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This template adds a box with links to related vocabulary, lessons and other content. It helps tie pages together in a non-linear way to increase the flexibility of the Japanese book and reduce the duplication of content such as vocabulary links by providing a handy link for easy access (e.g. to help them create their own sentences during excercises).

A lesson including self-introduction could, for example, have links to Japanese/Vocabulary/Family and people and Japanese/Vocabulary/Countries, languages and nationalities.


{{Japanese related|<type>|
<add links here>

The <type> variable is used to change the colour of the links box. It specifically recognises

  • vocabulary,
  • lesson, and
  • content

and formats these specially.


MediaWiki syntax Displays as
{{Japanese related|vocabulary|
* [[Japanese/Vocabulary/Animals]]
* [[Japanese/Vocabulary/Colors]]
{{Japanese related|content|
* [[Japanese/Grammar/Verbs]]
* [[Japanese/Verb conjugation table]]
{{Japanese related|lesson|
* [[Japanese/Lessons/Lesson 3]]
* [[Japanese/Lessons/Native Japanese counting]]
{{Japanese related|external link to a spiffy tool|
* [http://www.ichi2.net/anki/ Anki]: A spaced learning flash-card program.
Related link to a spiffy tool
  • Anki: A spaced learning flash-card program.