The Legend of Zelda/Underworld/Quest 2/Dungeon 5


  • Obtain the Bow.
  • Beat a three headed Gleeok.
  • Obtain a Heart Container.
  • Obtain the fifth Triforce piece.




  • Raft

Dungeon Walkthrough


To find this dungeon, launch your raft from the same dock that you launched from to find the fourth dungeon of the first quest. If you haven't yet already purchased some arrows, you may want to go buy some, though the only use you'll have for them in this dungeon is one Gohma, and defeating the Gohma will only give you a key. If you want to buy the arrows, from the dock, the nearest shop, although only one screen to the west, is only reachable by detouring one screen south, one screen west, and then two screens north - the shop, which is in the cave, sells arrows for 80 rupees.

  • From the entrance, go through the top door. Avoid the traps, defeat the Zols, and enter through the left door.
  • Avoid the traps and defeat all of the Like-Likes to obtain a blue rupee. Unlock the bottom door and go through.
  • Avoiding the red bubbles, fight the Wizzrobes and push against the left wall to walk through an invisible passage.
  • Defeat all of the Keese and collect the key and walk back through the right wall. Enter the stairwell to the underground passage that will lead you to the top of the dungeon.
  • Defeat all of the Wizzrobes, and then push on the center block along the left side to open the right door. Go through and avoid the blue Gohma for now since you don't have the equipment yet to beat it. Go through the bottom door.
  • Avoiding the red bubbles, proceed to the staircase and collect the Bow. Now return to the room above and defeat the Blue Gohma and collect a key.
  • Return through the left door and enter the stairwell to arrive back at the bottom of the dungeon. Return through the top door to the room with the traps and head through the left door.
  • Defeat all of the Vires and collect the map.
  • From the map room, proceed through the top door. Fight the Wizzrobes and proceed through the top door again.
  • Avoid the traps and fight the Wizzrobes and proceed through the right door.
  • The next room has a black floor with black Zols. You can only tell their position by their eyes. Defeat the Zols and collect the compass. Proceed through the top door.
  • Defeat the Wizzrobes and Like-Likes. As in the fourth dungeon, you can only obtain the key in this room if you have collected the ladder already from the sixth dungeon.
  • Proceed through the right door and defeat the Manhandla to open the top door and receive a blue rupee.
  • Go through the top door, and fight the Keese as you wind your way to the staircase. Take the stairs to an underground passage that leads to the room next to the boss.
  • Fight the Vires in the room that you arrive in and unlock the left door to encounter the boss of the dungeon.


  • The boss of the dungeon is a three headed Gleeok. Defeat it by attacking all of the attached heads until no more heads are connected to the body.
  • Collect the Heart Container and then enter the room above to collect the fifth piece of the Triforce.


  • Bombs one screen west.
  • Shield one screen east.
  • Medicine two screens south and one west.