This template forms correct addressing for a plain link construction hyperlinking a Wikibook word or phrase to the TrainzOnline wiki (operated by N3V Games Pty., Ltd) covering the technical topic, but only for KIND topics. It has not been implemented for standard containers.
  • It should be used in lieu of Template:TR when a Wikibook Trainz\reference\KIND {{{2}}} page is not currently present on the Wikibook, and the desire or need is to link to the technical reference page. Note, that some syntaxes involving caps and quotes may need the third parameter, and page names with quotes should be stripped of same, if a N3V wiki redirect page exists, or the Unicode %22 be substituted with the proper case in the second parameter.
  • The first parameter should be specified as if linking to a augmented KIND article page here, hence the trimming of the quotes and elimination of capitals in the page title, as we want names conformal to the actual names in config.txt files. (i.e. lower case, no quotes!)


This template forms a link between the Trainz Wikibook and a 'TrainzOnline' reference page on the N3V Games Mediawiki based 'TrainzOnline Wiki' web site using: as a prefix for the default url or equivalent{{{1}}} parameter.

  • This template is used extensively in the Trainz Wikibook.

Adapted by merging logic in {{TBS}} to install underscores and {{N3V}} url formation, use the later for complicated links containing escape codes (i.e. pages with Quote marks in titles.)

Accessing links with certain punctuation characters will break the link parsing. If a formed url truncates when testing the link, the next character needs a UNICODE escape character.
  • The Prime case in linking N3V's TrainzOnline Wiki is pages containing the double-quote in the title such as ' "Trainz-build" tag ' which can be coded as '%22' for the quotes so using ' %22Trainz-build%22 tag ' will work well. For these cases, it is best to use CTRL-A+CTRL-C to capture the Unicoded pathspec and paste it (CTRL-V) into the {{N3V}} template directly.


Warning:  All links formed using this template should be verified by actually clicking on and navigating the link to validate it before closing the edit!

 • This contra-indicates editing in Internet Explorer which won't like resuming the unchanged edit window!

See also

  • Template:N3V - Similar to this one, use instead when want an inline natural language link here on Wikibooks with the same syntax as the target page..
  • Template:TR - The template this one is used instead of when we don't have a page title here on Wikibooks.