Template (with a common Web message) appears inline as below
... so just click the Download Now!!! icon/button and wait for the...


Purpose and usage

This template is meant to be used as a Mouse Icon or Button as shown in the above example.

  The template parameters can be overridden from the default appearance by entering the parameters shown below. They are mnemonically keyed to the HTML parameters

<span style="{{{style|color:{{{CO|blue}}}; <!--

---> border:{{{B|0.3em outset #ceebf7}}};<!--

---> padding:{{{P|0.3em 0.3em 0.3em 0.3em}}};<!--

---> background:{{{BG|white}}}; font-weight:{{{FW|bolder}}};<!--

---> -moz-border-radius:{{{R|38px}}};}}}; "><!--

 --->{{{button|{{{1|<noinclude>Download Now</noinclude>}}}}}}</span>



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