking Link skulking out of the Mabe Village shop. Get this by stealing something from the shop.
  8. After getting the Magnifying Glass, go visit the fisherman under the bridge. Talk to him and he'll get a bite. He reels in the cameraman who takes a photo as the fisherman falls in the water.
  9. Go to the seemingly empty house to the north-east of Animal Village after acquiring the Magnifying Glass. You'll discover a hidden Zora there.
  10. Go stand in front of Kanalet castle before lowering the drawbridge, and Richard will come up saying something about a hunt.
    • This picture can be missed permanently!
  11. Get this one by examining the ghost's grave after helping him.
  12. Go to the hen house on Tal Tal Heights and walk to the middle of the bridge two screens east of that location.

Gallery edit

File:Zelda LA Dungeon C graveyard step 0.png
Link reading the solution to the graveyard puzzle.

The Color Dungeon contains a small yet intricate set of puzzles that you could spend hours working out if you don't pay close attention to the patterns.

First of all go to the Mabe Village library. You'll notice a book on the top of the centre shelf. Equip the Pegasus Boots and ram into the shelves, knocking the book down in the process.

Knock the book down, choose to read it, and follow its instructions.

File:Zelda Links Awakening Color Dungeon graveyard puzzle.gif
A correct series of moves in the graveyard. Click to view.

Push the bottom-right gravestone down, the bottom-left gravestone left, the top-left gravestone up, the top-center gravestone right, and finally, push the top-right gravestone up. Congratulations, you've found the Color Dungeon!

Now enter the dungeon and prepare for an interesting experience.

Entrance edit

File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room H-3.png Talk to each of the skeletons. Each will ask what color his tunic is. This check is an attempt to prevent monocrome Game Boy players from accessing the dungeon. Be sure to answer each question correctly. After this they will move aside and allow you entry.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room G-3.png In this room there are two completely new enemies, and you will not see them outside this dungeon. These are green and red Camo Goblins. These enemies hide in the colored tile and come out when you stand on the tile they are in. Kill them with your sword when they come out.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room G-4 step 0.png In this puzzle you need to make all the red blue.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room G-4 step 1.png Hit the top-left head.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room G-4 step 2.png Hit the bottom-right head.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room G-4 step 3.png Open the chest for the Compass.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room G-4 step 4.png Bomb the bottom wall for 140 rupees.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room G-5.png Go back up and then head to the right. In this room the colored tiles will make you jump, and they will change color when touched. They start as green, and when touched once they turn yellow, touched again they will turn red, and when touched a third time they will turn into holes. Just ignore trying to do anything and head right.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room G-6 step 1.png In this room your goal is to hit the Karakoro to make them curl up into balls, and then throw them in the appropriate holes. If you put them in the wrong hole they'll pop out of it. Your reward is a stone beak.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room F-6.png Avoid or kill the creatures and head up.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room E-6 step 1.png Aha! More color-coded fun.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room E-6 step 2.png Hit the top-left head.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room E-6 step 3.png Hit the bottom-right head.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room E-6 step 4.png Hit the top-left head. Take the key and go to the right.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room E-7.png More pitiful monsters. Unlock the door and go up.

Miniboss #1: Giant Buzz Blob edit

File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room D-7.png
Giant Buzz Blob

And now, you'll fight... the uber-sized Giant Buzz Blob! He says the sword can't harm him. Remember how the blue Stalfos told you to have Magic Powder with you? Use it. It will damage Giant Buzz Blob when you sprinkle it on him, and make him vulnerable to your sword for a while. After three doses and a few swings, he falls. Head left, and you'll get the Nightmare's Key.

File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room D-6.png Now that you've got the Nightmare's Key, return to the room with the shell beetles and head down.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room H-6.png You know the drill; kill kill kill. Head left.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room H-5.png Open the chest for a key and go through the body-cast door.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room G-5.png In this room, simply head up.

Miniboss #2: Dekudon edit

File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room F-5.png

And now it's miniboss number two: Dekudon! He is quite tough, and drops boulder after boulder at you, and tosses you if you get too close. He is basically a Hinox, but with a stone-armored body. It will take many hits to defeat him, but if you have Bombs or the Magic Rod, he'll go down in two hits.

File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room F-4.png In this room lift the top-left pot for a button and then go up.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room E-4.png You found the map! Better late than never. Head right.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room E-5 step 1.png Ooooh, more beetles. Put them in the right holes once more.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room E-5 step 2.png Take the key and head back to the button room.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room F-4.png This time, go to the left.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room F-3 step 1.png Aha! Another color puzzle.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room F-3 step 2.png Hit the top-center head first.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room F-3 step 3.png Then the right-center one...
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room F-3 step 4.png Then the left-center one...
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room F-3 step 5.png And finally the bottom-center one. Now go through the door that just opened.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room E-3.png In this room go near the tiles to awaken the Gels and then kill them to get a Small Key. Use it on the door and head left.
File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room E-2.png In the next room, wall-ride on the blocks after hitting the switch, then unlock the door to fight the boss.

Boss: D. Poon edit

File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room D-2.png
D. Poon.

The boss is D. Poon. "Blue is safe. Yellow is caution. Red is danger." This line he says refers to his own health. Simply keep him from turning back to blue. The darker he gets, the closer to victory. When he's red, hit him one final time to kill him. The Fire Rod should make quick work of him, if you have it. Also arrows from the bow you can buy from the shop need 980 rupees.

File:Zelda LA Dungeon C room D-3.png And you've made it! Talk to the fairy to claim your reward. She will give you a new color of clothes: red, or blue. To double your attack like the Piece of Power does, choose red. To double your defense like the Guardian Acorn does, choose blue.

NOTE: after this change you can come back any time to change between the red and blue tunics, but you can never ever return to the green tunic without cheats.

After making your choice and confirming that that is final, she returns you outside. Congratulations, you've completed the Color Dungeon!