The Legend of Zelda/Underworld/Quest 2/Dungeon 6


  • Obtain the Ladder.
  • Beat Gohma.
  • Obtain a Heart Container.
  • Obtain the sixth Triforce piece.




  • Whistle
  • Arrow
  • Bow

Dungeon Walkthrough


The entrance to this dungeon can be found by blowing the whistle in the middle left area (A-4) of the Graveyard.

  • From the entrance, head through the top door. Defeat all of the Wizzrobes here for a set of bombs. Enter the top door.
  • Fight the Wizzrobes and Like-Likes. You may bomb the top wall to reveal a passage, but take the left door for the time being.
  • Fight past the Vires and unlock the left door. Then fight past the Wizzrobes and Like-Likes to the left door. If you defeat all of the enemies, you can earn a blue rupee.
  • Enter the left door and avoid the traps as you enter. Push the left most block to reveal a staircase. Take the stairs to obtain the Ladder.
  • If you need an extra key, return two rooms to the right with the Vires and blue Bubbles and enter the bottom door. Defeat the Wizzrobes and obtain a key.
  • From the Ladder room, return to the room on the right. Unlock the door above and enter to find a man that gives you a cryptic hint about the location of one of the underworld dungeons. Bomb the right wall to reveal a passage and go through.
  • Defeat the Like-Likes and obtain the map. Push against the top wall to discover an invisible passage.
  • Fight the Wizzrobes, and bomb the right wall. Proceed through the passage to obtain the compass. Return to the left, and go through the top door.
  • Defeat the Vires. If you're desperate for bombs, go through the top door and defeat the Wizzrobes. Otherwise, push against the right wall to walk through another invisible passage.
  • Push the left most block of the center row to reveal a stairwell that leads to an underground passage. Take the passage and arrive two rooms above.
  • Fight past the Keese, and bomb the bottom wall to reveal a passage. Go through the passage and fight the Wizzrobes to obtain a key. Return to the room above and unlock the right door.
  • Defeat the Gleeok to open the right door and obtain a blue rupee. Go through the right door, and push the left most block while avoiding contact with the red Bubbles. Take the stairs to find another underground passage that leads to three rooms below.
  • When you come out of the passage, there is a Manhandla that you only must defeat if you wish to return to the passage by pushing the left block. Proceed through the top door to find the boss of the dungeon.


  • The boss is a blue Ghoma. As before, Ghoma's giant eye is it's weak point, but it is only vulnerable to one weapon: the bow and arrow. Fire three arrows at the eye when it is wide open and exposed to defeat it.
  • Defeat it to earn a Heart Container. Continue on to the room above to obtain the sixth piece of the Triforce.


  • A Magic Shield may be purchased for 90 rupees two screens east and two screens north from the dungeon.
  • When you take the east exit from the cemetery, head east all the way, then north one screen, then east all the way. You can purchase bombs here.