Template:R to TRS-ref


This template auto-categorizes Trainz Wikibooks redirect terms into the Category: redirects to Trainz reference pages under the auto-Category:Trainz redirect pages.

  • It's proper placement is on the same line as the #redirect [[Trainz/whatever page name]] as in the below example:
#redirect [[Trainz/whatever page name]]{{R to TRS-ref}}
  • It will display the message below in Preview when placed, but may not if the template is put on the second or subsequent lines, for the #redirect line stops additional page parsing.


Output Message edit

When placed correctly on the first line of a redirect page, the page with the edit finished will display:

This page is a redirect from a Wikibooks Trainz page which either has been moved to the Trainz/references division of the Trainz Wikibook or has by design been placed in the Trainz/references hierarchy and the term is important and common enough to make a searchable link in the Trainz (or R to TRS-ref division) of the work.