This template functions similar to the {{Main}} template, but allows a template pass argument to form a link.

Templates warning output follows...
Main topic coverage:
Template MAINT input error! ...{{{1}}} is undefined.
Please provide a page link to the correct page as 'Arg-1' or if to multiple pages, provide a comma-separated series of links as Arg-1, but the last link as 'Arg-2' , which will change the lead and set off the last link with an trailing 'comma and' string between the two parts.



This template provides a uniform format and lede text for later back-links to full topic pages later added from the Trainz Glossaries.

Appearance with one passed link parameter Arg-1
{{ MAIN|[[Trainz/Libraries|Libraries]] }}
Main topic coverage: Libraries
Appearance with two links, each simple pass parameters Arg-1 & Arg-2
{{ MAIN|[[Trainz/Glossary#Libraries|Libraries]] |[[Trainz/AM&C|Asset Maintenance and Creation]].}}
Main coverage topics: Libraries, and Asset Maintenance and Creation.
Appearance with three passed link parameters Arg-1—Arg-3
{{ MAIN|[[Trainz/Libraries|Libraries]], [[Trainz/AM&C/Config.txt file|Config.txt file (intermediate)]] | [[Trainz/refs/config.txt file|Config.txt files (references)]]}}
Main coverage topics: config.txt file, Config.txt file (intermediate), and Config.txt files (references).

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