Swords edit

Wooden Sword White Sword Magic Sword
File:LOZ1 Wooden Sword.png
Damage: 1

The first sword Link gets in the game. It is the weakest sword. In the game, it is merely referred to as "sword". In both quests it is found in Section 6.
File:LOZ1 White Sword.png
Damage: 2

The white sword is the second sword Link gets in the game. It is twice as powerful as the wooden sword, but less powerful than the magic sword. Link must have five Heart Containers before he can receive the white sword. In both quests it is found in Section 3.
File:LOZ1 Magical Sword.png
Damage: 4

The most powerful sword in the game, it is four times as powerful as the wooden sword. Link must have twelve Heart Containers before he can receive the Magic Sword. In the first quest it is found in Section 7, and in the second quest in Section 3.

Enemy Drop Items edit

Fairy Heart
File:LOZ1 Fairy.png
Fills 3 of Link's hearts. In the fairy ponds, the fairy will fill all of your heart meters.
File:LOZ1 Heart.png
A flashing heart. It refills Link's life meter by one full heart.
Rupees Stopwatch
File:LOZ1 Rupee.png
File:LOZ1 5 Rupees.png
The currency of Hyrule. Flashing rupees are worth one rupee, and blue rupees are worth five. Link can only carry 255 rupees at one time.
File:LOZ1 Stopwatch.png
When you pick one of these up, time and the enemies freeze. You can take your time in the area or room that you pick it up in, but the effect wears off as soon as you leave.

B Button Items edit

Bomb Boomerang Bow and Arrows
File:LOZ1 Bomb.png
Damage: 4

As you might expect, the bomb blows stuff up. It can be used to kill enemies or blast holes in weak walls. Link can only carry eight bombs at once at the beginning of the game, but later this capacity can increase to twelve and then to sixteen. Every bomb you pick up is actually a set of four.
File:LOZ1 Wooden Boomerang.png
File:LOZ1 Magical Boomerang.png
The boomerang stuns large enemies, kills small enemies like Keese and Gels, and can be used to retrieve items. The wooden boomerang can travel a distance of roughly half the screen while the magic boomerang has a longer range and can travel from one end of the screen to the other.
File:LOZ1 Bow.png
File:LOZ1 Arrow.png
File:LOZ1 Silver Arrow.png
Damage: 2 (wooden); 4 (silver)

You need a bow to shoots arrows and you must purchase arrows from a shop before you can use the bow. When shot from the bow, each arrow shot subtracts one Rupee from Link's total. The silver arrow is required to save Princess Zelda.
Magical Rod Letter Monster Bait
File:LOZ1 Magical Wand.png
Damage: 2; 1 (flame)

Shoots magical blasts similar to those thrown by Wizzrobes. Unlike your sword, the magical rod will fire even if you don't have full life.
File:LOZ1 Letter.png
A key item, this is the proof that you need to show to the Old Woman so that she will sell you the Water of Life.
File:LOZ1 Monster Bait.png
Attracts enemies, who will gather on top of the food and eat it. Enemies are vulnerable while they are eating. Monster Bait is costly, but it can sometimes get you out of a jam, and it's even needed sometimes in the underworld dungeons.
Candles Water of Life Whistle
File:LOZ1 Blue Candle.png
File:LOZ1 Red Candle.png
Damage: 1

Candles throw a flame a short distance. The blue candle can only be used once per screen. The red candle has the same effect as the blue candle, except there is no limit to the number of times it can be used per screen. Candles can light up dark rooms in dungeons, burn bushes in the overworld, and damage enemies in both.
File:LOZ1 Water of Life.png
File:LOZ1 2nd Potion.png
Completely refills Link's life bar. After the first use of the red potion, it turns into a blue potion. The blue potion can only fill up your life once. Drinking a Water of Life can also restore the sword sealing effect brought about by Bubbles.
File:LOZ1 Whistle.png
An item that summons a whirlwind which will transport Link to the entrance of any dungeon he has discovered. Facing right or up when the whirlwind whisks Link away will bring him to the next dungeon after the one he last arrived at, while facing left or down will bring him to the previous dungeon. It is especially useful in the 2nd Quest for discovering some secrets.

Dungeon items edit

Key Compass Map
File:LOZ1 Key.png
Each Key will open one door. Link can carry up to nine of them until he obtains the magic key.
File:LOZ1 Compass.png
Directs Link to the location of the Triforce. Like maps, one exists in each dungeon. Having them both gives you a big advantage.
File:LOZ1 Map.png
Gives a map of the current dungeon so that you won't get lost as easily. Every dungeon has one, try to find it as soon as possible.
Heart Container Piece of Triforce
File:LOZ1 Heart Container.png
Gives an additional heart to Link's life meter permanently, enabling him to take more damage before perishing.
At some points in the game, Link can choose between a Heart Container and a Potion bottle. Since the Heart Container is a permanent item, it is always the best choice.
File:LOZ1 Piece of Triforce.png
There are eight of these. One is present in each dungeon. All eight are required to gain access to Level 9.

Automatic items edit

Book of Magic Ladder Magic Key
File:LOZ1 Book of Magic.png
Causes the magic blasts from the Magic Wand to burst into flame when they hit a target. These flames can be used to light a room just like a candle. However, like the candle, the flames will harm Link on contact.
File:LOZ1 Ladder.png
Allows link to cross rivers and chasms that are as wide as he is. Link has an advantage of being able to attack enemies without reprisal when he stands on the ladder.
File:LOZ1 Magic Key.png
Opens doors. Can be used any number of times and eliminates the need for Keys. Your key count will read "A" once you have found the Magic Key.
Power Bracelet Raft Rings
File:LOZ1 Power Bracelet.png
Gives Link the ability to move heavy objects and use the secret Hyrulian passage ways. It is cleverly hidden somewhere in the overworld.
File:LOZ1 Raft.png
Allows Link to cross lakes and oceans, but it can only be used at a Dock. Neither of the 'double docks' trigger raft use.
File:LOZ1 Blue Ring.png
File:LOZ1 Red Ring.png
The blue ring cuts received damage in half and turns Link's outfit blue. The red ring cuts damage down to a quarter and turns Link's outfit red. The ring color worn will also affect Zelda's dress color. It also affects the shopkeepers clothes.
File:LOZ1 Shield.png
File:LOZ1 Magical Shield.png
Shields reflect certain enemy missile attacks. Link starts the game with a small shield. A magic shield reflects more attacks than the small shield. If you are eaten by a Like-Like and fail to escape in time, your magic shield will be eaten and replaced with a small shield.