A page to page navigation template which will operate properly with sub-pages (Chapters) and Sub-sub-pages too.


This is a custom version of the Wikibook general {{Chapter navigation}} template and operates similarly but

  • instead of assuming it NEEDs to form a link inside '[[' and ']]' instead works successfully with Trainz Linking Templates, (all of which may be pipetricked giving a neater appearance).


  • Further, it does not assume the page must be on the wiki, for giving a {{N3V}} or {{wp}} template call should link offsite just as do the TXX linking templates.


{{Trainz-page| Template1 | Template2 }}
{{Trainz-page|prev= Template1 |next= Template2 }}

Like {{Chapter navigation}} this template defaults to auto-categorizing a page to Category:Book:Trainz using the {{BASEPAGENAME}} magic word. This may be overridden to a sub-category by giving a third pass parameter:

{{Trainz-page| Template1 | Template2 |header-TOC |right-hand header TOC |cat=name}}
 | p = Template1
 | n = Template2 
 | h = Template3
 |rh = Template4 
 |cat=category name 

The latter form is useful for cutting and pasting page to page in a threaded discourse of sections, or topics level pages, obviously.

Note, the bottom of this template and it's functionality are being incorporated into the Page HEADER templates on 2014-0901 & 02, using instead p=, n=, h=, and rh= the latter two allowing an up or down link or both, the rh defaulting to the Trainz TOC page as does the center of this template.