This Template:Trainz Link Needed is a Trainz Wikibook maintenance utility template which is used as a default 'message' page (implimented by providing the full url as a default) for a stubbed in template intended to provide navigation to an external link.

  • This page is used as the default url telling the link clicker to find the intended page (from the second argument of the 'parent' and called template: "Trainz Link Needed"; a modified version of Template:plain link.
  • This structure provides a list of pages with stubbed in links needing full url fix-ups that show in the clean up/maintenance .

Questions: User talk:Fabartus

Usage edit

This template merely produces the message

Under Construction!

You've clicked on a Link Stub!

  • The URL linked as '2nd argument' in the section and page where you clicked is missing a proper URL!
  • Please find the proper web page link and in the section you clicked, edit the line using the template "I forget" to template 'plain link' after adding the proper first argument Url to the topic.

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