purpose & usage

This template acts as boilerplate for a common section linking study 'On Topic' of various pages covering the same or related material topics.

The template displays the following default message and (common) section title:

==Trainz Community tutorials==

The Trainz community is international and we would be remiss if we didn't point out that there is much to be learned from selfless Trainzers who have put together educational tutorials ahead of our efforts. Since both the user interface (UI) and the capabilities in Trainz modules (which have remained markedly stable!) have evolved only slowly many tutorials written for Trainz from the earliest days still have much to teach the newcomer and experienced Trainzers alike.

Please enjoy mining these gems for the many golden nuggets and insights they contain:


Two optional parameters provide flexibility:

  1. inhibit - when defined omits the section title, presumably for an alternative nesting or indentation in the local page.
  2. The placeholder parameter {{{1|}}} encapsulates the given text, so might be used to alter the message by cut and paste and providing the edited form as input for an alternative text message.