Thai Civilization

The Thai people have been in the regions of Laos, Thailand, North of Myanmar, southern part of China, and Vietnam since the birth of the 4,000-year Dong Song culture.

Thailand: The Land of Smiles
Thailand: The Land of Smiles
Thai Civilization

Table of Contents

  1. Culture & Civilization
  2. Historical Development of the Thai Civilization
  3. Socio-Political Background of the Thai Society
  4. Economic Foundation of the Thai Society
  5. Political and Administrative Background of the Thai Society
  6. Beliefs, Religions, and Traditions
  7. Thai Arts (Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture)
  8. Women's Status in Thai Society
  9. Education
  10. Thai Music and Dance
  11. Thai Literature
  12. Current Problems Thailand Is Facing
  13. The Strengths and Weaknesses of Thailand
  14. Thailand as a Member of the International Communities


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