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Purpose and usage
This template asserts the above message as the default 'middle mode' and has two others.
It always auto-categorizes a page to the hidden auto-categories:
  1. category:Trainz pages needing attention
  2. Category:Trainz new pages underconstruction Or conditionally: Category:Trainz new linked pages to-be-constructed WHEN and IFF the 'NEW' parameter is used.

The three modes can be classified as:

  1. This page is really a dream (NEW=1), but has been linked to as a page requiring future development.
    The LINK parameter should be given a back link to the linked from page.
  2. This page has been begun, but has warts and omissions, and is not quite far enough along to call a stub page.
    1. Somewhere about 30-50% with stubbed in sections, a page can be reclassified as a stub.
    2. If about or over 75-80% complete, only retain in-line {{TRS-sect-stub}} templates
  3. This is a dated page needing revision, define it so (set REV=1), which has been tagged for OVERHAUL. It displays a message accordingly.
  4. The Fix or fix parameters have been added mimicking the Stub templates, so will affect presentations. (These have not been debugged on installation 2015-0815.)

The look of these template uses is shown below. It will always calculate the time since the page was last edited and display it with boilerplate and several text insertion options:  

Template's modesEdit


  • The placeholder parameter '1' may be defined to alter the upper message line with a bit about the work in progress. This is particularly useful when the template is used to allocate new pages with very little on them, planned pages in other words. It also manifests in Older Overhaul messages in the same relative place when the below parameter is defined.

Add text in default modeEdit

Passing the following text (with some additional formatting for color:

on the WXYZ Trainz topic and it's complications. (This is where an argument passed as '1' is displayed.)

  Tip: Note this same string is used below as a pass value, but DOES NOT manifest, keep that difference in mind.


Add text in NEW topic page modeEdit

  • The named parameter 'NEW' bypasses (ignores) anything passed in as the '1' parameter, and alters the message boilerplate to show the page has been earmarked (and is currently a pre-stub pre-underconstruction placeholder page title) but displays the definition of NEW which is syntaxed with other boilerplate text to allow a list or outline of what the page will hold.
  • Use the |1= define to ready text more suitable for a later change of status, after the page has been started for real.
  • The 'LINK' named parameter manifests ONLY IN NEW mode, and is meant to take a Trainz Link Template as a pass parameter to display said hyperlink and will in it's turn, somewhat modify the standard boilerplate of the NEW message, inserting glue text to mention the current page has been linked to as a reference on another page.
     • This of course aids and helps in integrating the topics and their respective coverages.

  Passing the following strings, (one disappears):

|1= on the WXYZ Trainz topic and it's complications. (This is where an argument
 passed as '1' is displayed.) 
| NEW= This page has been allocated and is not yet begun...
| LINK= [[Trainz/CMP|Content Manager PLUS]]


Add text in Remodeling modeEdit

  • The named parameter 'REV' ({{{REV|}}}) acts as a control switch to change the lede message from that shown above to one more suitable to overhauling an older and dated page.
  • As with the default mode above '1' can be defined to refine the boilerplate message displayed with a bit about the work planned or under way.

  The Overhaul box mode displayed boilerplate says:

This older Trainz Wikibooks topic page is undergoing an Overhaul {{#if:{{{1|}}}|{{{1}}}|<br/>}} (shows the switching logic if '1' defined or not.

  • Note the enclosure of the break HTML command... Your custom message should end with one and tie in with the Timestamp message so everything reads nicely!
which displays like this (unlike the NEW parameter, REV does not display)



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