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This template is boilerplate used to homogenize the bottom output format of pages with notes and footnotes.
  • It also normally (but conditionally) lists various standard references, mainly manuals, for use with ORP and content creation topics pages.
  • It is most often, subst'ed after initial page construction and references, etc. are formatted uniformly from it's offices.
Also can be entered as 'aliased name' Template:TRS-refs-BP.
Simple-place on the page bottom after the last section of a page, above any bottom footer templates.
  1. define 'ALT' to override instead the default link to the N3V wiki's Config.txt page.
    (Use {{N3V|pagename|pretty}} or internal link templates as the object passed.)
  1. define 'others' to add instead to the listed materials in the 'References' section.
  2. define 'nofoot' to suppress generation of a footnotes section.
  3. define 'nonotes' to suppress generation of a notes section.
  4. define 'norefs' to inhibit generation of the 'References' section.
  5. define 'skipBP' to inhibit lede text under the main section title

Otherwise, just place the template on a page to be given references.


* Setting the 'freeintcam' switch parameter in trainzoptions.txt (TR04—TS12) or checking the clickbox with the same function (Freeing Internal Cameras) in TANE and after, changes the function of the keyboard arrows from rotate and tilt functions, to instead slide the camera position forward and back, or side to side. Freeintcam mode enables the user to move many cameras entirely outside the CAB or to a much better advantaged viewing (and mouse-controlling) angle.

Notes, Footnotes & References


Config.txt files are endemic and ever present in Trainz assets, for no asset can be defined without this type of Computer Science container. The keyword-value_of_key pairing must always be kept in mind in editing or creating Trainz content. The TrainzBaseSpec contains values and containers which are most common in asset defining config.txt files.