Template:Trainz non-free image screenshot


This template is used on Wikibook Trainz for Trainz screenshots that don't contain enough panorama content to be uploaded to the Commons using the Trainz (licensing) templates templates.

  • It can also be used for other non-free or non-open-source Windows or MAC (OS-X) supporting applications that are not free of proscribed icons and other constrained elements under international copyrights laws and conventions.
  • If the page *e.g shows part of a Windows Desktop and icons or Notepad/Word etc. define the Msoft parameter to any value '|MSsoft=1'.
When to apply
  • Use this licensing template when the image is non-free but educational. Most CM screen shots will be in this classification.
  • If after uploading, auto-page creation adds the two included templates, edit the page and remove them while replacing with this one.
  • This template fills in boilerplate for you easing uploading chores the other fields can be provided but may not be needed...
  1. define 'module=' or 'use=' parameter if known, but with sub-page reofganizing, best to leave the boilplate. The image and a search will locate which module.
  2. define 'crholder=' if the screenshot is not Auran/N3V but another applications page which is not qualified for free use.
  3. define 'why=' if your use rationale is better than the boilerplate.
  4. define 'reason=' if your use rationale is better than the boilerplate.

The place these options apply are present in the below expansion set off by {{{parameter_name| boilerplate... }}}, when defined, the defined value is instead expressed and fed the actual licensing templates.

{{#if:{{{MSsoft|}}}|{{Microsoft screenshot}}}}
{{Non-free media rationale
|module      = Trainz pages (module subject to change) {{{module|{{{use|[[Trainz]] subpages}}}}}}
|copyrights  = {{{ccholder|Auran Pty Ltd, The Gold Coast, Austrailia<br/>and/or N3V Games Pty Ltd, same jurisdiction}}}
|not free    = {{{why|The image must be used in order to instruct the many individuals that are not fully competent at using this particular complicated and frequently difficult software suite.}}}
|rationale   = {{{reason|Visual Aids in the process of teaching the reader. Accompanies text that describes a visual process. Provides a visual representation of the steps described.}}}

Inclusions and categorizations
Trainz non-free image will automatically include an adapted {{Non-free media rationale}} template with filled in with some tested default boilerplate, and the {{software-screenshot}} template whilst auto-categorizing the page to category:Trainz non-free images